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    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    A short overview of the existing problems and what we’re doing right now:
    • We are currently looking into the problems with the Captcha code that is needed to redeem Bonus codes as well as the Captcha that is causing problems in the Auction.
    • Concerning the exploit of the Eternal Black Light GG with boosters, we have identified the Exploiters via database. Here’s what will follow:
      • Ranking records will be removed and excluded from the rewards calculation
      • This removal will take place tonight. If players that are concerned are in the middle of a run when the removal is running, the player will be kicked out and will require to set up a new gate and start over again. Anything that is lost due to that procedure will definitely not be compensated since it’s all about removing an exploit.
      • Any new ranking scores achieved by players after the removal will still be considered for rankings until the end of the ranking event.
    • At the moment, we are having some problems with the following recipes and therefore they will be deactivated until tomorow:
      • Log Disks
      • Mindfire Cerebrum
      • Black Light Shard
      • Eternal Fragment
      • Booty Key
      • Indoctrine Oil
      • ABR
      • IAC
      • LF-P01
    Tomorrow at around 10 am CET, we will also have another sync with a restart to go live with some small improvements and a fix of the recipe issues from above.

    As some of you already have noticed, we added some anti-botting measures to our game. Here are some details:
    • We improved the diminishing returns calculation such that it's not triggered so quickly anymore, but once it's triggered the rate of diminishing is a lot higher.
    • Added Anti-AI verification for players that have been playing for a long period. Failing the verification is not a reason for immediate banning, but it will be used as a measure to track botting activity.
    • We already had a lot of players complaining that they got this Anti-AI verification shortly after our sync yesterday – this is because we are already having a tracking in our game which is connected with the new measures.
    • Nevertheless, we will constantly do some adaptations to it to improve the effects.
    Your DarkOrbit Team
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