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    Sup lads, I've been on the test server for quite some time and 'tested' out the new ships (for as far as you could call it testing with all the bugs). Anyway I'm surprised by the fact that I barely hear anyone complain, perhaps it is because they don't realize the exact stats as they are not shown in the store, therefore it is hard to obtain all the specifictions. I did an attempt, please let me know if something is wrong so I can change it asap. If this is already posted somewhere let me know to, thx.

    Hammerclaw (upgraded Aegis?)

    Passive bonus: +20% HP

    HP (including 50K pilotsheet and HP bonus)385,000
    Rocket launchers1
    Max speed (full speed gen + prom)528
    Cargo space1500
    Shield beam:
    You: 20,000 shield per second, total 80,000 shield
    Friendly units: 32,000 shield per second, total 128,000 shield

    Duration: 4 seconds
    Cooldown: 47 seconds

    HP beam:
    You: 25,000 HP per second, total 150,000 HP
    Friendly units: 50,000 HP per second, total 300,000 HP

    Duration: 6 seconds
    Cooldown: 1 min 53 seconds

    HP Pod:
    Both you and friendly units: 25,000 HP per second, total 350,000 HP
    Duration: 14 seconds
    Cooldown: 2 min 8 seconds

    Cyborg (upgraded venom?)

    Passive bonus: +10% laserdamage

    HP (including 50K pilotsheet)336,000
    Rocket launchers1
    Max speed (full speed gen + prom)552
    Cargo space1500
    Deals HP damage over time, starts out at high (6800 HP damage on a streuner, 300 more HP damage per second, so next hit will be 7100, 7400 and so on)
    Max damage: 350,300 HP

    Duration: 30 seconds
    Cooldown: 2 minutes 55 seconds


    Passive bonus: 10% shield

    HP (including 50K pilotsheet)385,000
    Rocket launchers2
    Max speed (full speed gen + prom)528
    Cargo space1500
    -80% hit probability for enemies against your ship (not sure if this is only laserdamage or all damage types)
    +25% laserdamage (again not sure what exactly is boosted, drones or ship?)
    +25% speed (granting you 660 speed)

    -10% shield per second
    Is deactivated when you run out of shield

    Duration: 10 seconds in general (after 10 seconds you will have no shields left unless sab etc. The duration decreases drastically by taking damage obsiously.)
    Cooldown: 4 minutes

    Teleports your ship in a random direction, for 50 clicks (this is roughly 15% of the size of a minimap from a regular map).
    Your ship cannot be moved to radiation zone
    Can be used while under attack or attacking yourself
    Will grant you with 2 seconds of ultimate cloaking

    Using this ability is not possible on pirate maps, UBA, cross-server, galaxy gates etc.
    It seems like enemies will still be able to see your location when ability ends, I'm not sure if locks dissapears though...

    Duration: 2 seconds
    Cooldown: 3 minutes 58 seconds
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  2. Nice work.
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  3. USS-Aries

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    There are a couple of errors in reference the Cyborg, its max speed with full speed gens with prom is the same as the surgeon and not 540 as on the other variants of Goliath.
    There also 16 laser slots and not 15.
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  4. Bakjam

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    Thx! Edited ;)
  5. SmieBOX

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    Add the BONUSES to ships.

    Just Write them Down somewhere:

    CYborg has 10% dmg bonus.
    Mimesis has 10% sheild bonus.
    Hammerclaw has 20% Hp bonus. (This HP Bonus seems to be added already). Just Want you to write it down/Insert those. As this is Important.

    This was stated by OP32 on Discord.
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  6. Bakjam

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    Thx, edited
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  7. I tested the singularity damage of the Cyborg and the initial damage when activate was 6800 and then increased 300 damage per second, dealing 7100 damage at 1st second up to 15800 damage to the 30th second for a total direct HP damage of 350300. :)
    An increase damage of 170300 from venom's singularity.

    Also the CD you stated was already affected by the CD-1 booster -(20%)
    so the original skill CD of Cyborg would be 2 mins and 55 sec without CD booster. :)
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  8. Bakjam

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    Thx lol, I did stated that it was 300 per second, but somehow I still managed to mess it up, maths XD
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  9. old venom did over 400k dmg over time tho
  10. Yep it did

    Singularity Skill​
    Old Venom
    Current Venom
    Test 2 Cyborg
    Skill Total Damage​
    Skill Duration (sec)​
    Skill CD​
    20 mins​
    2 mins​
    3 mins​
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  11. SmieBOX

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    The simple fact now is you can use it many more times and hour than before. So damage for use is irrelevant in way.

    As if you count how much damage you can do an hour. It is a significant increase :)
  12. KiritOo47

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    Thanks bud for the information.^^
  13. Hehe I meant that, I was just trying to show ¹²ĆŁΞÄŊΞŖ™[R†M] that comparison chart but I forgot to quote it with those XD. Thank you for the facts you stated :)
  14. You forgot to change the Max Damage of the Cyborg's Singularity. :D

  15. I'm still kinda upset they wanted to make a whole new ship called the cyborg when they could have just changed the effectiveness of the venom's ability for better. and give it the extra slot and speed. Also the hammer claw seems like it is just barely a step above the aegis, yes it has 5 more laser slots but its abilities do not seem much better than the aegis as per cooldowns. Thus the aegis might still be better than the hammer claw in a 1v1, idk though i would have to run the calculator out and do the math and am too lazy atm. :p I want to know if the hammer claw would be any better for cubing than the aegis would be really. All I do is grind cubes with diamond formation and all the other good stuff to use credit ammo when soloing.
  16. -ЩarΛnt-

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    Would it be the possible that you need to have venom to craft the cyborg, in the same way that you need the LF4 to craft the new ones?
  17. Hmm not really, Cyborg may be an upgraded Venom but it won't mean that its a prerequisite for Cyborg's assembly as the Cyborg is a different ship.

    In the future, I heard from the recent Twitch Stream that they are planning for Ship upgrades wherein you upgrade an existing ship so that an upgraded Bigboy could match the power of a goli just for example.
  18. So a Goliath will be able to be upgraded and it will compete the new other strong ships?
  19. Bakjam

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    Thx, edited ;)

    I agree, the Venom should just have been buffed, what were looking at now is just a direct upgrade, with a slightly modified appereance. In fact, this is now the strongest ship in the game. I mean 10% laserdamage bonus AND 16 lasers, AND that skill.... Developers can talk as much bs as they want, things are getting increased, bigger, stronger. LF4 all over again but this time with another name.. and not just for lasers...

    Be prepared as new shields will most likely be released as stated in their stream. Better stop ugprading everything right away....

    Oh and hammerclaw is most likely going to be better, sure the cooldowns are longer but look at the repair amounts, especially in outfits, the hammerclaw is FAR stronger. Also don't forget it has much more HP than regular Aegis, and the 5 lasers will make a big difference with all of todays damage boosts.
  20. Hehe, btw the Cyborg's skill CD without CD booster is 3 mins. I just double checked it today. I edited my chart.
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