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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by KilerStreak, Dec 9, 2013.

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  1. I was just seeing what to keep after all those present-boxes.
    So I was wondering what are all the items that take up the rockets section.
    After that, what counts as the rocket armory items, but do not take up the space.

    Ex: At the moment, when I highlight over the Rockets, it shows 3,599|4,000 (+1,851)

    SO what takes up the stuff Not in parentheses & in parentheses? (Keep separate)
  2. They are mines I believe you may have to check that but I think that they are the amount of mines that you have.
  3. I know that mines & rockets take up the space, but which takes up space, and which counts as taking it up, and which doesn't?
    I need the names, so I won't sell the ones that do not take up space.
  4. All of them count to taking up space. If you need more space then sell the mines/rockets that you don't want or need.
  5. There are items that do not take up the space, which is represented by the (+1,851)
  6. I'll look at that now.

    I have a feeling that it is the limited time elite items etc.
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  7. Mk, thanks :D
  8. On my Noob Account, R-310, Slow Down Mines, and PLD 8's
  9. Hello KilerStreak

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    Please check the below quote:

    Special thanks to =SERAPH= for contributing to this thread.

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  10. Seraph never commented on this thread...
  11. Hello APOLLO[SKE★]

    This was quote taken from old forums, I know he didn't comment on this thread.
  12. ohh :p
  13. Thank you ^^
    So the URI bought items, with the exception of the regular mines, will not count towards total, yes?
  14. Hello KilerStreak


    Do you have any further questions?
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  15. Nope, all done, thx ^^
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