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    M.A.S.Q.U.E. Shiplookz™ presents Ship Customization

    What is Ship Customization?

    Ship Customization is a huge overhaul of the existing Ship/Design and hangar systems.

    We are introducing a system that will allow us in the future to make a clear distinction between “looks” and “power”.

    That means that we change the existing system as described here:
    • All “Designs” with attached stats (e.g. Surgeon, Veteran, Elite, etc.) will become ships of their own.
    • With the introduction of this system, “designs” will only alter the appearance of a ship.
    • If we want to introduce “power” (skills, bonuses, etc.) into the game, it will be done by adding new “ships”.
    • Due to the change, the hangar system has to be changed too: Instead of having only a limited number of hangars with a ship assigned to them, we now display all available ships on the hangar page.
    • Also the new system requires that all ships are unique. Should you own multiple versions of a certain (old) ship, you will be reimbursed.
    We are giving a compensation pack for each Uridium ship that is lost till a maximum limit of 10 times (if the players has more than ten the +10 ships will not get it).
    This will be booked as login bonus the first time you log in after the release: 10,000 UCB-100, 500 UBR-100, 10 Booty Keys, 10 Extra Energy.

    What does that mean for me?

    All the ships and ship designs you own are now handled as follows:
    • Designs with stats: these have now been turned into fully operational ships. You may find that you have a long list of ships in your hangar depending on the number of designs you own.
      • Example
        • Old System
          • In your first hangar you have a basic Goliath with a Diminisher design.
          • In your second hangar you have a basic Goliath with a Surgeon design.
          • In you third hangar you have a basic Vengeance with a Lightning design.
          • You also have an “iron” and a “Gold” Goliath design for participating in the UBA, a “Razer” design from one of the promotions.
    • New System –you now own
      • One basic Goliath ship
      • One G-Diminisher ship
      • One G-Surgeon ship
      • One basic Vengeance ship
      • One V-Lightning ship
      • One “Iron”, one “Gold” and one “Razer” design for use with the basic Goliath ship.
        • Finding Iron.png
    What has happened to my hangar?

    The old system had 14 ships and numerous designs – some with stats, some just changed the appearance of your ship. With the new system you can have up to 50 different ships!

    We now removed the old “Hangar”-system and all ships are assigned to “Slots”. These slots - for all intents and purposes – have the same function as the old hangars.

    The Ship Slots

    • Ships in the list are differentiated by three statuses:
      • “Favorites” – these ships you own have been marked with a golden star for use in the Ship Warp. They are listed before all other ships.
      • “Owned” – these are the ships in your inventory.
      • “Not owned” – these ships are not in your possession. A special mark show if the ships are currently available in the shop or through events/drops.
    • In their categories all ships are listed in alphabetical order.
    • The ship you want to use in the game right now needs to be “activated”.
    • All ships can be “managed” from here. A click on the “Manage” button will open the well-known hangar/inventory view
    Hangar Renaming

    As slots are now named according to the ship stored in them, the renaming function has been removed.

    Ship Dump

    As all ships are unique, there is no need to store inactive ships anywhere. That is why the “ship dump” was completely removed. Ships you obtain through any means (drops, event rewards, purchase) are directly put into their own slot.

    What about “Special Ships” / “Special Designs”?

    Certain rare ships and designs which were available only through special activities / events, will be exchanged as per the list below for those players who have earned them.

    What happens if I own multiple ships of the same type?

    Every (new) ship is unique. That means that basic versions of e.g. the Goliath, Aegis, etc. can only be owned once.

    Should you own multiple “basic” Goliath, Aegis, etc. ships, on the transition day, we will reimburse the 2nd, 3rd, etc. basic ship. The exact reimbursement (value, etc.) is mentioned in the announcement.

    Table of changes

    The following table explains what changes to the existing ships and designs were made.

    Don’t be confused: “Alternative Skins” will note the Ship they can be assigned to in their name.

