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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by WyattEarp, Dec 30, 2013.

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    BOSS~ADAM User

    This wouldn't make the game more fair, just boring, their's better ways to improve the game and this isn't one of those ways, do you really think wallet warriors and cheaters would be exempt from being able to have this, they'd still have the advantage if this was introduced. No need to double post either.
  2. Let me add a little to this thread. There's this one option on the game called change config. Might want to check into it. I've got needed things like jump cpu and cloaks on 1 config, and then on the other I have the ammo and rocket buying cpus. Try doing that. Phooey on putting extras on drones. What derp would do that?
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  3. Railgunner

    Railgunner User

    This is the perfect argument.

    There is no need for a slot extender with the amount of cpus that currently exist. Some strategy is involved when deciding what extras you need. The addition of a slot extender would eliminate this strategy. Besides, if a new slot extender was ever implemented, other new cpus would be added as well and you'd be back to square one with the "I need more space" issue.

    VESPID User

    I'll take that problem every day of the week as opposed to being limited of options.
    This is the ideas pool not the argument pool, only the foolish would confuse the
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  5. People are used to convenience and that is why they want this. All those who do not, are trying to prevent you guys from becoming lazy. Say thank you, no grumble.
  6. =SERAPH=

    =SERAPH= User

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