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  1. Finally they create some smooth colored designs.
  2. Yeah and this is a design for it so you still won't have the Ambassador. They really need to make these "FRIENDS" rewards buyable. They have been in the game long enough and we all know we can not get our friends interested in this game starting with a new account and trying to stick around long enough to give us the credit for the reward to count. Heck the NEW players see the UFE one shot pop them and they run to another game.
  3. Uncas23

    Uncas23 User

    The winter will be like this in Darkorbit. Cross server battles, retro designs...

    The rebirth of Darkorbit?

    (I hope the goliath x won't be OP. They should really stay at this horizontal progression system.)
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  4. crazytoon

    crazytoon User

    Alright BIGPOINT has figured out new stream of Revenue " DESIGNS". It should stop now all they do every week is come out with new useless crap. I have almost all of them now even i am tired of Drone pet and ship designs.They should focus on fixing issues now. Enough is enough.
  5. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Artists make designs.
    Coders fix bugs.

    They could never make another cosmetic design ever again, it wouldn't slow or speed up the rate at which issues are fixed. The Refraction Zone is a funny looking design.

    If they didn't release and sell cosmetics designs then they would have to find alternate ways to gain revenue, somehow I doubt those alternate ways would be as harmless as a paint job on a ship.

    Lacks of updates or too many issues is always a topic people can bring up and discuss but blaming cosmetics for it is pointless.

    FYI, people who won the Frost Ambassador from the Hitac were able to use it without having the original Ambassador design already. You'll just have to wait until the next post to turn everything in a 'I think DO is terrible but for some reason I still play it and log onto the forum to moan everyday' rant :^)
  6. crazytoon

    crazytoon User

    I understand they need revenue to sustain this game. Its not about coder or Artist.Over all if you ask any player they will tell you how frustrated with in game issues. Best example is Halloween event, 1 of the best event, was totally ruined. We are few of loyal fan of game left who still hope that someday they will focus more on gaming experience of players not just revenue.
  7. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Again though, your point about cosmetics has nothing to do with what you are complaining about.

    Do you think that if there had been no cosmetic designs this year, then the Tunnel of Terror would have released with no flaws? I'll just repeat it again, the people who work on bugs / issues / designing new features aren't going to be the same people who create cosmetics.

    The artists are employed there so they are going to use them.

    Features not working and there being a new color of Goliath in some future event are not a cause or consequence of each other ...
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  8. Nah man you're wrong on that one I'm colorblind bro you're offending me pretty hard here
  9. In this case, he is trying to support me, the guy who won't be able to compete in a Hitac event as I won't be strong enough to last longer than 30 seconds with the madness that will take place. After some time, they finally brought the last item that was win-able and put it in assembly, something else I am getting tired of. Most players probably could really care less about the nostro design as if they won it, it would just be something they used for a few days and then go back to their goli/vengi ship/designs. However, me, I would make it my flagship for how I play. 11 months of playing with BigBoy/Nostro, I think its time.

    By the way, keep up the good work.
  10. Thank you for the attitude. I have not been as negative towards D O as I have been in the past but with all of the glitches in the game it really is hard to be POSITIVE about changes being made. Maybe if they FIXED the issues still present in the game people might not be so NEGATIVE towards it.

    Thank you for seeing this as the reason for my statement. I just feel it has been a REWARD ONLY design/ship long enough and needs to be available for open use.
  11. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Which is exactly what is happening ... its no longer being friend bonus exclusive and is going into crafting.

    You assumed they would need the regular ambassador first and gave PSK~SUNDANCE incorrect information telling them that they wouldn't be able to get it, I was pointing out that this is not the case. So I don't really see how you were helping PSK~SUNDANCE by given them incorrect info and telling them they can't have the Ambassador when they want it, seemed to me you just wanted to use it as a reason to talk about something else.

    You also took the opportunity to go off topic and turn it into a little rant about new players being killed by UFE all the time, which is what you do with almost every post you end up making - gets boring after a while seeing it coming from you so often.
    The more you take things like this and turn it into a complaint about something else the less and less people will care about what you say.
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  12. Hold up, wait, stop... Okapi, I wish you had corrected us about the Ambassador being in Assembly when you first got onto HMHY. We both missed it, and I just reread your post about the blueprints. I am more excited now as this is exactly what I need. Sorry for the confusion. :oops:
  13. " all we are saying.............is give peace a chance. ".... 0-0.............no bickering!...........
  14. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Winter 2016 event breaking news text:

    We breathed life into the first DarkOrbit server on the 11th December 2006. Since then our marvelous sci-fi game has gone through several changes, with the promise of more awesome things to come.

    So let’s kick-off with something special. By popular demand we’re opening the first Cross-Server Zone, Refractions, so you can team up with pilots from different servers. The PvP battles are going to be epic, and there’s a set of quests relating to the area too!

    From the 1st December 2016, you can enjoy the following Birthday and Winter Event’s features:

    • Cross-Server Zones: Space has not felt so alive!
    • Goliath-X: A stunning new addition to your fleet
    • Cold Wave 2016: Missions for everyone – old and new
    • Demaner Hunt reloaded: They’re stronger and sturdier than before, but so much more rewarding
    • The Breach: The “birthday gate” will open on the 11th December
    • Shadow Dance: A brilliant new quest line which may change the DarkOrbit universe – for ever!
    • and more: Life-time achievement titles, new designs for ships, drones and P.E.T.s, Ice Meteroids, Assembly recipes
    The event will end on the 31st of December 2016, 23:59h LST.

    So the Demaner makes its long awaited return as well in this winter event. The Breach is the GG which contains the Skoll NPC for anyone unsure.

    Shadow Dance is likely the be the quest line related to the Refraction Zone, what we have to do to complete the quests will be a mystery even to me until the FAQs are posted, however will hopefully find the story text soon-ish.

    Cross-server breaking news text:

    Humanities need to master the universe is legendary. Breaking new barriers and achieving new goals.

    The results can sometimes be unexpected!

    Attempting to discover the secrets of an ancient alien artifact, scientists triggered a new region of space. A refraction of the universe itself, where all possibilities can happen and histories secrets will start to be revealed.

    Now you can enter Refractions, the first permanent Cross-Server Zone for DarkOrbit. Allowing players from all servers to meet in epic PVP battles. Allowing you to fight for your faction’s best interests or your own and with a new set of quests dedicated to this new map.

    For further information, please consult P G Harris (PhD) “On the nature of the Multiverse” (Mars University Press) or the Cross-Server Zone FAQ on the forums.
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  16. SauronL

    SauronL User

    Sounds like remaked TDM + old stuff together.
  17. Not a another PvP map - nOooo. I want to raid another server...comprehende. Wanna go to server(s) +7 or higher ;) And show them how to :eek:
  18. west-star

    west-star User

    last event for darkorbit to save whats left of this game ... i think it will be R.I.P darkorbit 2017
  19. I don't think Shadow dance has anything to do with cross server maps. I remember devs saying in twitch back in September I think that they are working on totally new quest line that will replace the old quest system. (old quests will stay too). I think they refer to this.
  20. They are planning updates for 2017 for the prices, so...
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