Scatter Laser & Fusion Shields

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Sep 12, 2016.

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  1. Yep I stated in my post that Fusion Shields does not add 6.25% Shield regeneration out of combat but only 0.25% which will be added to the default 4% Shield Regen.
  2. Please increase/add Scatter lasers in normal Booty keys or decrease the costs, I must spend more Uri on Scatter for crafting than Uri on LF4. That's illogical.
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    that was ultra obvious. honestly, ever since i unfroze myself for the bday gates, i saw the new lasers and they are godawful, even the "alien-only" ones, hell, my full lf3 build is better than a full of any new lasers (and they are level 0 upgrade). wait bigpoint bring the *-04 version of these, they might sound good...
  4. So I did some new testings and calculations regarding the Fusion Shield 3 (green text and below) with the one I previously tested (below table and yellow text)

    Just to give you an idea about the shield regen rate with FS3 mixed with Bo2.


    Note that the multipliers that I used in this calculations were the shield mechanics which is just level 4 (18%) , the seprom generator boost + 40% , and spectrum shield boost +10%. Also all shield were not upgraded.
    Also these shields were only put on ship's generator slot (goliath/15 slots) and will have different values when put on all drones (20 slots) with full hecules, max shield mechanics, and double shield booster, or even when put on a citadel with 20 generator slots.


    I also did another calculation with all FS3 on ships and drones but not that the drones and the shields are not upgraded nor I have any shield booster/regen boosters or hercules.
    It just include the max shield mechanics (25%), Spectrum shield bonus (10%), and seprom generator boost (40%).


    Also the regen rate will just be affected by the number of FS3 on your ships/drones and not by the shield power you have. Meaning the Surgeon with 16 gens will just have 7.7 (8 sec) regen same with any goli and the citadel with 20 gens will have 7.1 (7 sec ) regen which is just 1 sec less than a goli.

    Any ship with shield but no FS3 will have a base 4% shield regen and regen time of 25 secs.

    I have to check if a regen booster does increases the total regen % by 25% or only adds to the regen rate. I will update this after I test it out.

    Update: I completed my testing and here is the result.


    Also Surgeon with regen booster is also around 6 seconds and citadel is at 5.71 (6 secs too).

    If the Shield Regen booster 2 would to be calculated normally with regen booster 1. The calculation should be be that the goliath, surgeon, and citadel will just take 5 sec full shield regen. :)

    Also Here is a Full FS3 vs Full Bo2 and a Difference Table


    Full Bo2 just mainly benefit from the larger shield power while Full FS3 benefits with quicker shield regen. Full FS3 is at best when used with fast ships such as Tartarus. Attack>Run>Regen>Attack XD
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