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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Sep 8, 2016.

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  1. Cyborg, Solace, and Spectrum are still OP and the most used ships. Lightning is the only viable alternative for a hit and run ship; what should be the second is the only Uridium ship that does not have an ability. . . .

    Buff the Pusat, give it a teleport ability like the mimesis, or an ultimate cloak ability like the spearhead--and guarantee more players will diversify their play styles.
  2. Sapphire

    Sapphire User

    Solace is nearly useless and Spectrum barely helps at all anymore.
  3. The balance was well thought of and very good. From a pve player's perspective, I can see the have less ring shields now and the all mighty defensive spectrum that was near unkillable if u beeline to a port, can now be killed.
    The fact remains that the solace was too strong prior to the nerf if they had 8 in one outfit with cooldown boosters. I believe that this nerf was a little too hard for the solace but I agree it needed a small nerf. Spectrum- perfectly balanced now. Thank god the tart was finally nerfed, the yellow vengi is once again viable. However, for some reason the cyborg was not nerfed in this first patch, so it's running wild with not much to stop it.
  4. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    Buff the Pusat.
    Give the Solace 5% more HP rep.
    Put ring's damage at -15% or raise the shields 10%.
    Do something about the cyborg and these ridiculous 300k+ combos.
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  5. Tony[-6-]

    Tony[-6-] User

    And what about Cyborg with its 10% extra damages ? And its additionnal 5% when Singularity activated, so 15.5% (1000*1.1*1.05 = 1155) ? Why don't we have ships with 20 % extra shield ? Why the game has to be focused on cyborg if we want to be stronger ? There are ships that are just taking place like Bigboy (it was second strongest ship before leonov and diminisher/etc goliath ships came, yes above vengi).

    Cyborg is truly OP it can't be kill without a Cyborg now, bc of 10% extra damages, more life, more lasers, more shields on drone !!!
  6. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    I was told this would never happen, but my idea to balance the Cyborg would be to have Solace, Sentinel, Spectrum and Diminisher versions of the ship. Buff up the designs a bit without ruining them (Specifically the Sentinel because it's sexy)

    - Same slots as Cyborg with 15% extra shield and 5% extra HP with 40% instant HP rep , 10% instant shield rep and keep the same group repair percent.

    Sentinel - Maintain same slots as Cyborg with 15% extra shield and 35% less damage to shields and 8% more damage on activation of Fortress with a 15 second duration and 25 second cooldown.

    Diminisher - Cyborg slots with 10% damage, 45% damage to enemy shields and 30% shield strength loss. 20 second duration.

    Spectrum - Cyborg slots with 15% shield and 10% increased rocket damage on activation of ability. 65% less laser damage to ship and 45% outgoing damage. Keeps duration and cooldown

    I could design the buffed versions of the ships if they let me too. I already made the solace (Not 3D models. 2D hand-drawn)
  7. *LEIGH*

    *LEIGH* User

    Regarding refunds Suggestion:
    Admins stance is : As this re balance affects everyone thers no plans for refunds at this time.This implies its fair to everyone i take issue with this .

    People i speak to are unhappy with the changes unilaterally imposed by Dark Orbit as they bought ships based on their ability and no matter what input you receive regarding players unhapiness Its Fait Accompli Dark Orbit knows best or so it seems.

    Morally i feel your in the wrong by not offering compensation to players that are *unhappy with alterations to their ships*
    Ships they would never have purchased if they knew what was planned.
    Im sure you have a database of complaints to you why not take away that ship and offer them the uridium equivalent.

    That would do two things show your goodwill and Be a truly fair rebalance for all the people adversely affected by these changes .
    Overall you give people a choice not a foregone conclusion .
    regards leigh
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  8. murdoc01

    murdoc01 User

    y do do team ly all the time ,firstly saying this first balance ,this is not true as our ships have been reduced in power and strength for years and many of us are sick of it also the ring has been changed 3 times now get a grip man
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  9. i completely agree
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  10. M-MY TARTARUS IS SO SLOW NOW, N O O. Buying it turns out to be a complete waste now, oh my god, I bought it because of its intense speed, I feel cheated.
  11. After balancing patches: R.I.P TARTS :<
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  12. Exactly. It was my favourite ship and now it's nearly useless. I'm absolutely shooketh.


    yeh paid cash for this now in the scrap yard same as spec dimmi solas all the ships that came out years ago to be nerfed by people that dont play the game just a bunch of crypto kids


    back to vengi lightning then
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  15. Wasja34

    Wasja34 User

    i think solace is to owerpowerd
  16. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    Current solace or that version?
  17. TheShadows

    TheShadows User

    Re: Patch #2

    Mimesis: 80% evasion+ 12% evasion pp + 10% evasion from Star formation = 102% evasion?

    TY darkorbit
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  18. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    Crab formation could use a -5% penetration addition to the current. It will maintain the percentage needed to keep NPCs and non-double arrow/moth users from hitting HP but also deter moth and double arrow users.

    The Sentinel cooldown, I felt, was appropriate so it could be used multiple times in a fight, allowing more selective use. I'm not exactly upset with the increased cooldown and duration, but I didn't see a problem with what it was before.

    Chevron and Double Arrow formation buffs I like. Double arrow is the new replacement for moth, so with the buff of DA, I highly advise the previously stated buff on crab.

    Heart formation buff made my day.

    That's all I have. Cyborg and Hammerclaw look like good nerfs/buffs. Still not sure if a HP nerf will make up for the damage it deals, but we'll see.
  19. Instead of throwing out 'balance' patches to basically nerf the ships; I feel it would be a much more acceptable way to offer the changes by introducing the changed criteria in a second mode effort.
    Example: The latest change, Pt.II, has 3 ships with altered highlights. A small change in the offer could have a Cyborg II, Hammerclaw TE (touring edition), Sentinel Starcharger. These second edition ships would be where the new changes were.
    Developers could then monitor the acceptance and usage of these new versions. Eventually, if it was really felt necessary, the least used model could be retired.
    There may be a 3rd introduction if the abilities of the first 2 were appearing to be in need of some sort of merge.

    I feel the above idea is a good compromise between having nothing done and having the changes forced down the throats. Neither the players nor developers can really know everything when it comes to having new ideas accepted.
  20. I disagree. All pvp games introduce balance patches, Darkorbit should of done more patches like this from the beginning of the game. Their shouldn't be ships or formations that are overwhelmingly better than others. The entire point is to make it as balanced as possible in pvp.
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