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    This section is for posting ideas/suggestions to create or alter features of the game.

    Update and Ideal Pool Posting Guidelines:
    1. Post and Ideas, however to make changes please edit the post rather than re-posting.

    2. Players posting on others players ideas. Please be courteous when posting and follow the Forum Guidelines. Players will be infracted for flaming or inappropriate content as well as using this section to boost post counts

    3. Player using multiple forums account to boost the post counts will be infracted for spam via the forums guidelines.

    4. Threads that are inactive for 30 days or more will be closed. If the Original Poster wants a thread re-open they will need to post in the Tech section requesting reopening of their thread, using the following Title [Reopen] "Thread Name"

    5. Threads which raise a duplicate idea will either be merged or deleted, at a Moderator's discretion. Please check existing threads or use the search facilities before creating a new thread.

    6. Polls are NOT PERMITTED in this section.

    Ideas that have previously offered can be found on the UPDATE & IDEA INDEX.

    * There are no guarantees that any suggestions made here will become live features. You may not receive any credit/benefit for ideas which are implemented into the game.

    All other Forum Rules apply as standard.

    We need your help to keep this section clean and easy, so the Admins and coders can find your ideas and suggestions with less work and can decide which ideas have a future.

    Please read the Section Rules before posting.

    You have a new idea:
    -Good this is what we want to see, but first things first...
    -Make sure someone else hasn't already had the same brainwave as you.

    Posting Threads:
    - Try making your thread as clear as possible.
    - If you decide to refine your idea - Change it in the original post
    - Give a detailed description of for your idea
    - Make the title of your thread about what your idea is, this may get people interested in it and it is required.
    -Please also consider the plausibility of your idea -lag, ease to do e.t.c

    Things to remember about this section:
    - Post with common sense.
    - Ideas with lots of spam and getting bad attitude in them will get closed.
    - Posts which just say: "I hate this, don't do it" - "it sucks", etc, will be considered as spam and deleted.
    - Always post a reason why it would/would not work
    - If you want to suggest a change to the OP's(Original Posters) idea, then do so in a nice manner.
    - Repeated same answers will be considered as spam and deleted.
    - Off topic discussions are not allowed and will be considered as spam and deleted.
    - Full quoting of posts is not allowed (it's really bad if you have to pass the same endless post 3-4-5 times)

    -Polls/Voting in this section are NOT allowed and will be deleted without question.
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