[SC] The End of DarkOrbit is Inevitable...

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by KilerStreak, Jul 11, 2016.

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  1. ...unless things start changing...

    When I first started the game, everything was perfectly balanced. People could become strong enough to win 1 v 2s or 1 v 3s, outbreaks of PvP involving the entire server can happen, but not too strong to where a handful of people in one clan can be strong enough to, and I mean it literally, rule the entire server.

    That is where this game currently is. People can grow strong enough to rule an entire server in groups, or rule an entire map as a single player. There can be people to fight back, but there are too few, or too weak to do so. Players can reach these outrageous strengths very quickly by cashing in hundreds of dollars, but for those that pay little to none, they have no hopes of reaching there any time soon.

    What wrong with this you ask?

    Well, a large majority of the players that reached this point abuse it HEAVILY. They don't care what kind of ship they come across, it can be a Phoenix, a brand new player, a Bigboy ship with three flax with all MP1s on board, doesn't matter. They will destroy them, and cause a majority of the players to quit.

    Players should not be able to destroy others over, and over and over again. The DO Team has tried to stop this by placing in EP & Honor deduction, and the pushing system, but it is still not enough. Players are being bullied by the superior players and it's just getting more and more ridiculous. Every UFE that is born, is another 20 or so players getting harassed and destroyed. By harassment, I mean that there are players that are just PvEing to buy another LF2 or bid for an LF3, then they get destroyed by an enemy player (UFE a majority of the time). The player would ask to not destroy them, but either they don't reply or just say, "no." The player can jump to a different map, but he/she will simply get stalked or killed by a different user.

    Yes, this is indeed a PvP game, but this is just too much. Really, UFEs just stalking down players to just kill them? I asked someone why they do it so much. "It's all for rank."


    This game is just getting so pathetic...

    You have players, who have gotten every usable item in the game (Havocs, Hercules, Drones, designs, LF4s, Upgrades, etc.), and they go out and inhibit other players of reaching even close to that same kind of level. This just cannot be tolerated, that is why servers are dead, that is why I believe this game is dying, that is why this game took the wrong turn to "Pay2Win."

    Hell, we have good people giving expert advice to new players, but it is still not good enough to protect them!

    I admire what Darkorbit has done, and how far it has come. But now, it needs to pull it's tail end up with it. Darkorbit's focus is to bring more players into the game. Yes! That is an excellent pursuit! But before they even step a foot into that territory... How about keeping them in? Currently, Darkorbit is like a fishing net. They wade it through a massive school of fish (new players), but only the big ones stay "trapped" in the net (people who can pay to get ahead), while the small ones can escape (people who can't keep up with the game). This game needs to focus on keeping players interested. You will not keep them interested with online sales, or discounts. You need more balancing.

    There are indeed good players that have Ultra Full Elite status, but they do not abuse it. During my years in DarkOrbit, I have seen these players go for the strongest they can fight, and not fire a single shot at weaker players that cannot defend themselves.

    If Darkorbit keeps moving in its current path, it's head straight towards oblivion. The UFEs will cause the game to hit rock bottom, and Darkorbit will cease to be because of the low number of players.

    Darkorbit team, we appreciate all you have done this far, you have indeed made great progess. The Assembly System was a great idea, no, amazing idea for new players, to get their hands on expensive equipment earlier than before thought possible. But it still needs work. You guys can be planning something right now to fix all this, but I don't know. All I'm looking at is this game's current state & comparing to its history.

    I would like to see Darkorbit arch back up to the top.

    DO Team... please, just forget about all the new updates you're pushing out, just sit down for just a month, and think.

    If this keeps going, I'll give the game another two or three years. Maybe four, tops.
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  2. I can remember when the Strongest players went hunting and everyone in the maps wanted to know where they were and attacked them. On us2 people like Matchbox, General Cave, of ChurchofBob would just sit in an enemy map killing time, someone would see them and report they were in map so and so and the coordinates and there would be like 6 or 7 people attacking them and they would survive to about the last person and then finally go pop if they popped at all. These players fought with honor they fought you straight and usually did not bother having helpers to save their bacon. Now you have the strongest players grouping up and using same company players assistance to kill players who could have been killed by just one of these players.

    I see the death of D O coming much sooner than you do KilerStreak, especially if they follow through with the next portion of the Hangar System which is the Equipment in Client that we all disliked and questioned the purpose of so much. D O has taken a path that it should not have taken when they made the UFE player accessible to only Paying customers or players who want to do nothing all day except collect Palladium of Bonus Boxes (oh I forgot they punish us for this also) hoping we will be left alone long enough to cololect enough to build a gate and then are lucky enough to get the UFE equipment we deserve but usually do not get as we are not Paying for our Gates.

