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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by memrix, Jun 6, 2020.

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  1. memrix

    memrix User

    Hi all,

    At this point, does it even need another thread? perhaps.

    today a daily mission was to kill 4 kristallon. easy money (4kuri) i hear you think....and you'd be right if you weren't so wrong. Every map where you can find kristallon, is swamped by players using illegal programs. And i'd understand if new players use them in order to 'catch up', but most of them were very advanced players (i wonder how they got their account that far haha).

    This is nothing new, happens pretty much the whole time, last week i recorded some of them, and it was very clear that it was an illegal program, sent it to support, and now a week later i see the same player still going at it. It is even likely that he has been doing that non-stop, giving himself an undescribable advantage against players like me that have a life. Support ignored my pleas once more. And i'm seriously considering reaching out to a lot of players to start an event of our own called 'the purge', during that event we would wipe the illegal users of the map again and again, not that it will get them out, but then at least we can get our missions done.

    What's up BP? if you are going to allow the use of illegal programs, then by all means go **** yourselves and for shame.

    I know the moderators on this forum are good people, and they feel the same way as we the players do. I respect them, and believe me when i say that i've tried to keep this message as polite as i possible can be.
  2. Rossi

    Rossi User

    Simple answer: Nothing will be done and sending proofs to support is useless, because they will never ban them. They won't ban the bug users, so there is no point for you to bother.
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  3. memrix

    memrix User

    Drones currently don't take damage, it's intentional. This was changed due to some issues with the Assembly, however it's not permanent at this point.
    This was posted by Mod Rogue, and this makes me happy because that might actually solve the 'illegal users problem'. Mod Rogue, i'll take your word for it, glad you're still on our side!
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  4. Dramborleg

    Dramborleg User

    Seems to me you read way too much into what was said. What you posted reads to me as a non answer. It does not say drones will again take damage in the future, nor does it indicate the mod has taken a position on the issue. I tend to look at what has happened and/or been done over time as an indicator of what might happen. Given that, the future is not hopeful or bright for the legit player.
  5. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    I believe drones, once again, take damage as the Assembly Problem was fixed some time yesterday. If that is the case, all you have to do is pop the player some 200 times to eliminate their auto repair CPU if they have one and then pop their drones.
  6. Bigpoint has completely abandonded the game. It is sad but true. These users will never get banned as they give money to this money-hungry company which takes advantage of an almost alive(soon dead) game.
  7. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    Never is a bold statement. If DO has a plan and I believe they do
    They will not ban the bots until they launch their next client. There is no reason to right now because they do pay for the game.
    It's a smart move. You milk money from the bots to keep the game alive until the next client is ready. At that point, the bots will be useless (I.E. they will no longer be in the game) and DO can market the game to new players who won't be kept down by the bots.
    Along with this, DO will hopefully have figured out a way to allow players to farm untouched by UFE players. I think the best way for them to do this is to provide an equipment-based ranking system. I can explain that further if need be, but I'll leave it as is for the moment.
  8. Actually, it is a really stupid move. How many customers do you think will return to a game that will not uphold its own rules? Only time will tell, but I can tell you I'll never spend another dime on this game.
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  9. Um.

    You guys do know that the bots have a feature that repairs their drones for them, not only that but also a death limit to prevent them from dying too many times in the first place?

    So it wasn't even meant for the bots in the first place, and even if drones take damage again it literally makes no difference.

    On top of that these bots have so much uri they can just buy their drones and upgrade them again over night anyways lol.
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  10. IdoBexi

    IdoBexi User

    This eagle dude over here actually thinking they have a plan XD I think bots will be able to play through the new client, if not, they will lose a lot of players, as they did when they first tried banning botters. And I assure you, they won't do this again. If they do it, they simply are taking the money they got so far and abandoning the game. And "memrix", you can't purge them. Thanks to them and the wallet warriors the game you're playing is still not shut down. And if they have huge advantage, and are 80% of the playerbase, don't you think that even if you rallied your little group of 5-10 people, they will simply purge YOU?
  11. I don't understand why people think bots won't be a thing after the new client.

    You can go onto Seafight right now and see what the new "client" really is. There are two buttons: the start game and download client button. But here's the thing, the new client isn't needed to run Seafight at all, you can still run it with Chrome or any other browser so long as you have flash, all you have to do it have a browser that has flash and click "Start Game" and boom you're playing Seafight, so this new client isn't even required to play Bigpoint games at all.

    So in essence, Darkorbit's "new client" is literally their own custom chromium browser with an unsecured flash player installed. It serves no purpose other than to give you a browser to use after every other browser gets rid of flash.

    Now here is the thing about the bots: they have their own browser already with flash installed. So since they can already run they game completely independent from outside factors, they literally don't even need to update anything, the bots can just simply work as they always did after this new client because they are their own browser with flash.

    So this new client will have absolutely NO IMPACT whatsoever because bots already have their own client anyways. So after 2020 you can play Darkorbit on the "new client" and you can play Darkorbit on the bot's client too.

    Sorry but bots aren't going anywhere.
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  12. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    Flash isn't going to be in the equation. That's the whole reason for DO moving to the new client.
  13. The Unity client will take another year or so for them to develop so their plan after December 2020 is to put their own browser with flash installed on it.

    While it is temporary it will stay like that for a long time.
  14. memrix

    memrix User

    What you're saying makes no sense to me. Bots will not defend themselves, so they can in fact be wiped easily. All that needs to happen is the reinstitution of drone damage and they will lose their drones in no time. Also it sounds to me like you don't even WANT things to change? It almost seems like you are one of them...mmmh interesting.

    Where is your sense of adventure, sir?

    I can't believe it, you're actually defending the use of illegal programs... That attitude right there is why the problem doesn't fix itself. Too many players going 'oh it's not a problem, i looove using illegal programs'
  15. **Scarab**

    **Scarab** User

    flash is going to lose updates after 2020 so in effect it will be vunerable to any new forms of hacking, what DO propose to do is download their own web browser ( client ) which will run flash. easy fix really, being as flash is about 20 year old coding, they need to convert it to some other coding, but it costs money so they wont do that, they will buy the new browser and run the game on it.
    cheap bodgy fix. As for bots DO seem to love em, so don't expect them to go away soon. mmmmmmmmmmmmm i wonder who's selling the bots ???
  16. memrix

    memrix User

    Be careful, because knowing is the first step to using, which is why i don't want to find out, i don't want to be tempted.
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  17. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    I think he meant that as a rhetorical question
    Proposing that the game in question is bringing in that money
    Money players are using to buy said bot.
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  18. So you are telling me to stop playing for a year until these bots go away with the new client and then start playing again? Because as the game is now i cant even farm. This logic is really stupid, whoever leaves darkorbit rarely comes back.
  19. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    Where in that quote did I say any of those words...
  20. That is what you are saying here, "milk money from the bots to keep the game alive until the next client is ready". Thing is, i hate playing with those bots by my side so i just have to wait (which im already doing for a year now) until the next client is ready. No, I will not wait for them to milk enough money to make something they should have already made many years before, just so i can have a normal gaming experience. Your logic is flawed and sounds like something only a game dev would say in an effort to avoid losing the only remaining people playing this game, in hope they will wait till 2021 and then all of a sudden remember this game. When there is an exploit (e.g. bots) you fix it in an update within a week or even a month so that legit players will be affected as little as possible. You dont "milk" money from people exploiting else you lose legit players, it is simple. If you just dont care and would anyway shut down the game so you try to make the most out of it, then this behavior is justified. And that's what i think bigpoint is doing.
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