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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by =SERAPH=, Mar 24, 2014.

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    i have in the past went to support they said my ship had the right balance.try support the will tell you the same thing
  2. crazytoon

    crazytoon User

    Well in that case they should test my ship

    I check german forums...They synced some stuff related to Halloween along with some bug fixes. But it seems something went wrong..Atleast for me :(
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  3. they are not meant to be better then lf4s they are meant to bridge the gap between fes and ufes
  4. It's cool that they can implant some eater eggs "fast". I only hate that "sometimes" the event content appears outside the event time (Do you remember the wrong timed Ice Hitac pop up?)
  5. Kyro

    Kyro User

    Hm I could of sworn on a twitch stream they more meant scatter laser to be used with tartarus aka going in range when extra damage and going back out of range. Otherwise the cost of making sl-3 does not make any sense at all, someone who is not full lf4 will not go after sl3 instead of lf4's unless they are insane.

    They wanted already ufe's to get it but nope sorry the effort/cost required to get them is just not worth it, 100+ kuipers alone need to do just for the crystals if want full sl3... I'm sure whoever came up with the cost for it was high when decided it. (also supposedly if faq was worded right you arent guaranteed to get crystals off doing a gate anymore, that was only for during the event... *slow clap* I'm sure you don't want people to get this new laser BP...)
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  6. the problem is on the 1st day of events que Despite the mistakes que for many players, it the event of an early bonus if we think it.The Tartarus (not any more at the beginning teinha players using it with 900 speed pet more 30% speed), kiuper who had time in the early hours of Wednesday to Thursday opened all ggs your server with 33x or more per box, and other cosias more we can consider how to plumb error more time as a bonus for missions.
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  7. Man you gotta cut down on the Google Translate, I don't think any of us can understand what you're trying to say. Not trying to be a dick but I didn't understand half of that.
  8. I corrected some errors now.
    what I said in summary is that on the first day appear errors in the events that can be used as bonus for some players.
  9. If u look at STO (startreck online ) look at there craft system and how many laser types they are different types for different races so lots to choice from as darkorbit is a lot smaller they are rushing out as much stuff as they can to balance the game ... yeah they cost of them is high but as they have said prices are always high when an item first comes out but as the game sorts it self out the prices will change they may get added to bootys they may come on gate rewards bootys key deals have change so more craft items to make them.. don't look at the game as it is now think of the game in a year or 2 (if still standing) when a new player start
  10. Runcho

    Runcho User

    Actually getting scatter laser 3 now is more expensive than the initial price, because the saimon event is over and there is a % chance of getting the crystals from gates. So I would say that the prices were indeed high when the lasers came out, but now they are even higher just after 2 weeks. **** logic!
  11. the crystals should be still on for the gates and added to the end rewards there never was a %
  12. Runcho

    Runcho User

    According to the event FAQ it says that the crystal rewards are "100% chance during the event"
  13. HowDoIQuit

    HowDoIQuit User

    when will those sll lasers be available?
  14. October 17th
  15. BOGIE1

    BOGIE1 User

    My P.E.T. did the same thing two days ago...returned to normal if I Kami or turn him off....Turkey returned without doing anything in about two minutes....all the guys were laughing at me....I thought it was funny also, but thought it was a prelude to a new quest....Oh, why doesn't D.O. post the winners of the Hitac Lottery?....I didn't win anything, but would like to know who did.....a little "transparency" would be great.
  16. *Rob9614*

    *Rob9614* User

    ^^ You can get a turkey pet by warping into a citadel whilst having pet out
  17. Darkorbit doesnt post the winners of the hitac lottery because there is no need for them to. Its a lottery and the winners have a right to be kept private
  18. crazytoon

    crazytoon User

    Alright every1 is so much excited about Halloween event and i hate to be party pooper :(.. As per latest info TOT gate will have only 3 lives ( which is fine by me i do tht gate without dying) and cool down on gate has been changed back to 24 hrs...also rewards are reduced.

    No idea how will be bonus boxes
  19. Sin1337

    Sin1337 User

    source ? if they decrease the uri reward(all npcs ~ 70/80k uri) this gate is dead. same with the ammo boxes.. many people will buy bonus box doubler
  20. Where is that posted?
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