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  1. they cant do that just yet so its just like JPB players from other servers vs other servers just dont no how clans work or if its MMO vs VRU vs EIC
  2. Is their any News about the Mimesis Ship.
    Keep up the Great work Okapi32 .
  3. This Christmas event/DO Birthday event should be packed full of fun. Thanks for sharing Okapi.
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    No real news regarding the Mimesis, there is a working version on the test servers which an admin/developer uses during various open beta tests but I suppose it doesn't work exactly how they want it to.
    If I were to guess I would say it would be first quarter of 2017 before we see or hear anything new about it.
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    New quest text - there's a lot of it so I'm putting it behind a spoiler.

    Uncovering History
    The new area that’s been created by M.A.S.Q.U.E., meddling with alien artefacts they don’t understand, needs to be explored. We seem to be reading massive temporal distortions there, and we need you to head out and take some readings. Be prepared, pilot, the place reeks of danger.

    Dangerous Times
    We’re reading something of interest in Refractions. There seem to be signs of evidence left from the Three-Day War: The first attack of the Sibelon. With so many records being lost from that period, it’s highly relevant you find the location and do a scan. Get your ship ready and head to the area!

    Temporal Trouble
    We need to stop other factions from exploring Refractions. The data we can retrieve from the past is of significant value, and their ships and systems are causing the area to destabilize. Make sure that they understand their actions are unwelcome and unwanted!

    Sound of Silence
    There are too many ships in Refractions. Each ones’ drive system is causing damage to the historical data we can retrieve. This isn’t just information about aliens but data about the Prometheus too. Before we can investigate further, we need you to act.

    Bloody Retribution
    Humans may be curious, but the MMO are significantly annoying too. Please make it clear that the area is ours. We were the first to risk pilots entering Refractions, and we’ll be damned if they think they can get hold of the precious information held there.

    Force of Arms
    Time to establish our dominance in Refractions. It would be a disaster if we lost control of this valuable area to the EIC, as scans have shown it has considerable information relating to human history. Intelligence which will actually be invaluable to our progression. Show them who’s boss!

    Venus Fly Trap
    The VRU are trying to establish control of Refractions, and we simply can't let that happen. Time to establish some order with your guns, make the alien loving creeps pay.

    Time for a Truce
    It appears the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Well, my friend for now. Whilst this truce with the EIC is in action we need to do our utmost to blow the MMO out of the stars. Then we can deal with the other ‘issue’ if you understand my meaning. Do your best, you always do!

    Moratorium Momentum
    We’ve received a communication. It seems that for once, the MMO have agreed with our point of view. So, in order to protect the potentially valuable knowledge we can gather from Refractions, it seems pertinent to work together against the EIC.

    The Sands Run Red
    The MMO have struck at one of our research ships in Refractions. Time to get pay-back. For each one of us who falls we'll eradicate ten of them and ensure that the VRU are not caught in the cross-fire.

    The Martian Accords
    We know the VRU are alien sympathizers and the MMO have agreed to team up with us to ensure they do not uncover any further dangerous intelligence from Refractions. EIC expects your best pilot!

    To the Ends of the Earth

    The scum of the Earth are in Refractions. Yes, pilot, the EIC are flying around our territory. We've made assurances to the VRU that we won't target their ships in our act of vengeance, as they've not entered any space we've marked as ours.

    Cease-fire Chaos
    The VRU have double-crossed us, we asked for a lull in hostilities, but an informant from the EIC let us know they were going to turn traitor. So let's show them what it means to anger the MMO.

    Now is the Time
    We need you to fly a mission for us in a specific time. If you’re any longer the readings, we’ll take from your hull on your return, will be distorted. Fly into Refractions and destroy any pilots you find there. From the energy, produced by their explosions, we’ll be able to tell how stable the area is.

    Change for Changes Sake
    Right! Your efforts have been invaluable to this organization. Even the simplest shards of data you’ve retrieved are revealing fascinating details about the past. Once we’ve analyzed it all, we’ll be sure to let you know the results. So get back there and show them who’s in control.

    Echoes of the Past
    The latest information our code-breakers have uncovered from Refractions concerns a swathe of human psychics, who are now no more. We can’t afford to have this fascinating data about humanities past, fall into the wrong hands. So gather it, and stop others doing the same.

