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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, May 31, 2016.

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hi everyone,

    I know there's still some issues being worked out and the dust hasn't quite settled yet, but if you have feedback on the new ship customization/hanger system itself now that it is out, you are welcome to include it here.

    Please, lets try to keep things within the rules and keep in mind that there are already several threads that have reported the issues and bugs that have been faced since the release. If you'd like updates on the state of the issues there's two announcements echoing each other that can give you an idea of what's already known
    "Known issues"
    "Current issues after ship customization"

  2. Hello, so i just copy my post from the other thread here.


    i have a few more questions for you.

    You released this update because we can "transfer" equipment from one ship to another ship with "equal" equipment.

    So i want take a look...

    The not important ships

    Phönix has -> 1 Laser -> 1 Generator -> 1 Extra
    Liberator has -> 4 Laser -> 6 Generator -> 2 Extra
    Leonov has -> 6 Laser -> 6 Generator -> 1 Extra
    Nostromo has -> 7 Laser -> 10 Generator -> 3 Extra
    Bigboy has -> 8 Laser -> 15 Generator -> 3 Extra
    Spearhead has -> 5 Laser -> 12 Generator -> 2 Extra

    The most important ships

    Vengeance has -> 10 Laser -> 10 Generator -> 2 Extra
    Goliath has -> 15 Laser -> 15 Generator / 16 Generator on Surgeon -> 3 Extra
    Aegis has -> 10 Laser -> 15 Generator -> 3 Extra
    Citadel has -> 7 Laser -> 20 Generator -> 5 Extra

    So you can see none of the ships have the same stats of equipment.

    Back to general

    You say we can "transfer" equipment from one ship to another ship with "equal" equipment.

    But we can't! because none of the ships have the same stats. The only one thing you have done is that the designs are "ships". You tell us we can "transfer" from one ship to another ship but we don't transfer it. We just change our design with a more complex way.

    In fact the update is useless because ( the most important facts are white deposited )

    -> we can't! really transfer equipment from another ship to another one ( in your opinion we can because now designs are "ships" but that is trash )
    -> we need much more time to change our design
    -> at the moment we can't change the configuration from basic goliath to surgeon
    -> we are forced to rebuild the configuration from basic goliath to surgeon and it tooks much more time as if we put/take away one more generator

    As well the updates takes many mistakes with itself ( The focus takes more time and other mistakes need more time because of this update )

    -> we can't level our drones
    -> certain ships are not showed
    -> ships doesn't count for missions
    -> useless shooting ranking

    1.1) You have done nothing else as sale designs as ships.
    1.2) You have waste your time for 1.1)
  3. chilninja

    chilninja User

    i wouldnt say there are technical issues or glitches with it, but i gotta 2nd the guy above me. you really screwed the idea up, all anyone wanted was a save config button or 2. not a big fat over complicated mess. honestly i think you should roll it back and add those buttons and call it a day.
  4. Wow, 2 days are over and i got no answer from @KrisKelvin or @Solid_Eye.

    When you guys will understand that i am right and you are wrong? Please... Nothing has changed since the update was released. I explained all points in post #2

    If you will ever read my post you will see what the update has done. The update has nothing done. In the german forum everyone ( more than 500 posts ) are against the hangarsystem. Please have a look into the forum and scroll down every post. Every post is against the hangarsystem. Noone wants the hangarsystem.

    When you guys will delete this hangarsystem? This update is more useless than traffic light on the highway -.-
  5. personally, what's the point of this? just makes it more complicated now. it was more convenient before. if i wanted to change a goliath's design i just logged out and changed it. and if it was between a surgeon and any other goli design. i just had to equip 1 generator. now you can swap the equipment between ships (designs before the update) with same ammount of gen and laser slots... which could've been done before by just simply changing the design... we can't quickly swap equipment between for example a goli and vengeance before, and we can't do it now. we had and have to go manually unequip and equip everything still. if its between ships with different slot ammounts. so this doesn't make sense to me.

    Edit 1.
    Sorry i just basically wrote the same thing ''the undertaker'' did, counts as feedback i guess so ill leave it anyway
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  6. Do not roll it back please, what players are not understanding is we need change to keep the game interesting. There is nothing wrong with having the new hanger they just want input so they can make it better for us. After if they make some changes for the better we will be happier. So keep the comments coming but lets try and help the team out not rant about them trying to keep the game interesting. Enjoy the game GA3.
  7. This update isn't interesting. The update is just waste of time for us eg. we can't rebuild from Enfrocer to Surgeon and no from Surgon to Enforcer. We are forced to rebuild the complete ship. Thats it.

    Lets have a look.... And than think about it!

