Scatter Laser & Fusion Shields

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Sep 12, 2016.

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  1. i have all 35 SL-03 at lvl 16. and they are a big joke. a big waste of money. less range and damage then lf4. all i can say positive about it is. i like the purple laser shot. and the purple glowing laser ports on the ship. the new lasers need a major over haul. Right know they are NOT worth building. save the parts and the URI. LF4's are still KING.

    US East 1
  2. You worked hard and fast for that big joke. Can you give us any other information on the performance?
  3. THX bro on info,btw i not trust nothing from BP,they just pull money and do nothing good for players.Seams those new guys just try to take money back wht they give for game,but i believe this not take long bcs all servers with new day have less players.
  4. I have seen lots of posts on the new lazers and we were told they were not as strong as an lf4 so just trying to understand why if you were full lf4 would you upgrade 35 of them just to be disappointed in the end. We were also told the range wasn't as good and these were more for the up and coming ufe's. Just like the new shields i want to do a study on them for myself so am upgrading only 2 of them to check them out for myself before i go ahead and upgrade any more. Also there are more new lazers coming in 2 weeks i want to know how they fair the the other new lazers. Enjoy

  5. Many thanks for the feedback, I've said it many times, there can't be a clear evaluation of the SLs unless a full set up and fully upgraded is tested.

    Although you must have had a huge cost collecting and upgrading them, must say that BP made it right. Since the introduction of the LF 4, it has become the symbol of the "ultimate gun" and since many players are not even near a full set up, introducing a new more powerful gun would make lot of players leave.

    Some1 described the SLs as mid range weapons, more for NPC and for the players that do not have the LF4s.

    Really sorry for your disappointment [and you losses for that matter], thanks again for the feedback.

    I saw several posts regarding the SLs but none of them convinced me, personally only a full set up of SLs and fully upgraded would clear the matter. ★Jonnyc1972™[₮ẵ₲.] done it the same way I would, that was THE only way.

    Btw, you've mentioned new lazers coming, could you give us some more info if this tip is based on solid grounds ?
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  6. Halloween 2016 Breaking news:

    Greetings Space Pilots,

    Come and celebrate the return of the Halloween event. With even spookier goings on:

    • The terrifying Tunnel of Terror is back!
    • Enjoy ghoulishly good new Halloween drone designs, the Ghostifier Item, the Pumpkin Boxes and the Ghost NPC.
    • The haunting Halloween specific titles are available again!
    But that’s not all!

    We’re adding the following eerie new content:

    • New Item: Spectral Lancer Lasers (does additional damage against aliens)
    • New permanent recipes: Short Term Boosters (1h versions)
    • Chimera, Phantom, Mirage and Enigma Blaze, Borealis and Sandstorm designs (only available during the event)
    • Some seriously, satisfying Booty Box reward changes.
    The event starts on the 17th of October 2016, 0:00h LST and ends on October, 31st, 23:59h LST.1

  7. Thanks for the heads up :)

    I just hope there wont be a chaos with the new stuff just like the Hitac event....
  8. I am awaiting these new guns as they will be good once again for those who don't have all LF4, but hope we get some solid feedback for the performance and not just "35 upgraded to level 16 and they are a big joke." I am using SL1, now at level 3 and they are exactly what up and comers need as they work their way through to LF4. They handle a lot of the npc's that are out there with ease. Of course most players will only use the different lasers at level 1 since the golden DO Rule is only to upgrade LF4. For anyone that is already UFE, I don't know why you would bother with anything less in the first place. However if you are like me and want to play outside the box, this is the way to go. I personally don't see the point in spending any money trying to get or upgrade these lasers/shields but you know players, can't stand the thought of someone beating them to the punch. I await these next lasers arrival. I have a 2nd bigboy on standby for them.
  9. I am full lf4's and i am not upgrading or buying any of the new lasers but am upgrading a couple of the new shields just so i can see how much they will help for faster regeneration and that's it. I agree with what PSK~SUNDANCE says i already have all upgraded B-O2's and lf4's so don't think i will waist any uridium on these new items. Also one has to think if they upgrade the new lasers and shields you will eventually get the lf4's and B-O2's are you gonna be willing to spend more on upgrading the better equipment or should you just stay on the original path to get all lf4's and B-O2's and just upgrade them. Sure for lower level players would be easier to get the new ones also even use the new ones till you get the ones you want, just don't waist uridium on upgrading them. Enjoy
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  10. bubuletz