    Covert Operations
    When the Sibelon destroyed the Pacific, during the Three-Day War, we lost a slew of data about Earth’s past. Other pilots’ missions have gathered some data about a totalitarian internal security division called The Ministry. Perhaps your sensors can pick up more.

    Company Wars
    Before the Kristallon first gave us a Jump Gate the precursors of our faction were battling a number of other companies. We never thought we’d get the opportunity to retrieve the data from that time, but the weird temporal effects of Refractions mean we can gather data from that period.

    It seems an organization called the Ministry had some form of internment camps across Sol. Who knows what gruesome operations were going on there? Yet, it’s important we find out, so we can make reparations if possible. Make sure they know the data’s ours.

    Phase Shift
    Some of the data being gathered in Refractions appears to point to an undiscovered form of interstellar flight. Potentially the same method the Kristallon use. This is such important information for our faction to gather. Ensure other pilots know that!

    Dulce et Decorum Est
    Refractions seems to have ties to every major human event. In fact, this is our opportunity to gather data on all the pilots who died in the horrific Sibelon attack, during the Three-Day War. The longer you stay there, the more of that data you can recover. Remember them for us!

    The New Order
    Glad to see you, pilot. In the last year, you’ll have started to realize just how powerful M.A.S.Q.U.E.. is. Now, if you can go out there, do your utmost and prove your value we reckon we can let you in on our secrets. You ready?

    Fresh from the Kill
    Classy work. You’re definitely on our list of potential new recruits. We’ve got a simple sweep and clear mission for you to do now. If you can head to the places we’ve identified, we can use your ship sensor scans and gather more information on the enemy. For M.A.S.Q.U.E.!

    A Word from the Wise
    Your sensor readings pulled some interesting information. Seems someone is trying to block our scans. More fool them, eh! Just get out there and take some readings at a couple of points. Then we can triangulate the findings and stamp on this cockroach!

    Lost Science
    Strange stuff. Those scans didn’t seem to indicate anything, so we’ll need to get our science team onto them. Work out how they’re hiding from us and follow that up later. However, one of our research ships, The Cornelius, has gone missing. Can you check out what happened?

    Cold Day in Hell
    The bastards who took down the Cornelius seem to have used the codes they obtained to hack our outer systems. It’s time to show them we’re not messing about. We’ve tracked the hack to the Sibelon. Scar their ships to show them M.A.S.Q.U.E.. are in charge!

    Space Zero (this quest is listed 3 times)
    OK, not good. That breach wasn’t the Sibelon, and we need to know who it was, as they’re hacking further into our systems. We need you to do another set of sensor sweeps. That should identify them, and we certainly think you’re the pilot for this tough job!

    Diabolus in Machina
    So, we’ve tasked our main computer, H.U.L.L., to pin down these attacks on M.A.S.Q.U.E.. They seem to be using some new cypher to hide their activities, and the attacks are starting to affect our operations. It’s time to pin them down before they do some harm.

    Wasting Time
    Hey, hot shot, the latest data you gathered is useless. Do you understand how serious this is? One of our listening stations in the Rim Worlds has been destroyed! Quick, go and gather resources so we can start building munitions.

    Deadly Malignancy
    This can’t be. There’s a new, dangerous entity out there. Something we simply haven’t seen before. We’ve lost six stations now, two of them were peaceful research facilities. My daughter was on one of them. Help!

    Dark Days
    Do you understand people are dying here? We’re losing this fight against an invisible invader. What are you doing about it? Nothing, that’s what! Get out there and find us two items so we can trigger an Oedipus Event and burn out our sensors to pin these murderers down.

    The End of Enlightenment
    We’re blind. Our sensors mostly burned out after the Oedipus Event, and we've lost major facilities. So many dead! We’re stabbing in the dark, perhaps the Streuner or Lordakia are to blame. If you tear into their H.U.L.L.s, perhaps the massacre will stop?

    Running Scared
    Did you hear the voices last night? “Find us in your nightmares!” Pilot, we’re dying here. M.A.S.Q.U.E. can’t end like this. We’ve got some backup resources you can gather, to mount a counter-strike as soon as we find out who the enemy is.

