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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Sep 8, 2016.

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hi everyone!

    As with our latest announcement, there is a ship balancing update incoming which affects a handful of ships (Spectrum, Solace, Sentinel, Diminisher, Venom, and Lightning). This is still incoming (not quite live yet!), but in the meantime, and after release, we are still looking for your feedback

    Before we kick off here I'd just like to add the friendly reminder to please keep it constructive, within the rules and on topic so we can leave your posts in their entirety :)

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  2. KaffeeXxX

    KaffeeXxX User

    The impacts of EMP are significantly lessened and the new duration of 35 seconds makes the system more versatile for tactical pilots.
    Wait wait wait , does this means emp wont work on singularity anymore or how is it ?
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  3. ChiKi4ever

    ChiKi4ever User

    And...this is how the game starts declining again.

    Just imagine a group full of Solace Ships with double cool down boosters....what's the point of this update again?!?!?!
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  4. ~Monster~

    ~Monster~ User

    Exact same as a group of aegis is what I imagine.
    Sure the heal is instant, but for aegis they also heal shield.
  5. A true fighter will lose very much EMP....

    Still amazing updates. I will be popped by so many
  6. i wouldn't agree with changes as it makes spectrum way OP and some smart players can use it twice a fight which is struggle for other designs. I think spectrum will be the only design being used from now... i dont think thats balancing after all cause spectrum is just OP.
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  7. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    To make the ships actually relevant each fight instead of using the ability then having to swap out to something else to be of any use. Also makes it so that the Surgeon won't be the dominant ship used for everything in almost every situation. Although to be fair that's changed a little already due to Tartarus.

    If you run into a full outfit of 8 Solace, you can get your own outfit together and actually compose it of something decent like a mix between Spectrums, Solace, Diminishers etc. If the players are of equal skill the mixed outfit will win.

    Couple issues I have:

    Sentinel only lasting 10 seconds - seems a bit too short, especially since its ability only reduces incoming lasers by 30% to the shield only. A duration of 10 seconds is super easy to avoid for the enemy and the actual ability doesn't provide that much protection.
    The reason it was highly valued before was down to its very long duration, meant in a 1v1 arena or group situation situation it couldn't be avoided by the enemy - they would have to fight into it at some point or just ignore the user and shoot someone else.

    If it were to stay at 10 second duration I would personally like to see the ability gain a small damage bonus of something like 10% or 15% that lasts for the first few seconds of the ability, something along those lines.

    Second issue is the Spectrum - does the ability still last for 30 seconds? It was already readily considered either the best or second best skill design, with the other being the Sentinel. Might be a bit too powerful now compared to all the others.

    Defensive abilities are typically much more valuable than offensive because ironically they make the enemy player play defensive: they see you use your ability and they can't remove the effectiveness of the ability without having to run away for the duration. Whereas with offensive abilities, they can be mitigated with backup shields, battlerepair bot or a friendly Aegis to lesser the usefulness of the offensive ability - ontop of that they can just run away too like with defensive.

    So that's a round about way of saying defensive abilities are more valuable than offensive and the Spectrum is looking to be considerably more useful than all the other skill designs now.
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  8. @Okapi32 i think they meant something with "Reducing incoming shield damage is far more effective with the updates to the Sentinel’s, ‘Fortress’." Personally i think they increased Sentinel shield reduction so it could still be good when knowing how to use it. Anyway that is just my thought but i think they might change it to more powerful in order to compete other designs. And i totally agree about spectrum being supreme design compared to each of the others, even there might be a buff on Sentinel ability, cause after all it lasts 10 seconds, on which u can get away really easy or just use spectrum against.
  9. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    If it were the case where the ability is now better than 30% reduction then that would improve it for sure, I just took it as generic flavor text to make it sound better since no figure was given, hoping I'm wrong with that though.
  10. ramnik

    ramnik User

    least make sentinal last 30-40 seconds or something? makes it basically useless now lol.
  11. They can buff enormously the defensive things. Better flight don't hurt anyone (except the hunters). I only struggle with Venom and Deminisher, they have a high one shot potential.
  12. Now the venom makes a total damage of 155 600. Considering that a player UFE takes takes a second to make the same damage, it seems a little bit! :S
  13. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    I think, when the update is put in, that the cooldowns should NOT affect the goli designs.

    Seeing that this was brought up by me, I think I have a little bit more say in the matter.
  14. SauronL

    SauronL User

    Today we were fighting 7v3 (i was in the group of 3) and all 7 of them were using spectrum ability makin impossible to kill anyone , they just used spectrum anytime we switched lock, if was about to die , used emp cloak.

    Then theres another problem, tartarus totally ruins pusat since its faster, has more hp, generators, and does just little less damage.

    If you want pusat to have a point , make the pusat faster , or just even more increase its dmg, flyin 200k hittin 75k x4 on moth in pusat is way worse than flying on tartarus with 500k hp and doing 68k dmg , being way faster to.

    And tartarus could have an option for its ability to load everytime itself (rocketlauncher ability) cause im using tartarus and this ability i found really useless cause it does just little damage although its loaded like every few secs. Actually i dont even use it when i fly tartarus
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  15. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!
    boters back on big door collecting with turbo
  16. Hm.Everione forgeting Surgeon. Venom making 155 000 dmg with ability only. And still no explanation what exacly they did with EMP...If Suregeon is attacked by Venom,with similar equipment,I dont think there is chance there regardless speed and 7% extra dmg.In fact Venom have 5 % allready. It was much harder and expencive to get Surgeon people.I got Venom from green booty!!!.
  17. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    Yeah I agree. Surgeon needs to be expanded on in both design and ability. Maybe give it a healing ability like the battle-rep bot or solace. Not so much the aegis. I personally would like to see an HP boost or something along those lines for the surgeon.
  18. The emp does work to disrupt the singularity. I tried it.
    The Venom should retain the length of attack via singularity and keep the reduced cooldown as it is very susceptible to being countered by an EMP.

    Solace could actually use a bit of beefing up still. (imho)

    Surgeon can stand a little nerfing... It is a very fast ship and can overtake a Tartarus while still having a huge damage potential.
  19. crazytoon

    crazytoon User

    I had seen similar issue with deminisher shield leech too.. EMP doesnt effect Singularity and shield leech
  20. -ЩarΛnt-

    -ЩarΛnt- User

    Just flew my venom today for first time since rebalancing.
    The design was already useless in combat, because everybody packs emps these days.
    Now it is also useless against NPC. Inflicted damage is not enough.

    Before the update I used this ability to finish of the uber kristallon, as it started flying away. (because it's harder to avoid getting hit). Now the damage is no longer enough to finish it off.
    The damage is 155k I read in above post, over a period of 35 sec. An Aegis heals 20k per second for 20 or 30 sec. Go compare.

    (ex. 155k damage over 5 sec would make it interesting)

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