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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by darkorbit_is_cool42, Jan 12, 2020.

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who wants a lvl cap increase for bl- maps from other companys to 30

Poll closed Jan 26, 2020.
  1. yes

    4 vote(s)
  2. no

    7 vote(s)
  3. no ophinion

    1 vote(s)
  1. the prom laser is hard to obtain in my ophinion becuz top 10 clans is there always (in bl-x ) maps on every server i think thus i have 7 prom lasers even though im chief liutenand and i think the top 10 clans must go some where else then i farm prom lasers (i hate top 10 clans in some point if they like to kill they kill every1)exept themselves and their allys

    d.o should do an lvl cap increase for enemys to 30 and dmz for mmo in that map
    for other companys all above the same
    i want darkorbit to be a game like in the past no offense to top clans its just my thougts and i ask from you all to be honest in your comments
    the poll is for me for see who is againt and for this idea​
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  2. blendtaste

    blendtaste User

    LOL, 30? how i'm gonna make a 1000 ships quest? just because you dont like to die doesnt mean need be like this lol. if you dont wanna die, then stop play. go play tetris, you dont die there
    Delete your idea and drink less lol

  3. **Owl**

    **Owl** User

    good idea but pointless, if a clan sends you war, your back to being popped again. and all the cheat clans do is send war.
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  4. If you think the ships attacking you in BL are actual players you still have noob status.
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  5. No one is lvl 30 yet. I think there is not even a lvl 29 out there, so this cap is [REMOVED], its the same as just changing the maps so that no enemie companys can ever get on that map. (Whether or not that would be good or bad is a different topic tho)

    Level 24 is already decently hard to reach with +/- 40 billion EXP, the cap is fine.

    Also I don't see the issue there, the enemie is not on the map 24/7, even if -> the map is big just go to a place where they are not.

    Also also, Prometheus are the best lasers in terms of dmg output, but the enhanced LF-4 aren't that far off...
    It is, if you look at the average dmg, 6k or something like that in difference between Magmar lf-4 and prom laser on x4 ammo with all boosts included.
    And given the DMG fluctuation u wont even notice that little dmg difference.

    Just get those (enhanced lf-4) if you cant get the prom lasers.
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  6. LOL this is a joke right? LVL30 ????? People have been playing for 13 years and havent reached lvl 30 yet. Dying is a part of the game.

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