Shield boosting formula

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  1. So it took some time to find the point in where everything "seemed to break" but I did find it.

    We will start with the shield boosting on the ship first using just 1 b02 as reference but this formula works on all shield gen types.

    10,000 + 15%(lvl16) = 11,500
    11,500 + 25%(bio) = 14,375
    14,375 + 40%(sep) = 20,125
    20,125 + 50%(SHLD-B01/b02)= 30,187.5

    The next factors will boost singular if you only have one of them or they will stack if you have 2 or all 3.
    30,187 + 10%(sentinel) = 33,205
    30,187 + 20%(sent/SHD-SL01) = 35,225
    30,187 + 85%(ring) = 55,845

    Using sentinel with ring and no module
    30,187 + 10%+85% (95%) = 58,864

    Now adding a module we get
    30,187 + 105% = 61,883.36 but in game I get 61,885.

    After knowing that say you use 15 generators just multiply by 15 and there you go.
    Now unlike HP shields are added from 2 separate sets of numbers meaning you add your shields from your ship then your drones as separate numbers then add them together when you finish adding your boost values to come up with your total shield points.

    Here the shields on drones are added in a just like for shield points on ship but with more factors to add in.

    10,000 + 15%(LvL16) = 11,500
    11,500 + 25%(bio) = 14,375
    14,375 + 40%(sep) = 20,125
    20,125 + 50%(b02/b01) = 30,187 game showed 30,188
    30,187 + 10%(sentinel) = 33,206
    33,206 + 15%(Drone lvl 16) = 38,187
    38,187 + 20%(drone passive shield buff) = 45,824
    38,187 + 38%(drone passive plus herc) = 52,698
    game showed a value of 52,697

    52,698 + 85%(ring) = 97,491 game showed 93,416
    So here it must be added in with something else.
    And it was combined with the 10% from sentinel giving a total 95% between the two resulting in 93,418 which is only 2 shield points from what is shown ingame.

    93,418 + 10% shield module = 102,760 and I get 98,209 ingame. Combining sentinel 10% boost with 10% module boost and 85% ring boost gives us a 105% shield gain instead of 3 separate boosts when it comes to this 3 things.

    93,418 + 105% = 98,208.87645 which the game rounds up to 98,209 shields.

    Obviously the game is buggy and rounds up then sometimes it doesn't

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    wow BMan, fantastic analysis. Thank you for spending the time to test this all out and to share with all of us. SGN-B03 gens fully leveled make it even more interesting :) thanks again!
  3. I suspect that this is because of where the rounding is taking place. If it's being rounded off sooner than the final number, the value is essentially truncated before other bonuses are applied which means it may not necessary go over the 0.5 mark.
  4. And despite all of that math, for whatever reason my shields get one shotted anyways & I die with full shields & 100k+ hp on my screen, whilse everyone else has no problem.

    Nice job but this game is broken there's no point in shields anymore just suicide configs.
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  5. Now is the the creds the 1st number or is that the points to have, the boost % is that the % from the boosters?