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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by =SERAPH=, Mar 24, 2014.

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  1. Just saving my Uri for hundreds of Booty Keys for the reworked Booty chests.
  2. could just be the new lasers and shields added
  3. If they add the (expensive) scatter laser...I will get them all...(that's not sarcastic)
  4. crazytoon

    crazytoon User

    I think players are willfully cheated by darkorbit. Gate is not giving rewards as promised in FAQ... As per FAQ on certain waves multiple NPCs are suppose to give Ammo rewards. But only 1 npc give Ammo others give ore which is useless ..If any1 want ore they will kill NPCs in Regular maps why waste time and ammo on waves. Its about time BIGPOINT gets honest to its players.
  5. now the gate has been sorted out and dropping ammo, its the same as was last year. most we had last year was 1 or 2 drops at the end of the wave . once the gate gave ammo, for the rest of the gate yesterday i managed to collect ... You received 70000 RB-214 laser ammo.
    You received 4,500 UBR-100 rockets.
    You received 3000 PLT-2021 rockets.
    You received 26,000 HSTRM-01 rockets.

    plus around 83-84k uridium. now considering this gate can b done once in 24 hours, and is FREE , i dont see how we are being cheated? im more than satisfied. and having fun to .. bonus. :)

    edit : my ammo figures btw, are the total i added up at the end. not what i got her box.
  6. crazytoon

    crazytoon User

    You really dont know issue ..for reasons unknown to me since i posted here ..all npcs which are suppose to drop Ammo box are dropping it now.I will for sure know tomorrow if its still issue.
  7. crazytoon

    crazytoon User

    New update of TOT GATE ...its 10 lives again
  8. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Can we please take the ToT discussions back to the feedback or other relevant thread. We're pretty lenient about the conversation in this thread but we've been a ways off the "unofficial" topic for a bit here and it's getting a tad spam-y


    Edit: Please, this thread is just not for random discussion. Create a new thread for specific discussions unrelated to what's being revealed in this thread (unofficially, or officially) !
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  9. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Been a while but there's something new to report ^^

    A couple things appeared last week with a directory called the 'rzone', initially I just assumed this was radzone and ignored it. However today some files were added, the rzone stands for refraction zone. Turns out this is the cross-server map.

    The refraction zone has its own map background:

    Seems like the setting will be over another planet.

    In addition to that it has its own 'window' - windows are just the tabs you see on the gamepage, like the assembly window etc.

    In the xml file for this window it has 5 main components:
    • ON_R_ZONE
    At the moment all the descriptive text for this is is placeholder.

    Some map code stuff, basically confirming that it is the cross-server map.
    <map id="150" name="Cross server Zone1" scaleFactor="1" music="0" minimap="112">
    <reference selector="map WHERE id==13" children="true"/>
    <map id="151" name="Cross server Zone" scaleFactor="1" music="0">
    <display3D templateId="CrossServerZone2">
    light color="0xA3FFFF" diffuse="0.8" specular="1.1" ambientColor="0xFF855C" ambient="0.5" tilt="100" pan="35" /

    Now the interesting thing here is there are 2 cross-server map zones. The first is a map which is the size of 4-1 but has the background of UBA.
    The second appears to be this refraction thing. However plenty of stuff could still be placeholders etc.

    Of course will post more info as and when it arrives.

    Edit: There's also a bunch of testing with the 3D elements of the background, I think similar to how Kuiper can have moving objects. When I have time I will try and recreate the background.

    The 3D background talks a lot about modules, so far I've found 4 or 5 objects but only 1 texture.


    This module is split into the three different companies, at the moment the MMO bit is just a Aegis pet, EIC is the panels or 'wings' then finally VRU is the floating bit at the top.
    Absolutely no idea if this will stay like that, again since this is early stuff those could be placeholder names or objects. The name of it is 'ModuleFactionTest'.
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  10. This map background looks very nice...
  11. @Okapi32 Do you have any information on how are we going to get the Lava Tartarus/Phantom/Chimera designs?
    All i saw for them is that they aren't going to be in Assembly, so maybe they will be for payment? gates? UBA?

  12. from old post and how events have gone i would say the are UBA , craft, gates as for what gates okapi give a bit of info on that but not 100% on what gives what only find that out when the event is on
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  13. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    This took a while but I think it was worth it ... I've spent the last hour emulating the cross-server map into 2-1.

    The Refraction Zone has a layout - it has what seem to be walls, objectives(?) and spawn points.

    At the moment I'm trying to draw the layout of the map based on the walls as I fly around them, however here's a picture to tie people over for now, because its going to take a while x)

    I think I'm sitting in front of a spawn point here.

    The maps layout imposed onto 2-1 - gives you a good idea of its size:

    I don't know for sure, have to wait for the FAQ for the exact answers.
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  14. For me the big white rectangles actually look a bit like some base? Maybe will work as domination system to capture faction bases? :0 Wow that would be cool aha! But i guess thats just my dream lol
  15. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I was wondering about those rectangle objects too, but they don't really look like much, they just look like bigger versions of the other walls.


    The thing on the right is the big rectangle objects.

    Just have to wait and see when more information come out, hopefully that is next week :D

    Uploaded a video of the layout, gives you a real idea of the scale of it and how things look.

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  16. Those huge walls are unfitting.

    I think a natural barrier like in the 5-1 and 5-3 maps would be a lot better.
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  17. well done m8 great work that's looks really good to just having 1 big map like x7 or x6

    dark stingshot
  18. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Some more winter stuff I presume.

    New Goliath design: Goliath X

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    A bit of a throw-back to the old client days.

    "The Goliath-X, or G-X, is the latest model of this classic fighter. The designers tweaking its appearance and technical specs to make it the best Goliath yet!"

    It mentions technical spec changes to the designs, normally the changes would be listed in the descriptions though, so not 100% sure what's different about them, will have to wait for some other files to update first I think.

    There are also X pets and drones:

    Following blueprints have been added to the files:
    • Borealis Goliath-X Drone Design
    • Ocean Goliath-X Drone Design
    • Goliath-X Drone Design
    • Sandstorm Goliath-X Drone Design
    • Borealis Goliath-X
    • Ocean Goliath-X
    • Goliath-X
    • Sandstorm Goliath-X
    • Borealis Goliath-X P.E.T. Design
    • Ocean Goliath-X P.E.T. Design
    • Goliath-X P.E.T. Design
    • Sandstorm Goliath-X P.E.T. Design
    • Artic Ambassador
    • Frost Pusat
    • Artic Sentinel
    • Artic Spectrum
    • Frost Lightning
    • Artic Venom
    There's also a few bits of text relating to the rzone, but the interesting bits are still just place holder, the other stuff is just 'Registration' etc for window titles.
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  19. You got my attention now but I am thinking last year the arctic and frost items were prizes last year, which sucks for me. I want the Ambassador.
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