    Before the update:

    - we can change our design in a few seconds ( now i need way more time )
    - we can change the configuration from Enforcer to Surgeon buy puting one more Generator into the Surgeon and we can do it backward
    - we can change the configuration from Lightning to Pusat buy puting six more Laser into the Pusat and we can do it backward
    - if i want to play with Sentinel i just take away one Generator and put it in if i want fly Surgeon ( now i need more than 10 minutes to rebuild the whole configuration )
    - there were no bugs
    - it is very clear to us

    After the update:

    - now we can transfer our equipment from one ship to another ship with equal numer of slots ( it is just a desgin change on a more complex way; it takes even more time than before! )
    - many many bugs ( ships doesn't count for quests, repair/jump vouchers are wrong, we can't level our drones )
    - we can't rebuild from Enforcer to Surgeon and we can't rebuild from Surgeon to Enfrocer ( because of 1 Generator )
    - we can't rebuild from Lightning to Pusat and we can't rebuild from Pusat to Lightning ( because of 6 Laser )
    - if i want to play with Sentinel i'm forced to rebuild the whole configuration and it takes more than 5 minutes ( before the update it takes maybe 10 seconds )
    - it is confused
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  8. Yes everyone is correct it is taking longer to make changes to ships. Most UFE's already have the equipment to have more than one ship ready to fly and as such this issue of changing ships is bogus, yes the NEWBS are having an issue with it and if you have listened to the TWITCH Stream (2 weeks ago) they are working on making a solution to the PROBLEMS you are so upset about. With the need to be able to customize everything they had to make a change so people were not upset since they could not apply the Independence design to their Veteran design equipped ship. The future of Customization required this separation of Stat and Cosmetic designs and was not as simple as adding a new drop down menu.

    We also have the future Equipment in Client Update (that is still being worked on) that was the original blue print of this hangar system. Look at the Championship Flags being added for the Champion Goliath (including the already existing Independence and Hezarfen Designs) and its new stats of 5% dmg and 10% honor boost. How about the Expo 16 Designs that are for sale now how could they have added these without having confusion on what ship they were going to be added to when you have so many others coming through the pipeline.

    Yes we have growing pains, and we are upset because of some extra time to make changes, but if you had the ships in your Hangar and were warping into them they were already equipped to fly and with the upcoming Saved Configs might just solve the entire frustration of not being able to just switch designs and modify the equipment.

    And don't forget we were limited to 10 ships, now we can have all of them and currently you can have SHELLS sitting in maps that you log into and then warp your Equipped ship to these locations, no longer tying up inventory from the Warp to do this same function, I bought all of the Credit ships for this purpose, and no I don't plan on equipping them to fly.
  9. You dont understand it. They say now we have over 50 ships but we don't have.

    I have maybe 10 ships with many designs. The difference between Exalted and Veteran ( Goliath ) is NOTHING. They are both Goliath Ships with other skins.

    It is like Counter Strike. You have one weapon, maybe M4A1 with Cristmas skin and halloween skin. You have ONE weapon with TWO skins. But you still have ONE weapon.
  10. Each Ship has its own benefits and now they can each have their own customization skins. I do understand what you are saying as a Goliath is a Goliath and we should not have to select because of customization abilities, but again, this is a forward looking company/game and this is a change that has been stated as being needed to continue with the forward movement of the game.
  11. 2010!!

    2010!! User

    Can you shoiw me a thread were people have asked or suggested this Forward thinking idea as you say ?? i dont like it and many on my server dont like it simple as that it doesnt matter to a point What bigpoint want its how the players feel and happy with it if the majority of players dislike it it or dont want it or unhappy with it then they need to rethink it or give back what we had before it was simple and easy the old way anyone could figure it out after a minute or 2 even for someone new...
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  12. test020

    test020 User

    exactly, the only few good things in the ship customization was the idea to transfer configs, the champion ship and it is that. they say "we have 50 ships now!" but when you take a time to think. the game client was always reading designs like ships, for instance, goliath has one ship id, and exalted is another ship id (meaning it's two different ships with stat change). the way on how bp got rid of standard ships (i lost my standard citadel and goli, haha) it's crazy, i didn't even got a compensation, they even got "rid off" hangar halls. and to try accessing equipment screen for a person that has been months without logging in must be terrible. they made something so simple into a 10.000 piece puzzle.
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  13. Look at the Update and Idea Pool threads. There are requests for New Maps, New Multi-Server battles, all kinds of things that are limited by the existing (original) programming, these changes, even though they may be hard to deal with currently, are necessary to allow for some of these other items to be implemented.

