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Discussion in 'General Issues' started by The Red Baron, Feb 8, 2024.

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  1. err. ok. that, that, that. easypeasy :)
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  2. **silver**

    **silver** User

    unbeliavable.....season pass still don't work and don't fixed.....ahahahahah...last time i spend 400k uri for this garbage!!!!!
  3. why season pass dont work? :(
  4. If they are not gonna fix season pass why not give us our uri back???
  5. **silver**

    **silver** User

    i have completed my battlepass objectives and season pass don't have registered it.....1 week and season pass is not fixed......DO have stole my 400k i have said,is the last time i waste 400k uri for this garbage "event"...this is a event useless,totally useless,,,,and DO is worst day by words add.......^^ ridicolous.....
  6. 166545338
  7. Here is a thought. Its been a week and a half of missed progress on the season pass I paid for. My son who did not pay or my wife who did not pay can see the missions.

    It looks to me like adding 'gate excursions' and the other money grab links are the problem as you added the uri reroll knowing no one that is ACTUALLY playing the game is popping off 10 galaxy gates a day. Seriously how many players are doing that? So you added the reroll. Just like the other grabs that just has angered and alienated players.

    Whats the update or the plan? Can someone that works in support respond to a major issue?

    Ok, So I see the season pass show up today. What is the plan for the 7 days I lost where I could not build my pass?
    Any updates?
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  8. Bombard

    Bombard User

    I deleted my own article,
    coming to the conclusion that it took me this long to understand,
    that the reason was my own carelessness.. my apologies for this.
    Happy game time y'all
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  9. Any news on compensation for those of us that PAID for the season pass and were unable to actually you know USE it for 7+ days?

    So far its crickets
  10. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hi -=MarcVenture=-,

    If you (or anyone else) feels they have not been compensated for this issue, please reach out to support for assistance. This is not something we can solve for you here in the forums and support will need to review the account and compensation lists in order to assist you.

    Closing this thread as this is now a support matter and we're not able to assist any further from the forums. There is a link to contact support in my signature below should anyone need it.

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