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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Sep 11, 2019.

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  1. Your right but as i said they can be got through daily and event missions.
  2. WOW for this is the reason i will never again post or help anyone in the forums i didn't even read this guys post cause obviously DO's player base is just guys with issues, i mean just look at the rage and the length of it all cause they reached out for help and someone tried to give it. BYE
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  3. Is there ANY place listing Which Gates potentially give out Which modules? I don't want to build a bunch of random gates. In particular I'm looking for the Lightning modules.
  4. No, you have to look at the announcements. But it's usually Epsilon, Zeta and Delta.
  5. why can I only put 1 module on the ship?, it has 3 slots but will only take 1 module, another c*** up by DO
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  6. Have you tried to put multiple modules of the same color in your ship? If this is the case, it's not possible anyway.
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  7. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    I find the lack of Citadel modules (HP and shield) disturbing, it is currently far to weak and clumsy to be a true tank ship / heavy battlecruiser.
  8. mcvaper

    mcvaper User

    Really wish there was some stuff for the Aegis and the Venom....maybe some shield and speed modules if you think these have an unfair firing advantage.
  9. -axl100-

    -axl100- User

    You need certified technician to buy and install the right modules for your ship.
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  10. Hi All,

    I guess I missed the boat. Today I was moving equipment around on my ship and I noticed the three new slots at the bottom. "Upgrade Modules" so I tried to put something in them. I tried everything in my inventory and I have a very large inventory just about everything the "Auction House" has and more. Nothing would go in. What are the modules that go in and where do I get them? Are certain ships get to use them? Reading this post, I don't understand. Looking in the "Shop" I don't see what to buy or what is there to use. Maybe I just lost.

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  11. -axl100-

    -axl100- User

    You need to take pen and paper and write down every module, where to find it and with which ship/design it is compatible.
  12. HI Ax,

    OK, I have paper and a pen. Now where do I start? In the shop, auction house, or one of the sectors?

  13. -axl100-

    -axl100- User

  14. Ship 'Modules' are just a fancy term for an infinite booster.

    Anyhow, I'm still waiting for the Vengeance and Pusat DMG Module to be released in my Galaxy Gate tab :)
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  15. It was the same bonus gates on the same day. I had just finished the 3 and then they go an announce that the modules were in those gates. I can't re-do them can I? They should of been awarded retrospectively. It's not next days awards or next week we are talking an hour after. You are right "Some players just don't get it" do they Einstein? lols
  16. So what your saying is if you buy uridium on Sunday before helix happy hour they should give you x4 uridium anyways cause you purchased the uridium on that same day? Maybe just read your own post and see how stupid it sounds haha. "I had just finished the 3 and then they go an announce that the modules were in those gates." That kinda means you did the gates before the event started that also means you think they should pay you for an event before it even starts geees like ice grimoire says some players just come here to rage like throw a tantrum cause someone doesn't agree with their post.
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  17. Hi All,

    So I read the post "New Ship Upgrade Modules FAQ" and some of them looks good. I have two questions.

    1. I still don't know where to get them or how to get them. They have a credit price that is sold, but can I buy them with credit? I don't care about selling items. I usually keep what I get, find, or buy. They is why my inventory pages are long. I leave it for a rainy day or just put it on another ship. If you fly and kill things you make credit and my space station provides a good income too. One person said something about gates. Are they in the gates if so which one/s.

    2. Can you put more of the same color in the 3 slots?

  18. -axl100-

    -axl100- User

    You can buy only XP modules for credits from the shop, the others come from events. And you can't mount more than one module from the same class. Check the last Tab(Available) in the FAQ for the source of every module.
  19. Hi Ax,

    Thank you,

  20. Make more modules for credit ships to help them get stronger quick. eg, Damage module specific to Aliens maybe or one that gives you bonus speed to help escape.
    Apart from that modules is a great opportunity to bring uridium ships at an equal level.
    As of Now its good that the Goli skill designs were focused on.
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