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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Sep 8, 2016.

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  1. Okay, at this point we can all agree that mimesis is horribly broken I repeat not broken but HORRIBLY broken that thing is immortal and unless you have a spearhead in your party GUESS WHAT he is not dying you can't hit him your friends can't hit him and his ability last FAR too long I mean I get it things slip through the development process and sometimes unexpected bugs pop up but this is not a bug just a straight up BROKEN ship it has to be stopped its not even funny that thing can 1v5 and you cannot kill him you cannot hit him he hits just as hard as you do and is just as fast as you are for the love of god or whatever everyone believes in NERF THAT THING you don't have to nerf its evasion but at LEAST look into giving that ability a 30second active timer because it lasts as long as it has shields is just far too overpowered you have all seen it. it comes in cloaked with ability on and sabs your base you drop sab mines they don't work you use targeting cpu it doesn't work you use smart bombs, of course, it doesn't do enough damage to make much of an impact you try running chevron because you think "hey maybe if my lasers won't hit maybe my rockets will" NOPE they miss too you set your pet for kami but it won't work unless you take damage he is not aiming for you he wants your base and ultimately you cannot stop him you can only sit back and watch in complete helplessness as you waste ammo on him you cannot sab him you cannot moth him mothing him will only get you killed because he hits as hard as you do when he stops sabbing for .5 of a second to nuke you and continue with your base without skipping a beat. I know a lot of you all are going to say "oh you're just bad you can't kill a ship with 100% evasion with star formation oooh such a noob its balanced git gud" this is far beyond actual skill this is a raw broken ship if you do not know what I'm talking about just test it out with someone get a friend 2v1 or 3v1 him it doesn't matter with his ability on making sure he is in star formation and is sabbing one of you and just see how many shots you land and watch how long it lasts after then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about
  2. Maybe I'm missing something, but is there something that the Hammerclaw is better at than the Aegis Elite? Like I get it has 2 more laser slots and its some of its abilities are stronger, but its really not that much better. The Aegis Elite has lower cooldowns on its skills across the board, and retains a 5% dmg boost, while the Hammerclaw only has 10% more hp. Also, the repair pod skill heals for less. Is there really a point to this ship other than for bragging rights?
  3. Does it not carry a freeze claw or something like that?
  4. I think that's the Goli-X. As far as I know and according to their FAQ thing, it only has the base abilities the Aegis has, which while Hp rep and Shield rep are stronger effects, the cool downs on them are longer. The repair pod is even worse than the base Aegis.
  5. TheShadows

    TheShadows User

    IF u compare just repairing yourself, Aegis is better but for repairing others Hammerclaw is better.

    But other than that, imo, there is no point of getting it. It is not a gamechanger. I got mine but I hardly use it. Is not even a good farming ship as golis farm quicker and faster anyway. If you want to get one of the three ships I would recommend the Mimesis as its ability is unique and useful in certain situations.
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  6. I agree TheShadows. If the 2nd rocket launcher was still there, that could have tipped the comparison to the Hammerclaw being a bit better.
  7. I AGREee hammerclaw is not good..slow moving ship compared to golis.
  8. Don't know where to put this so it goes here.
    Mimesis phase ability is mostly useless.
    It jumps to random place which most often puts you into danger.
    You should be able to click mini-map to choose a direction to jump and only will be random if you don't do so.
    I don't recommend this ship.
  9. thats good idea..give us players the option...

    freedom to our owned ships to function
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  10. After you assemble a Cyborg, indoctrine oil becomes useless just like every other ship; BP is content with having the Cyborg as the most OP ship in the game. DarkOrbit has gotten bland and boring for me lately, there is no diversity in this game in regards to play styles and ships.

    Mimesis has been nerfed into irrelevance, the Hammerclaw is too slow, the Tartarus has the same speed as a Vengeance so you might as well use a Lightning for its ability, the Pusat is a 250K Uridium ship with no ability and has the HP of a credit ship, very few will ever use the Centurion because you'll need to spend days worth of grinding NPCs to assemble one of the 10 decent designs out of the 50 total, and the new Hectate Ship that will soon be released will also be useless since its ability slows your ship and is deactivated when your enemy is out of range--you might as well keep using the Cyborg to keep your speed and have your ability work when it doesn't matter how far away your enemy is.
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