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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Nov 10, 2021.

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  1. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please post your constructive feedback here for the Ship Plus Update.

    Your DarkOrbit Team
    (Reminder, this is not the place for off-topic posts and player discussions or questions. This thread is reserved for feedback regarding this event.)
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  2. its good as it is in my ophinion (just dont reduce the slots please) exept 1 thing add designs for the ships plss that they are more colorfull btw can someone explain me the passive form goli + and make the liberator at least cr 25.000.000 orso that ship is underwhelming xd
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  3. Not bad. They're pretty nice. Good job! I unironically can't wait for Phoenix Plus.
    If your P.E.T.'s heat level is 2, then your goliath gets a 2% buff to each one of his stats and buffs your P.E.T.'s gears and abilities by 2%.
    If your P.E.T.'s heat level is 3, then your goliath gets a 3% buff to each one of his stats and buffs your P.E.T.'s gears and abilities by 3%.
    Goliath Plus is a P.E.T.-oriented ship which is really nice.
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  4. yes it is but i like the 18 gen and lasers xd

    [Deleted post quote REMOVED]

    the price is a bummer but once you have it is it good xd / im good whit the stats from the 2 but the liberator is for its price underwhelming
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  5. [REMOVED]
    Ayo, Diametrion is pretty easy to get: retrievers (best F2P way, even dropping from the R-01, the credit retriever), silver booty (which requires grinding) and ANY gg (which requires you to palla or use uri during prem/rebate in Weekends) plus you can hoard it, like how you can do it with Xenomit and Agate Splinters. They could've easily made this 50000% worse and made it exchangeable for 10 honor after 1 week of the event, which would've sucked a lot.
    IAC can be grinded from EBG, the cheaters cannot go there at all. Uridium is just a pain [REMOVED] to grind if you're not lategame, because you'll need it everywhere. I would still see Orcus as better than G+.

    I really disagree how cheaters will empty out the resource, even the credit retriever can get it for you. I do agree that the first 1-2 weeks will be full of these people that want to get the ship first to flex it to their clanmates, friends and/or make a video about it and post it on YouTube. If you still want to get a constant flow of Uridium going, grind Llons, Boss Llins and Boss LLons on your X-7s or X-6s. If you can't, then just do the daily quests.

    This feature is permanent, you can craft them whenever you want. It's not a must to focus on them now, since Orcus can be a much better investment unless they nerf it once again. Goli+ is pretty much [REMOVED] right now if you don't get the modules for it. Hell, even Regular Goliath's modules and unstable modules aren't compatible with it, this just makes them to spin for good modules which makes them grind more.

    Also.. I wouldn't recommend using R-05s. I went for 5 R-05s to get Diametrion faster and I didn't get any on one of these on the R-05. Just stick to R-01s/R-02s, they're the only good ones.

    I'm not a fan of BP, but this is pretty much a F2P-friendly update. If you couldn't get Diametrion from Retrievers, it would've sucked a ton.
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  6. Having 3 new plus ships and using previously useless ships to make better ones is really good idea. Finally older ships can be used and be useful in pvp and pve. What I dont like is that these ships haven't been tested and we can clearly see some huge issues when earning them and comparing it to the most over powered ship: Orcus.

    Paying 1.000.000 uridium to these 3 ships is not a huge deal because some of them are meant to be only for "end game" players. But why Liberator (previously Credit ship) is almost as expensive as Goliath+ and Citadel+ when the ship itself isnt even closely as good as these 2 ships? It is slower and every way weaker than goliath and it still costs almost the same ammount resouce as goliath? Just cut the resource costs and instad of paying 1.000.000 u, it should require a high ammount of Credits.

    But lets talk about Citadel+ and Goliath+. Some of the *definitelynotcheater* players have earned enough new resources and managed to got these ships. Without modules they look pretty strong and I can see that later on (when plus ships will get their own modules), Orcus will finally take the 2nd spot in ship tier list and Goliath will be taking the top spot. It has insane speed, damage and HP on its own, but giving it more modules will be just unfair to any other existing ships.

