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  1. Since we're at the point that cheaters will never be dealt with, and own this game now, it's time to assist those NOT cheating. Since coming back, there's no real activity, so no one really OWNS anything, I know I can go pally because its 99% bots in there and I could just farm that way, but that's boring as all hell. I just choose to NPC and blow all my rocks doing so, easily ran out of Sep and Prom in the skylab, which just goes to show, we need something out of it, it needs an update, its been years, you can easily run out in less than a week if you login to do it every 9 hours using a citadel, and it would be less if the AD watching worked but, it doesn't, and I don't have AD block lol.

    So update the skylab to move faster, let us upgrade the levels or something, the production rate needs to be increased drastically if you're gonna have regular players compete with the people who glitched infinite Seprom ect... It's not hard to do, it could take you literally less than a month to implement such a change.
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    I can agree with the skylab rework. It's pretty outdated. I would suggest BP to either add more levels or add a twist to it. Please don't tie the new update to spending more money tho. I see a lot of new players struggle with the skylab, and those who got it maxed out don't benefit much. What you can get out of it is around 4000 Seprom a day now which can be spent in an hour of playtime and even less. I wish the seprom production to be increased or introduce a way to earn a new ore possibly? Freshen it up.
  3. Considering people have glitched unlimited seprom I don't see why we don't just upgrade it so legit players can have a good stream of sep income. Hell, we need to be able to get more from prom too, the botters have trillions of credits, i work up a billion in about a week if im consistent.
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    Heck yeah, having a more consistent flow would be very nice for everyone that plays the game without using bots or glitches.

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