    bubuletz User

    My experience : I bought 14 SL1 , from Shop , put it on a Venge : config 1 - 10 SL1 + 4SL1 on drones , config 2 :10 LF3 + 4 SL1 on drones . In x-3 , devo and boss mordons died maybe a little bit faster on config 1 , than on config 2 . I tried kiting , its somewhat possible. In x-7 , i tried kiting a Kristallon . On config. 1 ... 0 success on kiting . I think these lasers are only good in Lower maps ,until u get full LF3 or some LF4 . Even with SL3 dmg and upgrade posibility , no kiting is possible , at least in Upper maps , where npc have a bigger firing range . I also tried mixing lasers , 5 LF3 + 5 SL1 , or all SL1 on drones . With mixed lasers , you can kite , but the SL1 damage is delivered only if you get close enough . For now , I only keep SL1 on pet ,what*s where it can do most good . The new shields are useless , in my oppinion , because of lower shield ammount and because with good kiting you can recharge shields fast , in PVE , so not worth the upgrade.
  11. IMO the normal shield regeneration is fast enough. They should creating a shield, which allows you to repair your HP faster. I would buy a full set of these generators. After being destroyed looking at the slowly charging HP bar is too boring.
  12. The Scatter Lasers were never intended as a flat out replacement for LF-4's.
    They are more readily available than an LF-4 which makes them an attractive alternate for those not able to accumulate an LF-4 stockpile very quickly.
    For most NPC quests, gates, the non-Uber ships will benefit from them.
  13. Kyro

    Kyro User

    Yah, needing to do 100+ kuipers(even more than that if aren't gauranteed to get schism crystals as gate reward anymore) plus all the materials need is "more readily available" than LF4's... Oh sorry you probably didn't mean SL-3... But lets have a look at SL-1/SL-2: Firstly SL-1 is only 12.5 more damage a shot than LF-2 in long run* and SL-2 are 15 less dmg than LF-3's... Is 25% less range aka harder maybe depending on alien to circle(good luck with BK's) worth that 15 extra damage? And you may aswell just bid on LF-3's if you're looking at SL-2.

    The only way would make sense to use them is if you go in and out to just shoot when you're going to get the extra damage, on aliens that makes no sense it will just take longer to pop aliens... I suppose may benefit from SL-1 if all have at moment is LF-2 and if wont need to circle aliens or even with 25% less range aliens want to pop can still circle. SL-2... are useless looking at unless for whatever reason you have 80 or so Nano cases laying about and still not full/near full lf-3.

    Lets assume first shot you do is one with extra damage, then the next 4 shots are normal shots. If you spread the extra damage over the shot that had extra damage and the next 4 shots you can work out damage difference roughly(assuming after 4th normal shot extra damage shot is ready again, I've not messed about with them that much yet so not 100% sure), of course just base estimates but thats what base what I said on.

    (though if have 5 normal shots untill next extra damage is ready then damage they do is even less, maybe someone can confirm this. I'm not too bothered since I wont use them in that way so I'll only find out when or if I get mah SL-3)

    So while sure you may benfit from them in certain situations popping aliens but it's minimal, spectral laser are what you want for popping aliens people will just have to hope they don't mess the cost of them up like scatter laser. Though hopefully it is still guaranteed to get schism crystals off gates and the wording used in faq was a mistake/they thought about it again, otherwise even on dbl gg depending what chances are now could still be looking up to 100 kuipers even on dbl gg... Pft what a joke.
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  14. Yes, that is true about the schism crystals. Seems to be a trade-off because the LF-4's are not a guaranteed reward from gates. Both gates referred to are costly for the uridium lean players. Also, yes, I was referring to all 3 types of scatter lasers. If one cannot get the uri to do gates, then piece-mealing scatter lasers of any type is useful. Slightly shorter range, but a burst of extra damage every once in a while is not bad. The range difference is an average between scatter and non-scatter.
    Not a big deal. It gives some variety.
    Try to enjoy it.
  15. So I noticed that in this feedback thread there were only a few points or no discussed about Fusion Shield.