    Citadel+ will be a tanky boi and I can imagine all botters running with it in couple of months. There is no chance any players can kill these ships because of its skill and tankiness and we will definitely have cursed times ahead when hunting enemy botters with the Citadel+ variant. No penetration is going to help because of the skill and the HP stats itself is just too much to handle, even for Orcus. Maybe upcoming Spearhead+ is going to solve this issue?

    Hopefully getting these "+ ship modules" wont be as annoying as getting Orcus modules because at the moment XT10 modules are too inconsistent to earn because they can be received only from events. Hopefully players can finally get them from anywhere else: missions, galaxy gates, booty boxes or specific NPCs (maybe from silver pirate boxes becuase diamterions were taken away from these boxes?)

    What I also dislike is that all of the existing great designs wont be used at all. There is almost hundreds of Goliath designs and it is very disappointing that none of them can be used on Goliath+. I can't even believe that it is a business move because Bigpoint can definitely make new designs for these ships. Or is Darkorbit really running out of new ship design ideas and releasing same old lava, blaze, ocean, poison, carbonite, legendary etc. designs to these plus ships?

    When Darkorbit is going to release more PLUS ships, please make test server available for all players. Its going to be free feedback and nobody is going to lose anything when testing new ships.

    All of this in a nutshell:

    3 old ships will finally get their own upgrades
    2 of the ships are great and have their own roles in PVE and PVP
    Getting the new resources is a huge grind, but is possible to get each ship for free (yes, its going to take really long time tho)!
    There is finally competition vs. Orcus!

    There is no reason to get Liberator+. It is too expensive and other 2 + ships are 100 times better.
    Citadel+ will be a new addition to bot meta. Sooner or later maps will be filled with unkillable alien bots
    These existing ships cant use their original cosmetic designs
    Plus ships dont have any modules

    How to fix these issues:
    Liberator+ - Either bump up its stats or make it 10x cheaper to craft.
    Make great counters vs. alienbot Citadels
    Overwrite players existing original ships and add all of the designs to the plus variant
    Add new modules, which can be earned outside of the events with reasonable ways
  7. This is true. Liberator+ is just rich lone wolf's Aegis-Solace hybrid. Currently, liberator+ is the same as the new yamato, new defcom and their ronin counterparts: Collection ships whose purpose is only to show off and that's all. If you want people to use this ship, lower its' Uridium cost to 100k and Diametrion requirement to 500.
    To solve this, make Citadel's anti-shield penetration skill work only on battlemaps (not including pirate maps) and galaxy gates. This would make it a viable pick in PvP.
    1) Razer Goli+ would look very cool!
    2) Maybe the Silver Booty Chest can be changed and give 5-4 a reason.. since there's no reason for you to go there nowadays. Maybe it can have its' loot table changed, but that's besides the update's point.
  8. Gunza32

    Gunza32 User

    The game makes money with every new enhancement. It should be apparent by now that whenever new features are introduced they make a good chunk of money. Compared to how it used to be when there were more wallet warriors, there was hardly a need to add any new releases. As far as "big problems" what do you mean by this? As long as the game is up and running (meaning that there are not critical or major issues in the production) Then its good. What Production issues are you referring to? If you can log on and play then there is no problem.. Its as simple as that. They probably have a ton of Jira tickets on Low,Minor and moderate issues but unless an issue comes up as critical and they are preventing the end users to play the game then the low,minor issues can be scoped into future releases.
  9. Are the Liberator plus stats doubled on the home maps, just like the original Liberator, If so it will be the most OP ship in maps x-1 to x-4

    Also are there any new unstable modules already available for those plus ships or they will be released in later updates. If I open the booty right now is there a chance to get a module for those new plus ships?
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  10. You probably confuse Liberator with Leonov. Liberator never had x2 stats on lowers, so Liberator+ shouldn't have x2 stats on lowers either.
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  11. evansnow

    evansnow User

    Diametrion was taken out of silver booty boxes, is it back in or going to be. It would be nice to have another source to acquire it, did 6 gates and never got any.
  12. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Feedback has been sent up. Thanks to all who have provided constructive feedback!
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