    They need to learn how to predict problems and make changes to the programming before launching items into the game, lost ships because we had designs on them, ship kills not counting because the type of ship does not match because you changed a design into a ship, Visual Updates that cause so many problems everyone sees lag when they never saw it before. I also agree they need to Fix what is Broken before they break the game any further.
  3. Like u said pvp game but yeah the game is unbalanced and thats bc the game less popular now less players in every server more of one company then another on ga1 vru rule most of the maps but the problem is there's actually more eic that are active then vru so the maps getting ran over by eic early, then by 5pm server time a couple vru ufe get on and push them bullys out and then run eic maps and then they complain about it. Its just the fact that people are competitive they want to win and never lose so people like that see $$$ as paper you give away bc they don't value money as most of us do they just think spend spend spend im better better My fridge empty empty.They spending 500$ per week on this game and then are proud of it just crazy how easily they spend that much money.
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  4. There is one player who on his/her profile brags about an 50 vs. 1 and came out ahead - hmm...during Spaceball :p

    Doing everything on the client is dumb - better something(s) to be done on backpage ;)

    Company raids are GREAT - MMC raids are TERRIBLE :confused:

    $10 each player or $1000 from a few o_O - balance

    PvC on Homepage...in-game PvP and likewise PvE stats rule - where are the collecting stats :oops:

    Fight for your Company - nah - make it Fight! for your MCC :rolleyes:

    Company protection disappeared with the advent of MCCs :eek::oops:


    Dexter Morgan brought on a good point about Invasion gate...sell those points DO :cool:

    Hard to easy or easy to hard or let's all join hands and gang up o_O
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  5. Invasion gate needs returning back to how it was originally where we had just the one gate in x1 maps for all levels of player. At the moment it is totally pointless even having the lowers invasion gates as they are EMPTY and not a good selling point for new starters at all.

    Objective? There is NO objective to this game other then try to get the highest rank that you can which once achieved gives you NO advantage what so ever!! Bigpoint is making its money off getting players to chase a rank that gives the player nothing in return!!

    Level rewards? There has never ever been any incentive other then new quests(which by the way are terrible for new players) to reach the next level!! Pretty much all other games will give you some kind of reward for levelling up!

    So many different types of graphics in the game? This game has had so many different designers over the years who have all left their mark on the game that now a days nothing makes any sense what so ever!!! The map backgrounds are terrible and do not relate to the specific type of npc located in those particular maps anymore, i mean what is with all the weird floating pyramid things in uppers maps?? how are they anything at all to do with dark orbit!!

    lowers maps need completely redesigning, base map in lowers needs to be in x2 to reduce the horrid amount of travelling back and forth that new starters have to do constantly, x1 map can then be transformed into a non attack map for new starters to all play in until they reach say level 14

    GB1 AND GB2 need merging!! Big point got greedy and made GB2 which there was absolutely no need for and now we have 2 empty servers

    BOOTY boxes need REMOVING from the game completely and LF4 have to go in the shop

    Too many galaxy gates!! You want the severs more active yet you keep adding more galaxy gates all the time which is keeping players out of the maps!! This game is becoming nothing more then a galaxy gate bashing game

    TITLES people used to enjoy hunting for titles as they made you stand out from the crowd and it was fun seeing how long you could keep it for, so what do bigpoint do? They see that people like the titles so give every single ship on the server a title!!!!!! Erm i think you missed the point as to why titles where fun in the first place !!!!

    The problem with big point and this game is that there just doesn't seem to be any love for it, no single developer who loves this game as his own and knows what they are doing and has a vision for the future, its just a bunch of random people who come along and add their bit to the game then move on to a different game and ruin that one too.

    There is a million things wrong with this game but to list them all would take days, to list the good points however would sadly only take 5 min
  6. Toudi

    Toudi User

    OMG as if KilerStreak mention topic as this one ,just waiting now for owning to have his 3 seconds about THE END IS NEAR xD

    But seriously I agree with you! Dev wanted to make this game solo, thats why they been doing those changes to remove big groups of players, and its TRUE I'm just quoting words of one admin on forum who said that. This game HAD potential! and there is still a little bit of that left... Seriously why did big point wanted to make this game so solo? What was wrong with group of players fighting side by side ? I know that back in the days servers were laggy as hell but now I think servers can handle it, technology is moving forward so the game should. People had so many ideas of moving from java to other html something, this could minimise the fps drops for sure. Back in the days game was so amazing that people played with the lags ! Now without a lag sort of people are actually not enjoying this game as much as before. I seriously Dont understand I know everybody make mistakes but we all should learn from them and stop making them again. Dev said that ideas take months to initiate it but c'mon this game been running for years now and something should be done now.

