[SC] Unstable LF-4 vs LF-4 video

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Bounty_Hunter_of_Eic, Jan 29, 2017.

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  1. So I saw this video(I forgot where I first saw it)below, made by an admin and the results are quite close, what do you guys think?
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  2. •»Яoŷαℓ~Jαмεs«*1* also posted >this< Video recently which I feel is worth watching through but back to this thread... I see the blurb/stats for the Unstable and cannot see how it can be better....
    "Unstable LF-4 Laser
    Is a new laser, with an average damage similar to LF-4 with more Unstable numbers (the damage variance is higher than the regular LF4; some shots will deal less damage than average, some others will deal more).


    • Base damage: 220
    • Variance value: 42%
    The rest of the values are the same as for the regular LF-4:
    • Range: 600
    • Hit chance: 80%
    • Cool down: 1 second"
    let us consider if you had one u-LF4 it should be possible to hit higher than 200 and see the difference but if you have 15 then they would average out with some high and others low... the 42% variance to my understanding is only down from 220 thus a lower figure of ~130 (average ~180) or if Im wrong 220 +variance might reach over 300 or is 220 the mid point giving 21% up or down... the stats dont explain to me and the average would be a good addition for clarification...

    My understanding was that this new class of laser was to help the non-UFE by allowing them to gain something better than an LF3... and if the average is ~180 (as I guess it must be)then this is correct, though I would say the Fissure gate itself is not by any means easier than Kappa, Zeta or Epsilon...

    If, as they give in the stats, the Hit chance is the same as an LF4 then how can the u-LF4 regularly beat the LF4 unless the variance on the standard LF4 is great and allows this
  3. -ЩarΛnt-

    -ЩarΛnt- User

    We can only compare if we know the variance on the standard LF-4.
    But in answer to your question, the laser will not hit above the 220.
    None of the lasers hit above their specified damage, "because they miss some shots"
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