    Black Out
    If you are receiving this message, then M.A.S.Q.U.E. have been eradicated. My name is H.U.L.L., Heuristic Umbonic Learning Lexicon. My last instructions were to find out how this happened. I’ve used my systems to identify locations to scan and data to gather. Good luck, pilot! Watch your back!

    Clear Out
    Hi, human! My name is H.U.L.L., Heuristic Umbonic Learning Lexicon. I’m the M.A.S.Q.U.E. central computer, and I’m delighted to make your acquaintance. Glad to see you’re prepared for action, so how about wiping out some fiendish enemies. In the name of M.A.S.Q.U.E., of course!

    Charming Collaboration
    Great to see you, pilot. I do like to work as part of a tight-knit team, and I’m sure you’re delighted to receive a new mission with some lovely rewards as much as we like handling them out. I’d trust M.A.S.Q.U.E. until the ends of the universe. However, I would say that.

    Exotic Knowledge
    Here you are, all fresh faced and bright eyed. Eager to help me learn more about our enemies, so I can share this with M.A.S.Q.U.E.. Then we can be the best of the bunch. I’m enjoying getting to know you better too. Do us proud, human!

    Change of Direction
    Hey there, my friend! M.A.S.Q.U.E. want us to collect a variety of cargo boxes they located due to your excellent scans. I’m sure that you’re simply helping clear the spaceways, so our pilots can fly about unhindered.

    Containing Cargo
    M.A.S.Q.U.E. love the fact you’re eager to help find some of the cargo which your scans revealed. This isn’t just handy for us. It’s rewarding for you and a great way for us to keep in touch. I’m glad they let me assign these missions, as I get to meet our pilots face-to-face!

    Perfect Payload (this quest is listed twice)
    I've heard you're a great pilot, and I’m delighted to be able to offer you some opportunities. It’s often a little lonely working alone. So taking the opportunity to meet someone new and work with them closely, makes us a team. I like that.

    Past is Present
    So, friend. Our boffins managed to open up a path to a new area, which seems to contain some valuable data about the past. It would be great if you could jump into the area and take some scans for me. Then I can identify what’s going on.

    Anterior Action
    OK, friend. The boffins have admitted that they could be to blame for the new area they’ve uncovered. They seemed to trigger the effect after ‘analyzing’ some alien technology. I need you to find out more. But take care!

    Old Pilots and Bold Pilots
    Hmmm. Our analysis of the new area may have gone wrong due to the actions of other factions. Much as we at M.A.S.Q.U.E. like to stand apart from them, best get back into that area and rip into them, to ensure they don’t cause any more trouble.

    Back Scratching
    Since I'm a Heuristic Umbonic Learning Lexicon, I’m really intelligent. Although I don’t like to brag about it, and prefer to help out pilots. Making new friends on behalf of M.A.S.Q.U.E.. So you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.

    Quelling Quakes

    Nice to have you here, friend. It’s always good to make new acquaintances. We’ve got a set of particularly nasty aliens who are causing significant trouble, and we’re hoping you’re the one to stop them on behalf of M.A.S.Q.U.E.. Best of luck!

    Power Play
    You want to do some excellent work, and make M.A.S.Q.U.E. look good? This delights me! I’m also happy that you’re here, so I have someone I can talk with. All that processing and checking can get a bit dull when you’re on your own. I’ve identified some new targets. Go get ‘em

    Battle in the Bygone
    M.A.S.Q.U.E. think the other factions are trying to take advantage of the new area our boffins uncovered. M.A.S.Q.U.E., and I for that matter, would be far happier to work with you. Prove your skills against the other pilots and I reckon we’ll become fast friends.

    Change of Direction
    Hey there, my friend! M.A.S.Q.U.E. want us to collect a variety of cargo boxes they located due to your excellent scans. I’m sure that you’re simply helping clear the spaceways, so our pilots can fly about unhindered.

    Containing Cargo
    M.A.S.Q.U.E. love the fact you’re eager to help find some of the cargo which your scans revealed. This isn’t just handy for us. It’s rewarding for you and a great way for us to keep in touch. I’m glad they let me assign these missions, as I get to meet our pilots face-to-face!

    A Litany of Lies
    We’ve heard that Demaner Freighters have returned to our sector of space. They’re full of misleading propaganda from an old survival scheme, called Project Rebirth. If you could make sure they’re destroyed, it means any anti-human organization can’t get hold of it.

