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    New NameIMAGEAlternative Skin(s)SPEEDCARGOLASERSGENERATORSHIT POINTSEXTRASSpecial FeaturesRequired..Resources
    Aegis Aegis.png-3002,0001015275,0003HP Repair/ Shield Repair/ Repair Pod
    Bigboy Bigboy.pngMamba260800815160,0003
    Citadel Citadel.png-2404,000720550,0005Draw Fire/ Travel/ Protection/ Fortify
    Defcom Defcom.pngExpo 1628080035
    Goliath Goliath.pngAmber, Crimson, Jade, Sapphire, Absolute Zero, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Razer3001,5001515256,0003
    Leonov Leonov.png-360/380500/10006664,000/160,0001(2) H-NCA
    (1) H-HFC
    Liberator Liberator.png-3004004616,0002
    Nostromo Nostromo.pngRazer340700710120,0003
    Phoenix Phoenix.png-320100114,0001
    Piranha Piranha.png-3606006864,0002
    Spearhead Spearhead.png-370500512100,0002Ultimate Cloak /JAMX / Target Marker /Recon
    Vengeance Vengeance.png-38010001010180,0002
    Yamato Yamato.pngExpo 162601,000812160,0002
    D-Raven ZYrpsdk.png 340 12 8 187,500 2 Ultimate Cloak
    Y-Ronin yHwqycS.png 260 8 12 200,000 2 Travel Mode
    A-Elite A Elite.pngFrostbite, Poison, Legend, Ocean, Sandstorm, Lava, Blaze3002,0001015275,0003Offers 5% more Damage as a bonus. However it reduces some of the skill times. The Repair pod it makes last longer
    A-Veteran C Veteran.png-3002,0001015275,00035% XP & Honor Boost
    BB-Solemn D Solemn.png-260800815160,000310% Experience Boost
    C-Elite C Elite.pngGlacier2404,000720550,000550% increase for Protection, 50% increase for Draw Fire, 25% decrease in Fortify and 15% decrease for Travel
    Goliath X 6rFPp68.png Ocean, Sandstorm, Borealis 300 1500 15 15 256000 3 FrozenClaw -your target is frozen (“rooted”) for 2 seconds.
    C-Veteran C Veteran.png-2404,000720550,00055% more XP and Honor boost
    G-Bastion Goliath Bastion.png-3001,5001515256,000310% shield strength bonus(5)H-NCA
    G-Centaur Goliath Centaur.png-3001,5001515256,000310% hitpoints bonus.(8)H-NCA
    Expo 163001,5001515256,00035% damage bonus & Shield Leech
    G-Enforcer G enforcer.png-3001,5001515256,0003It has a passive bonus of 5% damage dealt to players and aliens.
    G-Exalted Goliath Exalted.png-3001,5001515256,000310% Honor boost
    G-Goal Goliath-GOAL.png-3001,5001515256,000310% XP Boost
    G-Champion Goliath.pngChampion USA (formerly Independence) As well as a Variety of Country Designs3001,5001515256,00035% extra damage, and 10% bonus to honor points.
    G-Ignite Goliath_Ignite.png-3001,5001515256,0003
    G-Kick Goliath kick.png-3001,5001515256,000310% shield bonus
    G-PeaceMaker Peacemaker.png-3001,5001515256,00037% damage to Enemy Players(8)H-NCA
    G-Referee goliath referee.png-3001,5001515256,00035% Damage boost
    G-Saturn Goliath Saturn.png-3001,5001515256,000320% Hit Point Boost
    Sentinel Sentinel.gifFrozen Sentinel, Expo 16, Inferno3001,5001515256,000310% shield bonus & Fortress Ability
    Solace Solace.gif-Blaze, Inferno, Ocean3001,5001515256,000310% shield bonus & Nano-Cluster Repairer
    G-Sovereign Sovereign.png-3001,5001515256,00037% damage to Enemy Players(8)H-NCA
    Spectrum Spectrum.gifFrozen Spectrum, Lava, Poison, Sandstorm, Inferno3001,5001515256,000310% shield bonus & Prismatic Shielding
    G-Surgeon design_goliath_surgeon.png-Cicada, Locust3001,5001516256,00036% damage, 6% honor, 6% experience Boost
    G-Vanquisher Vanquisher.png-3001,5001515256,00037% damage to Enemy Players(8)H-NCA
    Venom Venom.gifFrozen, Blaze, Ocean, Inferno3001,6001515256,00035% damage bonus & Singularity Function
    G-Veteran Goliath_Veteran.png-3001,5001515256,000310% experience Boost
    N-Ambassador N Ambassador.pngArctic Ambassador, Inferno34015001212220,0003
    N-Diplomat N Diplomat.png-340900710140,0003
    N-Envoy N Envoy.png-34010001010160,0003
    S-Elite S Elite.pngIcicle370700710120,00035% Damage, 50% increase for Ultimate Cloak and Recon skills and 25% decrease for Target Marker. The cool down of the JAMX will be increased by 15%.
    S-Veteran S Veteran.png-5% XP & Honor Boost
    V-Adept V Adept.png-38010001010180,000210% XP Boost
    V-Avenger V Avenger.png-38010001010180,000210% Shield Boost
    V-Corsair V Corsair.png-38010001010180,000210% honor boost
    V-Lightning V lightening.pngFrozen Lightning, Expo 16, Inferno38010001010180,00025% damage & Afterburner Ability
    Pusat Pusat.pngFrozen Pusat, Expo 16, Inferno3705001612100,0003
    V-Revenge V Revenge.png-38010001010180,00025% Damage Bonus
    Argon, Borealis, Lava, Legend, Ocean, Poison, Sandstorm22015001415260,0003Rapid fire,
    Speed Boost ability to receive a speed bonus of 40%/-5% Damage.
    Cyborg Cyborg.pngLava300150016162860003Singularity Skill
    Hammerclaw Hammerclaw.pngLava290150012152775003Repair Pod /Shield repair / HP repair
    Mimesis Mimesis.pngLava300150012142860003Scramble skill / Phase Out Skill
    Hecate30015162775003Particle beam
    DisruptorNeikos, Airos30014142560003Redirect / Shield Array / DDoL

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