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  1. Hello there.
    Skylab is not in use foe several months now.
    Are you going to fix it sometime?
    Especially the Tech Factory update.
    Reply soon,thank you
  2. Mod-Rogue

    Mod-Rogue Moderator Team Darkorbit

    Hello @kinigos_oneiron7.GRE

    The skylab should run on the back page :)

    The tech Factory you can find when you are in game under the crafting menu :)

    Hope this will help. Got any other question ?

    Regards Rogue
  3. What do you mean?
    I want to produse things i did before with T.F. Now,it is gone

    And.yes,one more question. I used to see the Greek forum,for i cannot find it
  4. Tech items was moved to Assembly. What problem do you have on the Skylab?
  5. Nothing with the skylab.The section ''Tech factory'' is missing,long ago. That is my problem
  6. Tech Items are in the Assembly now. Tech items that require Seprom , you need to have the Seprom "On Your Ship" to be able to produce said Tech Item. It no longer takes the Seprom out of the SkyLab. You need to transfer it to your ship, then assemble the item you need.

    Hope that clears things up
  7. The Tech items, as others have stated, has been permanently migrated from the Skylab page to the Assembly menu in-game. You will need to load up the game, open up the assembly tab (looks like a electronics board), and enable the "Tech" filter to find all craftable techs.

    WARNING: You will see two versions of the same tech. Take care which one you use! One is the "buy now" with Uridium, whereas the other is the default, craftable item, requiring your normal log-disks, credits and seprom.
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  8. Mod-Rogue

    Mod-Rogue Moderator Team Darkorbit

    Hello pilots

    Thanks for helping out the OP

    Does the OP have any other question ?

    Or may I close ?

    Regards Rogue
  9. DarkMarsGR

    DarkMarsGR User

    Sorry bro, dead server = no money = reduced resources
    Bigpoint. Because we care.
  10. Mod-Rogue

    Mod-Rogue Moderator Team Darkorbit

    Closing as OP is not responsive to Moderator.
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