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    To get this thread going I have reposted my 2 sets of server data for all server I have access to showing the change in Company Members Numbers for 2 consecutive 6 month periods.

    Not this data only shows the number of Members as show in each Server Company stats. The actual number of players adding any EP each week is significantly less. ( around 15%-20% of Company Members numbers )

    Data for all servers we have access to for 01/11/13

    Total Company Stats numbers ( see Table below ) =
    Total accounts with any EP
    ................... = 578,857 ... -209,135 or -27% So 27% of Company Members accounts have Zero EP
    Total accounts Level 2 or above
    ............. = 501,574 ... -286,418 or -36% So 10% of Company Members accounts have between 1 to 10,000 EP only.

    Then using GB1 data the number of players adding EP in a 7 day period is around 25% of the level 2 and above quantity. That equates to about 125k Accounts in total adding any EP in 7 days on all these 58 servers.

    Below is the server Company Members Data for Apr 2013 to Nov 2013

    Server19/04/1301/11/13Change% change
    Great Britain9,8698,595-1,274-13%
    Great Britain 29,1486,043-3,105-34%
    Germany 210,72810,199-529-5%
    Germany 310,3188,072-2,246-22%
    Germany 48,6638,433-230-3%
    Germany 514,3017,229-7,072-49%
    Germany 614,1227,632-6,490-46%
    Germany 713,35210,007-3,345-25%
    Spain 215,52410,235-5,289-34%
    Spain 310,2477,772-2,475-24%
    Spain 414,1418,519-5,622-40%
    France 210,86611,2073413%
    France 314,3859,459-4,926-34%
    France 414,86610,327-4,539-31%
    Scandinavia 12,9909,859-3,131-24%
    Global Europe 51,50538,889-12,616-24%
    Global Europe 215,63813,772-1,866-12%
    Global Europe 313,41313,8924794%
    Global Europe 419,13215,348-3,784-20%
    Global Europe 519,22515,420-3,805-20%
    Global Europe 620,39712,542-7,855-39%
    Global Europe 719,80014,906-4,894-25%
    Italy 28,2496,693-1,556-19%
    Italy 39,2627,191-2,071-22%
    USA (East Coast)14,74711,552-3,195-22%
    Brazil 117,05918,3691,3108%
    Global America26,88222,004-4,878-18%
    Global America 2 21,77917,313-4,466-21%
    Global America 3 22,08714,596-7,491-34%
    Global America 5 30,11827,035-3,083-10%
    USA 2 (East Coast) 9,2097,033-2,176-24%
    USA 3 (East Coast) 10,7077,635-3,072-29%
    Czech Republic 15,41316,3709576%
    Czech Republic 213,16412,164-1,000-8%
    Czech Republic 322,09211,086-11,006-50%
    Hungary 120,16318,397-1,766-9%
    Poland 214,90613,160-1,746-12%
    Poland 315,06414,078-986-7%
    Russia 213,12310,447-2,676-20%
    Russia 316,9199,384-7,535-45%
    Russia 418,1969,129-9,067-50%
    Russia 511,7419,272-2,469-21%
    Russia 611,3069,269-2,037-18%
    Turkey 232,76821,378-11,390-35%
    Turkey 316,31920,0253,70623%
    Turkey 433,73622,415-11,321-34%
    Turkey 518,14520,8132,66815%
    Turkey 618,81720,2451,4288%
    Global America 411,5458,643-2,902-25%
    Mexico 127,78424,723-3,061-11%
    USA (West Coast) 13,72410,421-3,303-24%
    Below is the server Company Members Data for Oct 2012 to Apr 2013
    Server23/10/1219/04/13Change% change
    Great Britain14,6609,869-4,791-33%
    Great Britain 212,0929,148-2,944-24%
    Germany 217,22810,728-6,500-38%
    Germany 317,03710,318-6,719-39%
    Germany 415,0498,663-6,386-42%
    Germany 514,18514,3011161%
    Germany 613,73814,1223843%
    Germany 719,97013,352-6,618-33%
    Spain 219,58815,524-4,064-21%
    Spain 318,37410,247-8,127-44%
    Spain 418,37214,141-4,231-23%
    France 219,42810,866-8,562-44%
    France 318,70214,385-4,317-23%
    France 419,25114,866-4,385-23%
    Scandinavia 18,32012,990-5,330-29%
    Global Europe 66,54551,505-15,040-23%
    Global Europe 220,09515,638-4,457-22%
    Global Europe 316,99313,413-3,580-21%
    Global Europe 426,01719,132-6,885-26%
    Global Europe 528,75319,225-9,528-33%
    Global Europe 635,66520,397-15,268-43%
    Global Europe 732,08119,800-12,281-38%
    Italy 211,8968,249-3,647-31%
    Italy 312,9279,262-3,665-28%
    USA (East Coast)18,97514,747-4,228-22%
    Brazil 139,69417,059-22,635-57%
    Global America36,16826,882-9,286-26%
    Global America 2 29,99521,779-8,216-27%
    Global America 3 32,81622,087-10,729-33%
    Global America 5 37,07330,118-6,955-19%
    USA 2 (East Coast) 12,7519,209-3,542-28%
    USA 3 (East Coast) 14,32310,707-3,616-25%
    Czech Republic 22,88415,413-7,471-33%
    Czech Republic 222,03413,164-8,870-40%
    Czech Republic 320,87522,0921,2176%
    Hungary 124,09520,163-3,932-16%
    Poland 233,45214,906-18,546-55%
    Poland 332,26615,064-17,202-53%
    Russia 221,34913,123-8,226-39%
    Russia 328,70816,919-11,789-41%
    Russia 431,52618,196-13,330-42%
    Russia 520,84311,741-9,102-44%
    Russia 619,92711,306-8,621-43%
    Turkey 232,20032,7685682%
    Turkey 334,03416,319-17,715-52%
    Turkey 443,04233,736-9,306-22%
    Turkey 540,72418,145-22,579-55%
    Turkey 638,73218,817-19,915-51%
    Global America 415,68111,545-4,136-26%
    Mexico 134,40327,784-6,619-19%
    USA (West Coast) 18,38813,724-4,664-25%
  2. Wow, it seems like everyone is leaving.
  3. Very good work, you have my respect :) I think these data also shows how many bots were detected since start of your research, and now there are only fair players shown :)
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  4. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    Hi ❦Čοlεκ❧ Using GB1 data, we actually saw an increase in both Accounts with EP in the EP rank listing and active player ( accounts adding any ep in a 7 day period ) after the major bot ban, but since that time the numbers have dropped significantly again. below is my last post from the old forum showing the results.