    About newbie players who are not really ptp players, how the hell they can start playing this game on servers that been here for years or even few months ? Thanks to Dev team this game is dominated by PTP players, newbie players without spending moeny can't really enjoy the game because whats a point to log on the map fly for few min shoot aliens SOLO because why not !! and get shot down by enemy and repeat, not mention that there was a rule I don't know if it still is but on the chat player was not able to ask for help with the mission on chat this is how sad this game is ^^

    What I was thinking they should do is nerf the lf4's and other weapons, even aegis abilities are pointless now !! The damage is so hight that is ridiculous, aliens are so easy to shoot down, so there is no fun at all. and I can be bothered now o write more because it's pointless anyway.

    It's their game they can do what the *** they want, and the bomb is ticking :)
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  7. Crystal

    Crystal User

    I agree with one, BP is doing too many actions and events for payment. they should first focus to recover bugs and many technical problem they have.

    But, nowadays is really easy to get UFE omg, i create new account and with playing time 58 hours i have 10 havoc, 8 LF4, 2 hercules etc.... My teammate with 150 hours is full hercules, in 2 weeks after registrations! I remember times about 2009 when i start playing DO and game was much more difficult to play and to reach equipment and everything..

    It is easy to be full but you need use your uridium cleverly and in the right time during events..... I thinks its too easy... I easy reached 2 stars on GE7 without cheats.. just fair play and also i am easy building my new account on other server... and you dont need a lot of money. :)

    http://int14.darkorbit.bigpoint.com/index.es?profile=4uxWH&profileCheck=BNY57&lang=en main account

    http://cz3.darkorbit.bigpoint.com/index.es?profile=6XDyt&profileCheck=BNY57&lang=cs new small acount

    You all asked why are servers and maps empty? Because bots and other cheats destroyed this game and BP didn't stop them, that's all.
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  8. crazytoon

    crazytoon User

    It has gotten worse after BIGPOINT sold this game to some Chinese Firm. As mentioned by OP ...game has been hell from the time they started coming up with stupid updates...
  9. Correction, sold the company and even before as they were gearing up for the sale. Too much coming out too fast, major management issue, and since management is still in place the same way, don't think things will change soon. Lots of positions available for those with skills according to their website, and a lot of them could be in a position to help get things right. Anyways, they need to stop and just fix what is broken and stop trying to prove themselves to the new owners/investors. That coupled with a new promotional system would help get people playing happily.
  10. Toudi

    Toudi User

    Big Point know how bad darkrobit is doing this days, they actually been contacting youtubers for advertising one of youtubers who I know accepted the offer to advertise darkrobit on his channel and even he said that this game is going drastically down! It's funny thats ALL UPDATES they been doing are pointless or MONEY EATERS !! Who come up with that stupid 8 bit graphic or what ever that <bad word> is called ? Whats a point of that ? Why the hell you do that for ? Who will use that pointless peace of useless code ?

    They said that the have priorities ? YEAH THEY DO THE MONEY EATING UPDATES ! Like colorful MS paint designs. I think dev team should stop going on EXPENSIVE HOLIDAYS and recruit 3rd party companies or more staff members to actually make things more smooth. I seen so many new faces in game yes but only for like 3 days after that they left. Why? For casual players this game without spending money is too long in the way of pointless quests that give you <bad word> all, players shooting them down with one shoot, servers not busy, no players no fun, no help with missions.

    They say that code is to to old ? Why not recruit programming team that could concentrate on new project of darkorbit which will update all codes, add new for example and later in the future add to main server ?

    I'm a long time user and to be fair it's just my opinion guys but if I had to start again ? I wouldn't do it and would end adventure with this game ! and btw sort your customer support out! Seriously regarding what they say it make more sense to purchase UFE or FE account of someone than making own account.
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  11. I feel that the developers do not even play this game from a free to play perspective or they do not even play this game at all. If they did play this game they would realize how difficult it is to transition from FE to UFE without spending any money on this game. I was so happy when I reached FE back in 2011 but then a month later all the new stuff started to come out and then I quit.
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  12. relax

    relax User

    And why would they care even? that's what they aim for, making money... The only bad thing is that they're not really offering that much for the money that they want.
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  13. Changes to the game used to be based on a "Story Line" (as stated when we complained about "Pirates in our maps" but since the "reload" it seems like it is about the money not story. I agree it seems that the pride of the game has gone away and is why we are getting to many bugs/glitches that effect the entertainment value of the game and thus causing so many people to put their wallets away or play other games instead. The only real money being spent on the game are the G G farmers who do nothing except build gates to run when they have a "special" day scheduled to increase their rewards.

    The only real "newbies" that hang around either have "real life friends" who play the game and they are playing together or have other accounts and have created a new account as they have become bored with their MAIN account. The true, new players come in see what is happening try to get some answers to questions or help in getting something done, and either don't get an answer or get a smart _ _ _ remark and rarely get any true assistance, with the frustration of being popped by a mob of UFE (including own company player) they decide the game is not fir them and leave.

