[SC] The End of DarkOrbit is Inevitable...

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by KilerStreak, Jul 11, 2016.

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  1. jackknife

    jackknife User

    The old timers and the new UFEs and Fe should ban together to protect the new players.
    How can we police ourselves?
    First break away from your existing MCC s and form new Co.s

    Make new Co.s of planetary origins only with the sole mission to protect the lowers against bullies put a KOS on any person who evades and kills somebody in less than a vengi. Fight to get back the game we love. People who read the forums are the best ( for the most part) :rolleyes: and are the ones who could make this happen.

    I'll start though I'm only FE; GA three, VRU, clan Newknifes. Then we will kill all bullies or at least cost them dearly.

    Take your game back.
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  2. Golbinex

    Golbinex User

    Only BP can stop those kids from shooting newbies, but why would they do that, they're their main customers :)
  3. Toudi

    Toudi User

    I think darkrobit should work a little bit more effectively on economy and balance in this game and this game will be spot on :)
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  4. Changing some numbers in the shop and the game will be more amazing <3
    (at least for a short time)
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  5. I have suggested in the past to bring in a few new things to help new players survive a bit longer than what they do now.

    1. Increase the protection to level 10 minimum (only in lower friendly maps also they would lose protection if they attack nme)
    2. Have the yellow nme warning gauge in all friendly lower maps (not battle maps)
    3. Bring out a credit PET10 (with limited basic gears and protocols and less slots, i.e, No salvage prots, no auto looter etc, and others do less than uri ones)
    4. Better rewards for low level missions. (I mean like awesome rewards) :D
    5. Be able to buy boosters for an hour at the cost of 1000 uri instead of having to shell out 10,000 uri or 50+ mil creds. OR
    5a. Credit boosters for a 5 or 12.5% boost. depending on which you buy. ( buying standard uri boosters will cancel out credit ones)

    By the time most players reach level 10 they should have better equipment so they have a better chance of surviving an nme attack.
    Also on the back page where the newsletter is they need to bring out new company news which have to links to the forums that contain help for new players. Like a link to the DarkOrbit Bible or links to advice from other players that the DEV team think are worthy.

    There are new players that do not even know the forums exist so they go on global chat and ask things like "how do you fire rockets" and most of the time they are met with insults from OP players who then laugh at them and tell them to log off or just ignore them completely. I believe that keeping new players interested is the key to reviving this game. The DEV team and also strong players need to realize this and help them out as much as possible.

    Even though some players are OP compared to a "noob" I believe it is easier now to get stronger than it was a few years ago. I know this because I opened a new account to see how difficult it was to progress. I put no money on it and it is FE and still under level 10. All it takes is time and that's why bringing in these 5 updates and better company news letters could help new players stay interested and to carry on playing.
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  6. pecanin

    pecanin User

    Nobody in their right mind would start playing this game now

    If that new player chose spending route it would cost him something like 5000 + pounds just to get UFE ...if not more

    Free player will become UFE in about two years in palla

    Every single game i ever played had items in shop that over time get cheaper and cheaper ...here it is the opposite
  7. Toudi

    Toudi User

    Why darkorbit do not make new feature that show us amount of power of our ship, equipment etc. have. Big Point used that in drakensang and I think this could be a spot on thing here, like with UBA we will be faced with players that have similar power amount, if there will be lack of players on uba then obviously we will face someone stronger or weaker. That could be good also with newbie players lets say we get new player that will quickly invest in game and gain a lot of power so he can challenge other people and we have players that are not pay to have fun and they will gain power slowly but that will have a impact in the game which will be that player with to big amount of power will gain nothing from shooting weaker player. Player who been shoot down will not gain damage for drones etc. as usually he would. The more better equipment player have the more power his ship will gain. Obviously darkrobit could set this up for their needs but that would definitely help others.


    Player 1 has 34,300 power which will be displayed above his health and shild bar,
    Power will depends on players equipment, ship, equipment level.

    What do you think guys ?
  8. There are better and easier ways to become strong than palla-ing alone.

