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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Sep 11, 2019.

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  1. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please post your constructive feedback here for the new Ship Upgrade Module System.
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  2. So there are no modules available for the Cyborg?
  3. I dont see this on any of my ships.
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  4. The modules were to get some lesser used ships back into the playing field. Cyborg is already a pain in the ass with extra laser, extra gen, buffed ability, and on top of that, 10% more damage.

    It's annoying enough with every botter using cyborg because they can wheel away at the slightest hint of danger. With pusat getting the 10% dmg as well, it's now an effective counter against cyborgs as is has the speed to run them down.

    Also if botters decide to use Pusat instead for boxing, the HP with the module is still just over half of the Cyborg's hp, so moth them to death
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  5. Goes live tomorrow, reread the post. Says thursday
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  6. No upgrades Hp All- Citadels?No upgrade Hécate=Surgeon+Skill?
  7. True enough but I hunt the zombies with a lighting Vengi and promi lasers not to many get away. The Cyborg and Surgeon are my two favorite ships the rest to me are not worth equipping too many weaknesses i.e. the pusat a freeze rocket and moth and poof pops quick.
  8. Must just be me with a poor overall connection to dark orbit servers. Even before the nerf, the Tartarus with full top of the line speed gens and prommed up; a big boy with no speed gens could keep pace. frustrating when you have to use a portal to get away.

    (different computers, cable modem - direct connect or with wifi; did not matter)
  9. well i have the 3 ships for tartarus and mimesis, and i just received the corresponding modules, there are good advantage on each one but there's still a difference with the cyborg, sadly tested with an awaken zombie cyborg today, but there's a notorious improve on overall but cyborgs are still on top.
  10. Can I ask why are you guys going so low as to sell "Battle passes" now like you're trying to get as much money as possible?

    These events and the rewards for the events use to be free, and now I have to either farm the whole event to get 150k uri or buy it from shop when these botters and wallet warriors already have millions of uri to spend.

    I mean seriously what a scam this game is, events that used to be TOTALLY FREE and rewards that were FREE from playing are now sectional on whether you have this stupid battle pass or not.

    Maybe you guys should put a battle pass in order to get Darkorbit shutdown voucher codes at this point.
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  11. I fly a Cyborg and get wacked in 2 shots sometimes despite being Uber elit boosted to the rim 0..0
  12. The event is still free and there are rewards for free also the only thing the battle pass gives is extra rewards.
    Also the Battle pass can be bought with URI and that's not so hard to make i have a lvl 21 smaller account 0 upgrades and made 70k uri in 3 hours doing icy's so no you don't have to spend a dime just some time.
  13. seriously more junk, whats the point when 90% of the players are cheats.
    pvp is POINTLESS !!
  14. ssentess

    ssentess User

    Terrible event , onli hitack pvp , only event to mcc :mad: i go to diferent game bye no good event
  15. jukime

    jukime User

    i don`t have yet ..
  16. you added the modules to gate rewards late in the day . I did my 3 bonus gates earlier and recieved no bonus modules . Can you put them in my inventory as it is unfair to announce half way through the day you added them when some of us already completed the days bonus gates. cheers
  17. HAHA yeah and can you go back to the start for me and add everything i would have got also from all my previous gates.
    Some players just don't get it.
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  18. But why should I have to start paying for stuff now that used to be free?

    Why is it reasonable for anyone to defend this battlepass as if its a good thing? These events used to be COMPLETELY free with no requirements, just show up and shoot stuff and get rewards and build your ship. But now if I want "extra" (lol.) rewards I have to basically buy it now. So now everyone has these hermes designs and I don't because I can't afford time to sit on my ass all day and farm on a shady video game so I'm basically forced to buying it for money like the other sociopaths (or you know just bot for it like everyone else does :rolleyes:).

    And how does this help noobs build up their ship by the way? They see these cool hermes drone designs they can get in temporary place of spartans but they can't obtain them without buying it and if they are noobs forget about farming the uri if they are sitting on BKs all day because the event will be over by the time they get the uri.

    Makes no sense as to why this exists.
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  19. Wow how is using uridium to purchase it not free when you can obtain the uri by farming.
    What now it's the games fault cause you don't have time to play to farm,and you think you have to have the herme drones cause everyone else does lol i see a lot of players using herc's still.
    The game is not gonna slow down and wait for you to catch up, my noob account did icy's for 3 hours the other day and made 70k uri guess you need to learn to save your uri and use it for things you want in the game.
    Also all the booty keys can be crafted or earned through missions and you can get hercs or havocs there also.
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  20. I agree with all that ICE, except the green booty keys do not show as a craftable.
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