    The team should have seen the writing on the walls when the lost the first wave of wallets, as they figured out they had to change their game play or spend even more money than they wanted to so they could keep up with their position in the game.

    Yes they have tried to show how much this game could make and with the most recent failures I think it backfired on them and has shown how much it can loose instead. More people just logging in to see the state of the game, trying to do things and logging out when they see what is still messed up in the game. They have to add "Special Rewards" to get people to buy Uridium or create Bonus Rewards to get gate farmers to build and run gates which has nothing to do with increasing the populations in the maps, but increases the numbers playing not in the maps.

    B P has chosen to get the "FREE" advertisement from social media and even gone to "Twitch" hoping to promote their failing products and with the loss of so many paying players they have to appeal to our vanity and hope they can replace the revenue lost with new streams of pointless garbage.

    Priorities have always been the same, make changes to the game so it does not become stagnant for the veteran "paying" player. This can only be done by constantly adding updates. D O has never been able to add anything to the game that did not have a ton of issues created in the game and seldom, if ever, had everything fixed before they launched another update and its batch of problems, just it used to take 3 months for them to push another update instead of 30 days. The biggest failure was the fact they have still not accepted the "Fools Joke" effected the game and is still effecting it.

    They blame the issues on "Old Code" but it is just their failure to understand that when making changes a program is literal and as such only applies what it knows, changes like designs to ships should have sent up red flags that changes needed to be made for the "Old Code" to recognize these (but we all know this was not done and we all pay the price).

    I too have been around the game for a length of time and had I not been I would have dropped it quicker than I started under the current standards of enjoy-ability. I have found Support to be a joke, and this constant request for our opinions about the game with every ticket we create is just stupid. How many times do we need to tell them how disappointed we are in the Customer Service (lack thereof) or in the game before they will address the issues? Closing tickets without resolving the issue is just not right (yes if it is a "known issue" and nothing new is being reported) but to have a new issue brought up and close it as soon as CS sends out their first response with no rebuttal from the player is not right, no wonder people are creating multiple tickets for the same issues. Even buying a UFE account would not make the game more enjoyable for me, I have always enjoyed the "grind" and setting a goal and working for it, but that pleasure has been destroyed by the greed of D O / B P.

    The only time they play is when they are "testing" their updates and then it is on an account they can plug in and be what ever they want to be without any work like we do. The Mod Team know the game much better than the Dev Team as they are players like us. This was evident when they did the Twitch Stream about the Hangar System and there were so many issues in trying to demonstrate the new features and functions of it. And yes when they added the UFE stuff a lot of people quit (maybe not at the addition but within 6 months when they saw how hard it was to get the stuff) and decided they had spent enough money and time on the game at that point that they were not going to spend any more to try to regain their "king of the hill" position.

    We have never gotten a decent offering for the money they want. Everything they offer is way cheaper when you buy Uridium on MHH and then buy it from Shop than what they offer it on the Uridium page. And the packages for ships or designs can't be touched as they don't offer them in Shop and really are not worth the money they want for them either.

    In closing, I have felt that D O was in a downward spiral since I came back 2 years ago (on the road and wifi signals never good enough to play) and saw the Event missions with the automatic failures included or collection quests that were run on an Ultra Booty day dropping Green, Red, and Blue booty chests instead of the cargo needed for the quest. The half baked, incompletely tested updates, failure to listen to feedback (or at least correcting and re-testing it), and hurry up and implement it into the game leaving the players to suffer over the weekend if the upgrade failed to perform properly, are all signs of an uncaring organization and as such see the game with the coffin built and one foot in it already. IF they see birthday #11 it will be because they have finally pulled their head out and are starting to keep the game playable without all of the bugs and glitches all the time.
  14. Twotam1

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    wow. everything everyone has said here I've been thinking since starting to play again after a few years away.
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  15. pecanin

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    :D Hate to say it ...but i told you so ...long ago ;)
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  16. relax

    relax User

    Everything that starts will eventually come to an end... nobody knows when or why, but that will happen for sure.
  17. There is one thing that is playing a massive role in the death of this game its the poisonous player community...
    I spoke to a newbie starting the game and he said that players are very hostile when u ask questions...they kill him just because he is killing ncps and they are stronger then him

    And of course the looser UFE players camping noobs because they don't want to PvP with someone they can loose with.

    Getting killed over and over and over by the same UFE player is making players quit.... This game has no future if something isn't done about it..
  18. Golbinex

    Golbinex User

    Its so obvious DO is dying and you're still writing such text walls. BP is just wasting their time.
  19. The worst thing is that we the players can give as much advice to BP as we want but they aren't even going to look at this thread LOL
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  20. The problem i have with the latest twitch is that they seemed to spend half of the time talking about a new ship with a special drone function that in no way what so ever will adress the issue of no new players starting the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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