    This does not mean I agree with the changes but I do understand the need to make them. If you have seen most of my threads dealing with INPUT about these changes, I have not been the NUMBER 1 FAN of them but like I say know they are important to the progression of the game. The biggest problem with the Updates is they are not thoroughly TESTED and are full of Bugs/Glitches because of it. People have mixed emotions about the EiC Update that is in the works and has been delayed to accommodate changes we requested before it was launched.
    The loss of Basic Ships is a glitch and they are working on correcting it. You are correct that they have made this one change that has no actual benefit but this is also so they can add Customization to ALL ships instead of just a few and also making it so they can have more than one Skin for each ship. The Hangars were reduced in price last year and now they are FREE by using the "Favorite Hangar" function, yet those who bought them before the price reduction got robbed but those who have had the Hangars for a long time have been compensated many times over for the ability to change ships without having to buy them all the time like we used to. The one added feature that no one is even acknowledging is that you can use ships that are not assigned to a Hangar, the only issue is you can not WARP into them unless they are STARRED and in your Favorite Hangar.

    But now we can have fully equipped ships assigned to the Favorite Hangars, un-equipped ships parked in maps that you log in with and then warp the equipped ship to that location instead of having to jump chip there.
  14. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    I'm not sure what you want from me here - I'm not a member of the dev team at all and don't have any hand in those decisions other than passing on info and feedback from other players too^^
    Also, they're still working on fixing the bugs and issues from recent weeks; that's not exactly a bad thing to prioritize.

    Last edited: Jun 2, 2016
  15. bisphenol

    bisphenol User

    Warp is not free. It costs either uridium or a jump credit. And jump credit is a mission reward, obtained from booty keys or purchased from periodic "JV deals" for real money (but not uridium).
    Before the change, we were able to posses e.g. 2x Goliath and 2x Vengeance, one on the upper maps for quests, hunts, etc. and the other on the home map for doing gates. Some people even had 2x Aegis for similar purpose.
    Moving equipment was a price to pay not to spend precious jump credits in order to finish the gate then return to bashing cubes on the uppers.
    This is now impossible, due to restriction to own a single ship of the same type.

    The other issue is the whole system is so complicated that even veterans have troubles understanding it and finding their way through, as can be seen from several posts in the forum and requests for help from confused players in chats across the servers.
  16. This is actually a feedback thread for the dev's and not a discussion thread for us.

    Limiting what we can have, shipwise, really sucks. Telling us we now have so many "ships" avalable when we always had those "designs" available is not a defense. Some players, myself included, want to have multiples of the same ship. Also taking away our basic version of a ship, (CAS, goli, vengi) if we had a design on it was a slap in the face. Not everyone is going to be on all the time to see a notice of an upcoming change in order to remove designs. We have life outside of the game, and when that life is used against us, its just wrong. Also, not everyone plays multiple servers to see what's happening on one so as to respond. You put the change on DE1, and GB1, first, big deal. A FAQ, or better yet actual instructions, should come out a week before changes like this. I know the test server don't work for these things although, the failure of EIC in the test seems to keep it at bay or canceled. Most of the stuff for ship customization seems the same as what I saw in the test server, except, I don't remember loosing my basic ships. I could be wrong about that as I got tired of trying to hunt and peck at what was supposed to be done and left for my live servers after 5 min. Also, test server during an event is really bad timing. A veteran player may be able to go through the motions quickly but with the lag that sets in, you still loose valuable time that would had been better spent on live server event missions, not to mention cloaked attackers.

    I am fortunate I keep my accounts/servers simple but can understand the pain others are going through. I didn't have things set up as tactical as others, but this ruined a lot of that. The other issues, I see have been explained pretty good so I won't leave feedback on it, at least for now.
  17. Ship customization TEST took all of our ships so we were forced to PLAY with the system. We had nothing when they did the TEST of this so again it was only a PART TEST not a complete System TEST and I can not remember when we had a COMPLETE TEST that did not have issues preventing us from using the ENTIRE SYSTEM thus NEVER A COMPLETE TEST to see if there are issues with the UPDATE just wanting FEEDBACK about our feelings of the NEW ITEM, never the functionality of it in the Game.
  18. west-star

    west-star User

    i want a reaction from that develop team , what are they doing or thinking :(
  19. bisphenol

    bisphenol User

    It's been 10 days since the update was released and basically nothing has been fixed.
    Another week off for the devs, another week of frustrations for the (remaining) players. Way to go...
  20. I found another issue, it is not major but with all of the protocols and everything that affects the Cargo bay it would be nice to know its capacity. We used to be able to hover our mouse over the Progression Bar (0/10920) and see how much we had and what our maximum space is and now it just says "Cargo Bay" with no figures. Like I say it is not a priority but when you change ships it is nice to know where you are space wise.
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