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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Malaikat, Feb 14, 2022.

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  1. Malaikat

    Malaikat Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello SpacePilots,

    Please share your tips for the best way to upgrade the Skylab here.

    Your DarkOrbit Team
  2. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    Skylab is fine< leave it alone!
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  3. .ART98.

    .ART98. User

    Just keep goin‘ and stop changing running systems! First @ all fix bugs, ban Bots, than maybe downgrade many updates and the game will be fine.
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  4. kusimitama

    kusimitama User

    Osmium would be nice to have maybe more Seprom. Or if something that is hardly available resources could be farmed with it like schism cristals or IAC etc. But we dont need something completly new again that will cost thousands of hours and euros OR bots to farm out.

    But I dont think it should be changed if you are not planing something like these above. But there are some other stuff that could be improved like:

    Auction: weekly is empty for most people, daily only has the base modules so its empty too

    Regular Shop ammunition like Job-100 and helstorm rockets should be added here.

    Give people oportunities to have all the other ships make them buyable with uri / auction

    Make vegance a credit ship Noone uses it anymore and its way to weak.

    LF-4 could be added to daily auction and shop since its only a normal weapon nowadays

    LF-2 For Uri is a joke.

    Liberator plus for 1M Uri is a joke. Its technically use less. Should be kredit or atleast cheaper with no additional material requirement.

    Forum login option on the forum site since there is none.

    Yamato, defcom for uri is a joke

    Spearhead no one uses it anymore

    Booty key in auction

    QUEST UPDATE!!!!! Current quests are worth less. Until Farming Kristalons and Kristalins is better for all resources than quests no one will do them. And quests reward giving less resource than doing the quest itself is nonesence and demoralise people.
    Quest should have other rewards than uri and kredit and XP

    Instead of saying "you can have schism cristal at key events" -- but there is always a key event it should be just simply permanent ....

    Decrease material needs for items like spartan, new rocket launchers , things that need rinusk and darks silver. THey are too expensive without Bots and cheating its impossible to farm out with 2 hours game days. (avarage game time i think) (and I have full havoc 10 drone Full upgraded lf4 + 13 prometheus etc etc) People with bots already have them. people without them will technically never.
    I like grinding and stuff but 10 spartan costs 2250 cristal you need 90 hades for that its just impossible to do in a normal time.... Also hercules chance should be increased ( I have all 10 but it was like half a year to farm out ...) And rinusk, + darksilver stuff is even more brutal ...

    And im sure there are SO MANY MORE that could be fixed.

    As a Software engineer ALL OF THESE are simple updates could be done under 2 weeks with testing (at least if the game is written reasonably)

    Maybe not everyone will like all these but im sure that you would get more support for any of these than for skylab update...
  5. Grandpa_II

    Grandpa_II User

    need to add ship to sky lab deposit system with a large storage container that can be upgraded to store more ore with credits and uri
  6. Personally I think the exno should be able to build up. If you're a hunter in this game you need exno for targeting cpu and smart bombs insta shields etc. there is never enough exno. Often I have to waist precious sep on lasers to kill cubes and boss stuff just to get exno. The magic players in this game don't need to worry bout exno they continually build it up even when their ummm sleeping :rolleyes:

    Never did understand the reasoning behind a module that really does nothing.


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