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    This section is for all clan discussions, and for posting information to promote/advertise your clan.

    * Polls are NOT PERMITTED in this section.

    * If you are advertising information about your clan, you MUST use the title format below:
    (xxx) yyyy yyyy yyyy [zzzz]

    (xxx) = Server code. Including the () brackets.
    yyyy = Exact name of your clan as it appears on the Clan page.
    [zzzz] = Exact Clan TAG. Including the [] brackets.

    (GB2) My Clan [MYCL]
    (US1) Your Clan [YRCL]
    (GA3) Just Another Clan [JACL]

    External links are not permitted, but you may include a single image in your post if you wish.

    Server Codes
    GB1 = Great Britain
    GB2 = Great Britain 2

    GE1 = Global Europe
    GE2 = Global Europe 2
    GE3 = Global Europe 3
    GE4 = Global Europe 4
    GE5 = Global Europe 5
    GE6 = Global Europe 6
    GE7 = Global Europe 7

    US1 = USA (East Coast)
    US2 = USA (West Coast)
    US3 = USA 2 (East Coast)
    US4 = USA 3 (East Coast)

    GA1 = Global America
    GA2 = Global America 2
    GA3 = Global America 3
    GA4 = Global America 4
    GA5 = Global America 5

    All other Forum Rules apply as standard.
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