    Firstly build up skylab, sell prom as soon as you can. Do the daily quests also get the log in bonus. You get at least 9 free log discs a week also not to mention booty keys and gg spins for free.. Bid on log discs. Put log discs on boxing bio. Spend time boxing in battle maps, if nmes come to you use jump CPU 2. Can buy jump CPU 2 for 10k credits. Bid on lf3s and B02s. Have a go at spaceball to get more gg spins along with the spins you get from boxing. Build zeta gates, do zeta gates on double rewards weekend.

    With the extra log discs finish your boxing bio (if not already done so) then move on to getting the top row done or move towards fat lazers. With the free booty keys from daily missions and zeta gates, with little luck get lf4s. With all the uri that you have saved because all the above is pretty much free you can use it to either do upgrades (drones first) or buy a pet or formations. Then you are well on your way. I agree with you it will take time but there are lots of ways you can go to shorten that time, it all depends on how much effort and time you put into it. I have lots more info I could share about the above, I just made a short version.

    If anyone is interested on the full version, let me know and I can write it up and send it to you. It has lots of tips and tricks to getting a good strong account in as little time as poss with no money spent on the game.

    There is a member in my clan that had asked me to help him and within a few months he has a good amount of lf4s, upgrades, nearly full havoc. (just waiting on the next double rewards weekend). Where he has enough gg spins to open 4 zetas. Also he has drone formations a pet and 3 points away from having fat lazers. Which he will get after doing those 4 zeta gates. And he doesn't put money on the game.

    It is easier than you think. Like I said just takes time and effort nothing will come to anyone that just sits there and cry that they are not ufe in a week. (Not saying that you do, but some people do). I have been a player since 2008, and have picked up a lot of knowledge and I share that with my new members and they are doing well from it.
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  9. jackknife

    jackknife User

    ∞§†ØÑΣMΔ§ØÑ∞ I would love to hear what you have to say, that is, the long version post it in the noob section. Any help if right help is very well welcomed here on the forums. But I hate to box, sorry it make me want to pull my hair out with a pair of dull pliers.

    But other than that I personally respect what you have said,


  10. Thats a ridiculous statement to make lol

    I started playing about 2 months ago and im almost ubfe

    The game is so much easier now with the double gg rewards days and discounted gg spins

    I have spent £80 in total over 2 months and some of that was for the prem and rebate and all that i need to be ubfe is another 11 lf4

    You do zeta gate on double rewards and its 50 booty keys and 100 log disks and costs about 50-60k uri to build if you count the 50k you get back from it

    No idea where you got £5000 to get ubfe lol its going to cost me about £100 thanks to all the special discount events and double gg days

    All you need is kami 3 and prem then you do crazy cubes and make 200k uri, you then pump that 200k into building zeta when its cheap gg spins and double rewards, that should get you about 3 or 4 zeta gates, you then save all the keys for helix lf4 day or zeus day

    Doing this way you only need to spend on prem and rebate thats it
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  11. So when did you get your Apis and Zeus drones? How many Pilot Points do you have, remember you need all 50 for UFE? What level have you Upgraded your LF-4's, B02's, Drones, and CBS Modules to, these also need to be level 16? I assume you have 10 Havoc and Hercules Drone Designs and you say you only need 11 more LF-4 so you have 34 already (or is it just the way you play you only need 11 more). You must be the luckiest player in D O as I have only used my keys on Golden Chest days (since it was proven the chests were not the way to get UFE, over a year ago) and have no where enough parts for my A or Z and very few LF-4's and since I do not buy Uridium do not have enough to throw out on G G's so don't spend it on them.

    With all that you say you have done in 2 months you have spent way more money than you say you have or you are using a bot to box when you are not playing, or you are not as close to being UFE as you say you are. I know $100 USD (one MHH purchase) is used up in one U B H doing upgrades on the equipment needed to be upgraded for UFE status 2 levels (level 13 and 14) with all discounts and using 100% chance to guarantee the upgrade.

    I may not agree with everything said by pecanin but the statement about the cost of this game for a new player is pretty accurate if they want to be UFE in a hurry. Upgrades alone will cost 54731 Uridium each item (there are 101 just on the ship without doing any Base Modules) and thousands (369061 to be exact) of log disks for the Pilot Bio and these numbers are saying you only have one ship able to be flown at any one time without having to change equipment all the time which a true UFE has several ready to fly. And then I have not even touched on the amount of Uridium spent to equip or buy a PET. So go live in that cloud you have your head in and continue spreading your mis information about how little you have spent on the game.