    Old NameChangeNew NameAlternative Skin(s)
    (Availability may vary)
    AegisShip ->ShipAegis-
    BigboyShip ->ShipBigboyMamba
    CitadelShip ->ShipCitadel-
    DefcomShip ->ShipDefcomExpo 16
    GoliathShip ->ShipGoliathAmber, Crimson, Jade, Sapphire, Absolute Zero, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Razer
    LeonovShip ->ShipLeonov-
    LiberatorShip ->ShipLiberator-
    NostromoShip ->ShipNostromoRazer
    PhoenixShip ->ShipPhoenix-
    PiranhaShip ->ShipPiranha-
    SpearheadShip ->ShipSpearhead-
    VengeanceShip ->ShipVengeance-
    YamatoShip ->ShipYamatoExpo 16
    Goliath IndependenceShip -> DesignG-Champion-
    Aegis EliteDesign ->ShipA-EliteFrostbite
    Aegis VeteranDesign ->ShipA-Veteran-
    BigBoy SolemnDesign ->ShipBB-Solemn-
    Citadel EliteDesign ->ShipC-EliteGlacier
    Citadel VeteranDesign ->ShipC-Veteran-
    Goliath BastionDesign ->ShipG-Bastion-
    Goliath CentaurDesign ->ShipG-Centaur-
    Goliath DiminisherDesign ->ShipDiminisherExpo 16
    Goliath EnforcerDesign ->ShipG-Enforcer-
    Goliath ExaltedDesign ->ShipG-Exalted-
    Goliath GoalDesign ->ShipG-Goal-
    Goliath HazafrenDesign ->ShipG-ChampionChampion Turkey (formerly Hazafren), Champion USA (formerly Independence)
    Goliath IgniteDesign ->ShipG-Ignite-
    Goliath KickDesign ->ShipG-Kick-
    Goliath PeacemakerDesign ->ShipG-PeaceMaker-
    Goliath RefereeDesign ->ShipG-Referee-
    Goliath SaturnDesign ->ShipG-Saturn-
    Goliath SentinelDesign ->ShipSentinelFrozen Sentinel, Expo 16
    Goliath SolaceDesign ->ShipSolace-
    Goliath SovereignDesign ->ShipG-Sovereign-
    Goliath SpectrumDesign ->ShipSpectrumFrozen Spectrum
    Goliath SurgeonDesign ->ShipG-Surgeon-
    Goliath VanquisherDesign ->ShipG-Vanquisher-
    Goliath VenomDesign ->ShipVenomFrozen Venom
    Goliath VeteranDesign ->ShipG-Veteran-
    Nostromo AmbassadorDesign ->ShipN-AmbassadorArctic Ambassador
    Nostromo DiplomatDesign ->ShipN-Diplomat-
    Nostromo EnvoyDesign ->ShipN-Envoy-
    Spearhead EliteDesign ->ShipS-EliteIcicle
    Spearhead VeteranDesign ->ShipS-Veteran-
    Vengeance AdeptDesign ->ShipV-Adept-
    Vengeance AvengerDesign ->ShipV-Avenger-
    Vengeance CorsairDesign ->ShipV-Corsair-
    Vengeance LightningDesign ->ShipV-LightningFrozen Lightning, Expo 16
    Vengeance PusatDesign ->ShipPusatFrozen Pusat, Expo 16
    Vengeance RevengeDesign ->ShipV-Revenge-
    Can I use the “alternative skins” on other ships of the same category?

    You can use all the skins listed in the dropdown box above the information area to assign a different design to the selected ship.

    The “Amber”, “Bronze” or “Razer” skins can be used on the “basic” Goliath version only, the “Frostbite” skin can only be used on the “A-Elite” ship.

    What about the ships I do not own?

    We have listed all ships currently in the game in the ship slot overview.

    Clicking on a ship you can check the ships’ information and stats next to the preview. There you can decide to purchase the ship if you want.

    What did you do to the “Hezarfen” and “Independent” Goliaths?

    To “make more room” for our (upcoming) nation designs , we have decided to change these ships as following: The “Hezarfen” and “Independent” are no longer ships of their own. Both are now designs for a new Goliath type ship: The “Champion”. All nation-/flag-related designs will only be usable on this ship.

    Instead of creating identical ships for all the nations in the world, we now have one ship with multiple skins to choose from – which opens a whole lot of options in the future.

    What else have you done?!

    We are changing the shop prices for the basic ship variants.

    All ships are now “categorized” into these classes:
    • Battlecruiser
    • Engineering Vessel
    • Heavy Battlecruiser
    • Recon Ship
    • Starfighter
    • Starjet​

    Can I transfer my equipment from one ship to the other?

    You will be able to transfer equipment from one ship to the other without having to manually unequip and equip the ships.

    • You select the ship you want to transfer you load-out to.
    • A list of ships with comparable configuration will be displayed.
    o Note: The number of slots of the source and target ships needs to be identical.​
    • Items on the “target” ship will be put into the inventory
    • First all potential slot extenders will be applied.​
    All items will then be unequipped from the source ship and fully equipped on the target ship.
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