[SC] what's the next step?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ==DURACELL==[ICF], Mar 1, 2020.

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  1. So at the moment i'm :
    All the auction ships/designs
    full havoc apis/zeus
    My question for you guys is what should i focus on next?
    Palladium collecting is not an option as 2 clans have monopoly over 5-3 map, and at this rate it takes about 7-8 minutes of shooting to kill an attend(minimum).
    I don't have premium and with the fact that bot'ters rule the server i play on , i don't intend to spend any real money on this game.
    I have 30 PP placed in the bio up to now.
    I would really appreciate some feedback.
  2. More Prometheus lasers trough shooting Impluses, not Attends they take way to much ammo and are a waste.

    Getting hercules/spartan Drones would be good. (Playing kappa gates)

    And getting all the Equipment (Aps, Zeus, Iris, and Prometheus lasers) up to lvl 16.

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