    Below is the GB1 EP 7 Day data up to the 29/11/13.

    This data ( in the bottom chart )shows a significant increase in the number of accounts with EP ( after the major bot ban ), which peaked in August.
    We then saw a reasonably linear sharp decline, up to the the end of Nov. With a very slight increase over the last 4 weeks.

    The data also shows an increase in player numbers adding EP from around mid Aug. to the end of Sept.
    We then see a drop of around
    -14% on average during Oct and Nov.
    (Noting that the charts do not include any EP gain from accounts that did not show in the EP rank list on the previous week, but these accounts are not significant as they would show the following week if they continued to play. )

    With the number of accounts with no name match showing a similar linear trend decline as is seen with the number of players adding EP each week.

    There seem to be no correlation with the number of account with any EP, that show in the EP rank listing and the number of player that actual add EP ( actually play in game. )

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  5. Wow nice job on this and whoooo GB2 clearly shows that its the best server.

    Nice work on this though it could really help when it comes to new player choosing a server to play on.
  6. •Cat•

    •Cat• User

    Good job, pacman2 :)
    Thanks for the data
  7. Very good, thanks! :) You could show something about a wellknown thing. But thats what I needed. :)
  8. Always funny to see -> hey DO got around 85 million registered users.
    So only 0,9% are "alive" and 0,15% active pretty interesting...

    BTW good job Pac!
  9. I think this is the problem of opening to many servers , i understand they want to resolve the lag issue but they are splitting players apart.
    One of the main reason one player leaves is because is boring or because one of his mates left causing a chain reaction etc etc.
    While having a more packed server for instance just Gb1 would keep the game more interesting (since there is more action).
  10. Yes but it all depends on who you are for example i'm on GB2 and its small and I like it that way and I don't really like too many people on the server that much.
  11. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    I guess if there was only 99 players on your server you could be in the top 100 :D ..jkin