    Actually I just started calculating shield regeneration today.

    I found out that:

    1. Normal shield regen rate is 4% of total current shieldsper second.
    2. Each Fusion Shield 3 only adds 0.25% regen rate (it is 6.25% more of the 4% basic Shield regen, as 4*6.25% = 0.25%) to the basic 4% of total shields per second and not plain 6.25%.
    3. The Shield Regen Rate of shields equipped on your ships and drones adds up but the PET does not and only for itself.

    Shield on ShipShield on DronesHave an Additional Shield Regen Boost?
    NoneNoneNo Shields :p
    NoneBo2No (Basic 4% only)
    NoneFS3Yes [4% + (0.25%*x numbers of FS-3 equipped on drones)]
    Bo2NoneNo (Basic 4% only)
    Bo2Bo2No (Basic 4% only)
    Bo2FS3Yes [4% + (0.25%*x numbers of FS-3 equipped on ship)]
    FS3NoneYes [4% + (0.25%*x numbers of FS-3 equipped on ship)]
    FS3Bo2Yes [4% + (0.25%*x numbers of FS-3 equipped on ship)]
    FS3FS3Yes [4% + (0.25%*x numbers of FS-3 equipped on ship and Drones)]

    Calculation of shield regen per second and total shield regen time:

    Shield Regen per sec = Total current shields x (4% + R )
    "R" pertains to the regen boost if you have and FS equipped. See the table above for reference.

    Total Shield Regen Time = Total Shields / Shield Regen per sec.
    Note that the result you will get is the total time it takes for your shield to fully regen from " zero "

    Also note that in some instances the values may be a bit high or low bu not that much, this is because some decimal values were round off to whole numbers.

    Here is a sample calculation on a goliath ship with 2 types of shields equipped to the ship shields slot:

    Here you will see that a goliath with 15x FS3 will full regen its shield from zero within 13 sec with the expense of -54516 shields while it takes 25 sec to full regen a full 15x Bo2.

    Note that the multipliers that I used in this calculations were the shield mechanics which is just level 4 (18%) , the seprom generator boost + 40% , and spectrum shield boost +10%. Also all shield were not upgraded.

    A good combination of FS3 and Bo2 will be better depending on your style of gaming.

    Moreover Fusion Shield is best when equipped to a fast ship (Tartarus, Pusat, V-lightning, Spearhead) so that you could escape easily, regen within seconds and then strike again.
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  16. Moe

    Moe User

    I do appreciate a clean chart. Very clear and of immediate use. ty
  17. You're welcome, thanks. Anyway I tried to calculate the shield regen with all fusion shields in Goliath (15) + Apis , Zeus , x8 Iris Drones (20) and the result would be around 8 seconds of shield regen. For Citadel with max of 40 FS3, the shield regen time is around 7 seconds.
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  18. SkillOnly

    SkillOnly User

    I tested Spectral Lancer II aka SLL-02 it actually helps to get ahead faster it costs 300.000 credits and good PVE dmg 145 dmg, however PVP sucks 90 dmg. But since newb should avoid PVP good trade IMHO.

  19. Spectral lancer lasers were bugged the time I tested the SLL 2 in which the damage it deals to the NPC is the same as the damage it deals to players Could you confirm that this has been fixed? Best thing to fix this to equip 1 laser to ship and test to NPC (I wouldn't recommmend to test it to players hehe ;) )
  20. hushing

    hushing User

    Negative. It is haven't been fixed as today.
    I conculude the test in my configuration damage will be :

    SLL-02Equipped on Ship OnlyMy maximum damage Equipped on Ship OnlyActual Damage Equipped on Ship OnlyMy maximum damage Equipped on Drones OnlyActual Damage
    Equipped on Drones Only
    Damage to NPC145242182-239282136-172
    Damage to Players90150175
    The Regeneration bonus for Fusion Shields is haven't been fixed also.
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