Skill Tree for PVE?

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by djsoupstar, Feb 22, 2024.

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  1. djsoupstar

    djsoupstar User

    Hey all

    Just wondering what you would invest your points into for PVE(Mostly farming etc)
    I have 15 points with 2 already being put into Ship Hull but was wondering what people would put into next? Cheers :)
  2. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Here's what I did. Aim for Electro-optics asap. Laser accuracy makes a massive difference.

    Below is 40 pilot points. The last 5 points were spent on PvP laser damage (Bounty hunter).


    Electro-optics (very high priority)
    Hull & Evasion (you will get a lot of these while unlocking Electro-optics)
    Shield related
    Alien hunter

    Rocket accuracy doesn't matter because you can use the tech to get 100% accuracy. Rocket damage is minimal at best. The 2 points on it were necessary to unlock Alien hunter. Some people swear by it, but realistically it's very low priority.
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  3. djsoupstar

    djsoupstar User

    Ty vm now to wait for the seprom haha!
  4. test020

    test020 User

    do you want to farm alien kills and resource selling?
    logistics, tractor beam 1 and greed, logistics expands your cargo bay by 25% and tractor beam 1 increases cargo box loot by 6% also greed increases your alien credit gain by 25%, pet trader gear has a 30 second cooldown with extra 30% credits per resource sold if you use trader gear 3 and pet cargo protocols can increase your cargo hold by 180% if you use 12 cargo gears 4, that's alot of cargo on a cita or the plus version, non premium is 24400 cargo space (premium is 27450 because protocol + logistics = 205% cargo space)...

    bonus box collection is both luck 1 and 2 with tractor beam 2, both luckies increases uridium gained by 12% and tractor beam increases all boxes rewards by 20%, can be used in tandem with bonus box doubler for 232% extra uridum or 220% extra bonus box rewards as bonus box doubler increases bonus boxes rewards by 100%, excluding PET bonus box protocols of course.

    EP and honor are tactics and cruelty 1/2, tactics increase total ep gained by 12% and both cruelties increase honor gain by 25%

    rocket fusion increases missile damage by 12%, it's not much but it's honest work when used in tandem rocket damage increasing formations and seprom.

    alien hunter increases your damage against aliens by 12% but it requires 2 pp wasted on cruelty 1 and rocket fusion

    heat seeking missiles gives extra 10% accuracy at level 5.

    but it's somewhat worthless:
    i don't know if it affects rocket launcher though and the text implies it's only missiles, maybe support can be clearer so that would translate to 85% hit rate for rocket launcher and regular missiles and 60% for plt3030, while precision targeter doesn't seem to affect rocket launchers either... if support confirms that it both works with missle launcher then you can use tartarus for the double rocket launchers.

    picking electro optics gives a 12% laser hitchance at level 5.

    and each laser has 80% base hit chance:
    you can also use AIM-01 to get extra 50% hitchance per 10 xenomit each shot instead or combo them if someone uses pld at you, which gives a neat 10% extra hit chance since pld's reduce it by 40%, making it 100% hit chance if you have electro optics as 80% base hitchance + 50% from aim and +12% from optics - 40% from pld = 142% - 40% = 102% :D

    get engineering to 5 since it helps greatly when farming aliens by reducing the time you need to fully repair, with premium boost on repair bots it gets faster.

    shield engineering to 5 will give 25% extra shield but will keep playing the bubble sound periodically, eventually leading to insanity if you don't mute it.

    shield mechanics increase your total absorption by 12%, if you go full bo3 or bo2 that's 92% shield reduction damage and only 8% damage is directed to hp, you can also use crab instead which will give you 20% absorption at the cost of 15% reduced speed, countered by a special speed module though...

    ure doing good laddie by picking ship hull, i think they should rework pilot bio to reduce it to 45 points and make these two skills something like you unlock it naturally.

    remember that evasion works against aliens so pick evasive maneuvers
    you can get lucky with the special modules to get more evasion, mimesis too and i read somewhere that some plus ships have evasion, goliath plus get evasion if your pet reaches HEAT levels + 12% from evasive maneuvers.

    the rest are mostly pvp focused like mines and pvp damage which you said to not want and therefore can be considered a waste of points especially since mines don't work against aliens, aliens dropping mines do work against us though like agatus...

    i remember that a site where you could simulate your pilot point allocation existed but can't find it anymore, either it's dead or google is being useless.
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  5. Electro-optics gives 25% hitchance at level 5, also what I have heard is that AIM-01 and 02 dont work against evasion so PLD-rockets are the only thing they can be used against making them pretty bad.

    That site still exists but due to forum rules I cant link it here. You can still find it, french darkorbit clan site
  6. test020

    test020 User

    i checked a certain forum where people dissected game stats and from what i could understand in the post is that AIM and PLD are older than evasion/accuracy stat that mimesis/pilot points and modules have and the new stats take preference when rolling each shot.

    whereas AIM/PLD and PLD work only on the ancient base laser hitchance that doesn't account for evasion stat as it doesn't even recognize it, pld reduce AIM's effective bonus to 10% because it reduces laser hitchance by 40% instead of adding evasion, so if you shoot with AIM active then you are effectively wasting xenomit because they are too old, you can still roll these old stats by resetting your pp and using AIM/PLD no problemo though, using pld on aliens work well even with pp evasion because they don't seem to have the new stats in them but something tells me that blacklight aliens do have the new stats as i tested hitting them with pld and it didn't seem to work or i am extremely unlucky to waste more than 50 pld's testing whereas a ubk did miss two shots on me when i hit it with 1 pld.

    take it with a grain of salt but the people dug the game files to check so if what they say is true then bigpoint could "fix" AIM and PLD by merging both stats but they are busy making new lasers and probably would make new bugs :rolleyes:

    i don't get it why they blocked it, pre-chinese bp allowed the site to exist without issues but now it's not allowed.