  12. Are you crazy lol

    Sounds like your classing ubfe as having every single item in the game which is not true at all who cares about cbs modules and the pet as those are things that there is no rush for, nobody uses 35 bo2 anymore unless your one of those that has clan wars and likes to sit at port all day long, the most bo2 people use now a days is 20 max

    First of all you do NOT need cbs modules to be ubfe as they do not help your ship in any way at all and are only useful if your in a clan

    You do NOT need all 50 pp in order to be ubfe as the last 15 pp go on useless items which there is no rush for

    You do NOT need 45 lf4 to be ubfe as the most you can get on your ship is 35 who cares about the pet that just comes over time

    upgrades are easy to do as you can start one upgrade and by the time its upgraded you can have made enough uri for the next level upgrade just popping things in x7 map (i have upgraded 2 drones from level 1 to level 16 today by doing this )

    double gg rewards are on almost every week for 3 days this means you can do anything upto 10 zeta over those 3 days, thats 500 booty keys and 1000 log disks ( repeat this for 8 weeks thats 4000 booty keys and 8000 log disks)

    using the keys during zeus events builds both apis and zeus and gets the odd lf4 here and there (i have built 2 apis now in 2 months and 1 zeus)

    doing the zeta on double gg i got all 10 havoks from just 6 gates

    you dont need all 45 parts for the zeus as once you get to around 35 its cheaper to earn the uri and just buy it

    No i do not bot i spent £70 on uri during that helix mega happy hour thingy and got 1.2 mill which i saved and used to build zeta on cheap spin days

    if you do the upgrades as i said then you can easily upgrade at least 3 or 4 items to level 16 each day for free just by popping bk and bbk

    once you have zeus built then then wait for helix lf4 day to use all of your remaining keys

    Some people just do not know how to play this game properly to make the most of the events that are on im asuming your one of them?

    crazy cubes day you can make 200k upwards

    in my opinion ubfe is simply when you are in a position to be able to compete with the strongest players and cbs modules and the remaining 15 pp will NOT help you in this what so ever
  13. Forget all this Dexter-Morgan...which server are you on - some are way harder than others...If it is the newest then it is the easiest. You don't have to answer if you don't want to o_O If it has a number more than 2 (two) then you are getting UFE a lot easier.
  14. I play gb2 by the way pecanin has been around for years he comes on forum and just moans about the game and tries his hardest to convince everyone the game costs thousands and thousands im not sure who help me help you is but he sounds a lot like some guy from the old forum called PACMAN who also was a big big moaner and wanted everyone to quit the game.
  15. Good point as I have never been able to enjoy a 200K Uridium Crazy Cube as I am always being attacked by someone (either enemy or same company) when I try.

    I am not PACMAN and was never real active in the old forums except looking for information about the game, I have become more active in the new forums (this last 8 months) because of all of the problems that have been created in D O. I am however a realist and know if you are able to grind out as much as you seem to be able to do not have a life or have spent more than you want to admit on the game. Maybe posting your Pilot Ranking showing how many hours you have played might explain a little for us. I have been around the game to see the changes made (when FE was king) and the loss of players when they found UFE to be so hard to get.

  16. If you want to make 200k uri off crazy cubes then simply go to an nme x6 map cloak up lock onto the cube and sit on the cube, select kami and then lay an acm mine under your ship, when the mine explodes it activates your kami which then runs to the cube and boom!!! nobody ever knows your even there and you can cube for the full 2 or 3 hours without being disturbed!! simple.
  17. That is what I do and that is what I tell my clan members to do. I know its not very honorable to hide away and steal rewards, but it is from the nme and it saves you from getting attacked on your x-6 map when trying to do crazy cubes. I think 200k is a little high, the most I have gained from CC is about 100k give or take, and I don't mess around.:) But if you say you make 200k then fair enough.
  18. Well its normally around 100k an hour you can make and the event is usually on for 2 or 3 hours.
  19. lol what server you play on most people make on our server is 60k avg full event
  20. dunno what to say lol i been playing cc since it first came out and i always make around 100k an hour
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