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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Sep 12, 2016.

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hi everyone,

    In addition to the ship balancing update (feedback for that) the dev team are also looking for feedback regarding the scatter lasers & fusion shields and would love to hear from you on that as well

  2. The recipes are too expensive and the drop rate for the materials is too low.
    Why the scatter laser have a shorter range? It has a smaller DPS. It would be more interesting if the scatter laser INCREASE your laser range, but it would have only e.g. 140 damage.

    I can't see a good target group. Ufe will still take LF4 instead of Scatter, under Ufe can use their time better instead trying to craft some scatters.

    I'm disappointed that they only "add" some boring stats. More shield regeneration? I'm not too lazy for waiting some seconds more. There are tons of other stats which could be implanted (dodge chance, % damage reduction, or just simple: more shield).
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  3. fusion shield 3 shield /hull dmg spread is 0/100 in my pet, though Im not sure if the 2 other fusion shields have those bugs too and if it only happen when equipped to pet
  4. -Corex-

    -Corex- User

    Scrap drop rate is almost Inexistence this is ridiculous, You guys should increase it definitelly
    The Assembly Component requirements for the "Scatter Laser 3" are too expensive specially for the "Hybrid Processor", I think instead of 3 'H-HP' change it to '1' and the "Prismatic Socket" Should be '3' Instead of '5'

    The rest is fine.
  5. 20 schism crystal where delta gives 6 of them,kuiper gives 8,and kronos gives 10..Event lasts two weeks so how do you expect people who do not spend so much money to do 4 deltas for one laser,or 3 kuiper,or two kronos?This should be reduced to 5 schism crystal or something so everyone can get a chance to craft it and to craft as many as possible.At this rate I mind as well take my money somewhere else...
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  6. I put a lot money in game but this is impossible.
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  7. Scatter laser can only benefit fast ships like Tartarus or Pusat/Lightning..I don't see any usage of scatter lasers in Goliath. Simple : Goliath equipped with Scatter laser and Tartarus on the edge on his range pounding with lf4?hehe. OR Goliath with LF4 and Tartarus coming in and leaving out of range every 6-7 sec...What can I say...Just calculate 150 + 150 dmg + upg lvl 16 + targeting guidance... Equip Tartarus with half of fast regenerating shields and add buster... There is no survival for Goli in PvP maps. I see that upgrades are benefiting only fast ships. From other hand player needs to be excellent to stay in proper range. LF4 is damaging min 200 every sec. Possible is to equip on ship only 5 Scatters,and be ready to sacrifice difference of 250 dmg per sec( Scatter vs lf4) if enemy is out of range.
  8. SauronL

    SauronL User

    Nothing changes for me, im ufe player. And im not goin for scatter lasers , i bought 30 fusion shields and i regretted it immediately, They might be good upgraded but im hella lazy to upgrade em ill rather go and upgrade some base mods they r actually more useful i think.
  9. Here's my 2 cent's. Put the new ore in all gates. cut it from 20 to 10. even 10 is still crazy to get. and also remove a couple parts in the crafting. looking at a 600-800k uri per sl-3 thats also upgraded with a 30% rebate. ouch
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  10. crazytoon

    crazytoon User

    LMAO ..kill over 200 siamons and didnt get even 1 scrap >>>REALLY CRAPPY DARKORBIT
  11. Đesαnn

    Đesαnn User

    Well, we have many facts with these new ítems..

    1. It seems that those lasers were built for speed ships like tartarus. (Ships that can counter against the distance disadvantage)

    2. The new lasers are very good, and VERY CLOSER to an LF-4, I calculated many things yesterday:


    First fact: The first shoot with SL03 is always powered with the "damage boost" from Scatter. So it means that the first shoot has "300 damage points". (Lets calculate all supposing that they always have the best damage)

    Comparison with LF-4 in "11" seconds. (DPS) (DAMAGE PER SECOND)

    First shoot. Second "0" (invisible second) > 300. (first power shoot)

    Second 1. 150
    Second 2. 150
    Second 3. 150
    Second 4. 150
    Second 5. 300 (power shoot)
    Second 6. 150
    Second 7. 150
    Second 8. 150
    Second 9. 150
    Second 10. (the last second) 300. (last power shoot)

    TOTAL: 2.100. (Again, supposing that they won't fail any shoot)

    Same with LF-4.

    200 X 11 (Seconds) > 2.200

    The difference are just 100 damage points.

    I know that the laser can just a calculation to compare them.

    Second fact: The "charge time". I know that all is working correctly (Or thats my perspective)...However; we have something with the charge time.

    What happen if you get a "fail" in the fifth shoot? (using an scatter)

    Nothing; the sixth shoot will be powered with the implicit damage.

    This puts the new laser more closely to an LF-4...both can fail, but if the SL-03 fails, there is nothing "important" because in the next second the shoot will have more power.

    Third fact: RSB-75.

    The RSB-75 makes de Scatter stronger than LF-4...only if you use the RSB-75 at the right moment..



    300 (damage points with potentiation from scatter) x6 (RSB) = 1800

    200 (normal damage from LF-4) X6 (RSB) = 1200.

    Summary: They are super-closer to an LF-4...I don't know if there is a bug...but people is so excited with the new lasers, they're talkin about combos (300.000) with moth formation...