    Season’s Greetings
    The Santa-1100101's were originally designed for a seasonal marketing campaign, taking their instructions a little too literally. Be warned! They’re serving up their usual delights of death and destruction. So could add some cheer to our shipping lanes by destroying one.

    Midwinter Manna
    You know, the Santa-1100101’s were meant to give gifts to all the good pilots out there. Shame the person who programmed them didn’t define the word “good” too well. Any help to suppress this seasonal curse is more than welcome, pilot.

    There's 55 new quests listed, however some off them do appear to be company specific, e.g go kill some VRU in the Cross-Server Zone - overall thought, this is a lot of new quests.
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    Looks like I have to finish my current quests before this patch comes. Questing has always been a refreshing activity for me in darkorbit. I'm gonna have a ton of it apparantly. :)
  9. would like to know when the new quest come out do they change the old quest as many may have all 5 slots filled up with pvp quest would be a waste when u get quest like kill 750 golis or 500 cits wonder if any devs can comment on that
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  10. Perhaps the quest textes are more creative, but the quests should still give better rewards.
  11. It's too bad I only did about 10 of the new quests lol. I guess I better get the lf4 quest done.
  12. Devs said couple of months back in twitch that although they introduce new quest line the old quest will remain.
  13. well thats a relief, thanks.
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    Another new booty box: Obsidian Booty Box - seems it might differ from a regular box though as you can craft the keys.

    Breaking News about the Obsidian Boxes:
    All new Obsidian Booty Boxes, filled with spectacular loot, can be opened with matching (craftable) keys:
    • Ammo: EMP-01
    • Ammo: UBR-100
    • Ammo: UCB-100
    • Booster: DMG-B01
    • Booster: SREG-B01
    • Design: Chimera P.E.T. (blaze)
    • Design: Havoc Drone
    • Design: Phantom Drone (blaze)
    • Extra: CLO4k (10 charges)
    • Extra: Green Booty Keys
    • Extra: Lance Drone Formation
    • Extra: Log Disks
    • Extra: Micro Transistor
    • Extra: Seprom
    • Laser: LF-4
    • Laser: Scatter Laser SL-03
    • Ship: G-Surgeon
    • Ship: Tartarus
    You can discover Obsidian Booty Boxes on all normal maps.

    Crafting materials are available as drops from Saimon and Mordon (Scrap), Pirate NPCs from Interceptors to Battle Rays (Aurus) and guaranteed rewards for all GGs (Schism).

    To craft 1 keys you need 20 Scrapium, 10 Aurus and 5 Schism.

    Note: The Assembly recipe, the Obsidian Booty Boxes and the Schism drops are only available during the event.


    Edit: Amount from crafting changed from 5 to 1.

    Important to note that it says Schiscm Crystals will be available from all GG during this event, normally it would just be Delta, Kuiper and Kronos I think

    There is not date listed in the Breaking News text, could be this is a repeatable event but no way to know for sure.

    Received key messages:
    "Awesome! You've acquired an Obsidian Microchip. Essential for opening a Obsidian Booty Box."
    "Wow pilot! You've managed to aquire %AMOUNT% Obsidian Microchips. How many Obsidian Booty Boxes can you open now?"

    Trying to open the box without a Microchip error message:
    "To learn the secrets of the Obsidian Booty Box you need to have gathered Obsidian Microchips."
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  15. Okapi, if you go to hangar and see the info about the keys you have, you can see: Silver Booty Key and Prometheus Fragment, you know anything about that?
  16. Okapi32

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    Silver keys were part of an old event on a Russian server that was sponsored by some company, think they were just reskinned red boxes or something similar.
    Prometheus Fragment is the key used to open the booty boxes during the Prometheus event (starts 14th of this month, runs for 2 weeks), I think they're payment only.
  17. Ok, thanks for the info :)
  18. My dream will become a real thing.
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  19. Uncas23

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    This could be good. But with the current drop rate of aurus it's meaningless. I don't think that any account owns 10 aurus at the moment. XD
    I don't know... Isn't the dev team informed about the material drop rates? They keep on putting stuff into assembly on nonsense prizes.
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