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    Skylab Robots FAQ

    What can the Robots do?

    - Prometium collector, Endurium collector and Terbium collector can increase their productivity with these robots.

    What types of Robots are there?

    - There are two kinds of robots. The credits type robot(250 Credits) and the Uridium Type Robot (50 Uridium)

    What bonus do these Robots give my ore production?

    - The credits Robot gives you 1% more production on your collectors. The Uridium Robot gives you 4% more production.

    How many robots can I apply to a single Ore collector?

    - You can apply a maximum of 12 bots to a single collector.

    How long is a robot valid?

    - Every robot has a active use time of 48 hours. That time starts when they have been activated. They don’t lose any time when they are in the storage.

    How many robots can I buy?

    - You can buy unlimited amounts of robots. All robots that you can’t apply will be stored for you and will be used automatically when a robot slot opens up.

    What happens if a robot expires and I still have robots in the storage?

    - As long as you have robots in storage they will be automatically put in the place of the robot that just expired. The system will use the Uridium Robots first for this refill.

    What happens with the robots when I am logged out?

    - The robots keep on running when you are logged out.

    What happens when the collector is turned off?

    - Even if the collector is turned off the robot times keeps on running

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