    Thank you for reading.
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  12. oTiKio

    oTiKio User

    Don't know for your server but on mine they do around 350-370k dmg with drill in combos so lets say 150k are whites kk now take 25% of 150k its 30k x 10 sec its 300k dmg now lets see ( we will not gonna talk about the range since its obvious 1vs1 the lf4 will just kite you )120k x 10 its 1.2 mill ( now if we go by your math we have 10 sec 3 hits 120k 120k 120k = 1.2mill + 360k = 1mill 560k in other words this new lasers are better dmg from the lf4 since they are only 1.5)( now from a pro pvp player which im not but here are the facts 25% less range they can kite you every sec counts so till you wait and time everything perfect the enemy still have more combos and dmg )and lets be honest who will spend 200-300k uri for a laser + millions on upgrade when a pro player with only lf3 can kite you ??
  13. Ive been a ufe for a very long time and spent thousands on this game, but ive started doing things without spend and so far I havent been able to get a single SL-03. I've play about 4 hours every day and these laser are EXTREMELY hard to get without money. if it could just be half as expensive I would feel like i might get a few but it would still be very difficult.
  14. Regarding the SL III, unless we check a set up with fully upgraded can't really know their potential. Making the math isn't just good enough for me, I've seen a lot of items that the math state one and in game I see otherwise. As for the shields, their power is lower than the classic BO2 but with higher regeneration. Now, since shields in this game do not regenerate while taking damage, I don't see the real profit. Moving away from an enemy formation to both rep. and regen. shields, the BO2 can do that [yes at a slightly lower rate] but a shield regen booster [specially if double boosted] can do it too.

  15. Lets don't use an utterly virtual term in a virtual world, UFE, yes I have all the gear that corresponds to that "term" but that is not the issue. Like I said in my initial post, most of the players do not have [yet] a full lf4 set up and in particular at level 16. Introducing new lazers isn't the best and specially right now with all the issues the game is dealing with. Of course along with the game, like it or not we need to deal with these issues our selves. In fact, the major impact comes to us.

    To be honest, I got 1 SL III from the "Assembly" and haven't bought any hardware with cash or uridium for that matter, but its just one lol.

    I've seen a lot of speculations regarding these lazers, some say they are somewhere between lf3 and lf4. In my opinion to assess the new SLs need to equip a ship with the amount needed, depending on every player's preferences, and upgrade them to level 16. Then and only then we can talk about these guns and where exactly they stand. I have the feeling they are way different from what some may believe. As for them being "salty" price wise, well....if they are to replace the lf4 I'd say they are cheap given the fact that gathering the hardware can be build at the assembly. The lf4 was and continue to be available only on a % that no one knows what that is.
  16. I agree that we need a full set in order to fully evaluate their performance but I am not sure about them being cheap. You have to do 20 gates, 10 on double gate day, in order to get the parts for just 1 of them in assembly. So lets see 20(10) x 45(46) = a lot of uri/pally/boxing. In my mind, it would take longer to get them than it would for LF4 in gates, but I could be wrong.

    With the end goal for everyone being to get the LF4, it does seem odd to introduce something that is not as strong, but I am not sure that this was a bad idea. In the end, you spend time hunting players that are not in game anymore, doing special events, gates, and then of course the cubes. But as you are getting to that point, its nice to have something stronger in order to kill BK, BL, and Sibs with. I am using the SL1, and must say I am happy with the results I am seeing from a credit laser. It does not seem to take as long to grind through the NPC's and that should make anyone happy. Less time means more credits for me (with my game plan) and more uridium made for everyone in the same amount of time. New players need something with more ump as they are working their way up to the LF4, and lets face it, getting to UFE status takes time, a lot of it. That said, this was a good time to bring in this kind of weaponry. Truth be told, it needed to be done years ago, and it took a new transfer in order to get it done.

  17. Not sure whether the SL I, II, III were implemented to fill the gap between new players/non "ufe" and the lf4. One thing's certain, unless I see and test a full SL III at level 16 cant have an opinion. Feedback from a solid player that can be trusted or tested by my self. Nothing was announced about the SLs other than the basic info. Its not the first time I see this here, and the description of all items at the shop speak very little. To be honest, I'm not willing to pay that amount of cash just to create a full set up to test. Grind the thing, no thank you.
  18. I will grant you that they didn't really get any information out before it was in game. They did touch on it a little in a twitch feed when they transfered the new guy, but stress the word touch as after he put it out, the dev tried to keep him from giving out too much information, keeping with the normal "don't tell the players anything." Not a dig, just the way they do Twitch. Personally I am not sure why they bother with Twitch in the first place. Its a poorly produced advertisement venue for what is coming up. Anyways, then they just happened to have the test server open with no advance warning anywhere that I remember. I was just doing my transfers around different servers and was like, oh, test server is open. At that time, you could get the SL3 for credits, so when it came to this event, I am lost as to why it is this way. Going back though, when the new guy mentioned the scatter lasers, he did mention it as a way to take care of npc missions easier for those without full FL4. I am with you on the full set test though. I am working on upgrading the SL1 for my own purposes but don't expect to have it done for over 2 years as its all credit upgrades and 26 takes billions of credits. Not going to happen by the end of the year, no way no how. I don't see players doing much with them once the event is over with.

  19. I see what you mean about the Twitch but regardless, before implementing an item I would like to see some solid info on it. Something that BP has never done with ANY items, just a brief and at times in error description at the shop and everything else should go trial and error. I was hoping at some point that issue, proper info, would change and anything new implemented [even the older items for the sake of new players for matter] would have had a detailed description.

    I've tried the SK III, I have just one, but I really cant evaluate it.
  20. I think they are scarred to say too much. They get hounded for not giving enough, and are terrified to put out more. Maybe one day they will get a Marketing guru hired to give good descriptions of various items. I think I will check BP job openings to see if they are even looking in that direction.
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