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  1. The last few days my shields and generators have been saying 1 min even tho i had over 500k on them , now i have come online today i havent got any left on shields and still 1 min on generators ?
  2. Ddraig

    Ddraig bp_phrase_Forum_General

    Hi βΛŖβΞŖ™,

    This is a know visual issue and has been reported to support to be looked into and fixed.

    The issue appears to be strictly a visual glitch and i don't believe you would have lost any of the minutes you had on them. If you were to add some promerium / seprom to your shields and generators then momentarily you will see how many actual minutes you have before it switches to show that you have only 1 minute.

    I am sorry for any inconvenience this issue may cause you, hopefully a solution to this issue will be found soon. Since this issue has been reported in multiple threads, to prevent any further spam and repetition, i shall close this thread. If you have any further information on the issue then please post in the other threads that have been created on this issue.


    /closing as multiple thread
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