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  1. Well great job each morning on server restart, there is a bug every day after restart.
    Either my ship can't change config or can't change ammo.
    Or like today logged in after restart flew out from base started to kill aliens and game logs me out in the middle of killing something now I can't log back in.

    The client needs to be fixed or come out with something else or is the game team done and there will be no more updates on this very bad client?

    I really think players would appreciate 60 fps over any other new laser, ship, gear!!!

    Also if you cleaned up the cheaters a bit, if bots really must stay ok but the au-to lockers and players who can hit instantly after you emp those bugs need to be fixed.
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  2. If only they could lock the connection to the servers to *ONLY* their client.
    The new things in game fight better than the players now.