[SC] The End of DarkOrbit is Inevitable...

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by KilerStreak, Jul 11, 2016.

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  1. Confused have you been here for YEARS or just 2 MONTHS? If you have other accounts that have been built then you have an unfair advantage you have failed to disclose in earlier posts. An actual NEW player would not have the knowledge to be able to do what you are saying you have done.
  2. Here is a link to some suggestions that I have posted in the newbie section of the forums. I hope it helps.

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  3. Ok I been playing since the game was first released but 3 years ago I quit and just 2 months ago I decided to come back just for fun and see just exactly how much it costs to become ubfe and yes I have only spent £80 and my playing time is 301 hours, everything else I have posted is exactly true but what annoyed me was when pecanin claimed it costs £5000 to be ubfe which it most certainly does not especially now that there are all the events going on to help new players progress. Ok I have the knowledge of exactly how to play the game and make the most of how to spend uri.
    I estimate I can have everything needed to have my SHIP (not my complete account) ubfe within the next 8 weeks without spending any more then £100.
    So I guess the point I'm trying to make is that all those horror stories that people post about the game costing thousands to get an ubfe SHIP are actually no longer true.
  4. Jurjstyle

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    Just that parts with 10 havocs from 6 zeta demonstrates how lucky you were . That price is for instant ufe , not the farm way with prem+rebate . And not in the last , a lot of players are F2P , so they don't have all the additions to help them .
    It isn't as easy as you try to make it seem .
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  5. pecanin

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    Nice story

    What happened when you woke up ?

    Btw i have been UFE for long long time and made it mostly as F2P player so tell that story about getting so far fo so little money to some new player you see in Big Boy on X1 map...he might be impressed and believe you.
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  6. relax

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    Well, most of the things DEXTER is saying are completely right, who grows in da hood knows da hood if u know what I mean. The crazy cubes 200k+ uri completely real... the use of events to get the most benefits out of them completely real and only 1+ mil uri bought completely real. Don't know how much u got to play in order to upgrade items as he says(I never farmed bks and bbks) for uri but the rest is completely realizable. I am also a cheap(not free) player, bought some uri now and then(never 1mil) and I buy premium monthly(not expensive at all imo) and I am UFE since a long long time without working too much(only ~54 kappas, I think) and like ~35 zetas for my second semi-ufe(not upgraded lf4s, no hercs -mainly because I don't really want them, havoc adept, lf4 upgrades not worth if u don't want to become really competitive) account... both "grown" at the same time... no double gate rewards. Good luck with your game!
    HelpMeHelpYou you don't now everything, trust me... no one knows.
  7. No perhaps not 35...but most still use more than 20 BO2's on their configs.

    Actually need 36 pps. As that's for everything regarding PvP. With NPC's then its 41 PP's. So as UFE you should really have the ability to reach your ships highest potential (in power) so that would mean having 41 pp's.

    Having a PET without LF4's could place you at disadvantage during combats with the strongest players. As PETS are used in battles.
  8. Stat or forum post will show that for over 6 years we have been saying the game is dying and yet its still here maybe not as popular but still here
    for those who wants to leave JUST leave
    those who don't want to spend money DONT spent it
    its JUST that simple
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