[SC] returning after nearly 10 years the game hasnt chaged much!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Rocker-will, Jun 19, 2022.

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  1. i dont know why i come back to this game but there is something about dark orbit that attracts me but after 10 years of not playing and finding my original account and ships dissappeared i am slightly gutted, there used to be alot of players on this game it would be really great to see some improvements to the game it has potential to be so much more! unfortunately i havnt experienced everything dark orbit has to offer yet. look at eve online u should just steal some there ideas! id love to see better ship building and better ingame market and trading for me trading is one of the best parts to any MMO, the starter missions are exactly the same i dont know what other type of missions there are as yet but so far its just click n boom, id like some story line perhaps and maybe a mission involving guarding a transport ship delivering goods across space or some contract from players so i can help them guard there ship of goods across space for credits, i dont like how i can just refine my ore in my ship either i think ore refining should be some sort of extra tech or upgrade u add to your ship or something done at base but its ok as is, please do something about trading tho i feel like everything in the game should be player made, it would be cool to have player owned structures like space stations or cargo depos where you can store things like ships that can be transported and looted things that require fuel and food to run and turrets to guard it all maybe even a space farm so you can grow the food for the station and trade to other players or a space lab that creates performance enhancing drugs for your pilot for damage bonuses... it would be cool to have missions where u have to repell an assault or waves of enemies before they destroy a space station or a transport ship, i dont like how cargo boxes look lol i dont like that i cant salvage destroyed ships and get materials with tools and have upgrades that improve the quantities of materials i get, i wish there was propper minning in the game with minning ships and asteroids that are bigger then the current ones lol there more to a game then just clicking and shooting, game seriously needs improving, but its still an ok game! edited to make more sense.
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  2. Hi Will,

    It all depends on the sort of game you want, there is a PVE server these days which has a nicer "community" vibe. I find that the normal servers are full of egotistical kids these days....

    I would advise getting the EP goli ASAP and by the EP mod for like 200k credits as that'll speed up your process. Once you're at level 6, die and it'll offer you the opportunity to buy a pack that doubles all rewards for quests....If you can do it quickly enough you can get yourself to the prom quests and actually have 20 proms which makes your start on the game quicker and slightly easier!

    It just means that you have to rush through quests and with a little help you will get there in no time! If you need anything then get in touch.


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  3. thanks for the tips
  4. Buiscuit

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    don't bother m8 its full of botters and cheats nowadays, games an utter complete joke
    take your hard earned money and go watch a decent movie.............
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  5. -BlazeIce-

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    welcome back brother
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