Slow Laser Ammo

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Dreadlok, Nov 13, 2014.

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  1. Dude, we're trying to tell you...
    The UFEs will also get access to this ammo; and LOADS of it too. They can use this on noobs to slow them down and pop them -_-
  2. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    Yea but the noobs can use it too, not only for themselves but to save the others or to keep raiders slowed for defenders to deal with them.

    I keep seeing reasons to not change the pvp aspect of the game.
    On that note, this ammo can be used to offer more for the noobs like me than not having it.
    So what if ufe or fe employ it, everyone can not only use it but it is affordable.....for everyone.

    I have a hard time believing any pilot that can insta pop every ship in the lowers upon the opening volley would waste their time with this ammo.
  3. Omega

    Omega User

    you don't get the point .that everybody will be able to buy this .are u that dense to not think of it from the other side .we did .and we said that the noobs will suffer more if ufes get this .cuz we can slow u down and then rape you out of the map every time
  4. Sorry Dread. Don't think this will work.
  5. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    I don't understand all this opposition when what you guys are afraid of happening is happening every day anyway.
    The only change is that noobs that can afford this will use it.

    You guys are saying Fe and Ufe invaders will slaughter noobs if this comes out.
    News flash guys, that seems to be nothing new.
    Next complaint please.
  6. Omega

    Omega User

    here's one . that's the main problem with this . plus its not needed . plus it will just make things easier . another complain .ur dense af,and can't take criticism .when we shoot down ur stupid idea . now next idea
  7. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    See, here's the thing. The thing that makes this a bad idea according to u guys is that with this the Ufe and Fe will rampage the lower maps at will.
    I'm saying that this idea can't possibly be the catalyst for what is happening now which is that the Ufe and Fe are rampaging in the lower maps now.
    Will this ammo assist them?
    Yes and it will assist everyone else too.
  8. pvp would be dead, there would be no more tactics and basically who have more ships in fight would win every time. some of us like to hunt solo and get in a fights vs 10 ships. what do you think how could 1 ship fight more than 1 ship at a time with this shtz ammo?
    go on 5-2 map and fly around to see how it is when you get constantly slow down.
  9. If there is any chance DO to implement this, I am 100% sure it will be ammo that can be bough with uri only. That means, the "noobs" as everyone says i.e. those who can't afford this ammo will be rampaged hard.

    -1 for this idea. Go on.
  10. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    So is it that PvP will be harder for Fe and Ufe or is it going to continue to be a noob massacre for them?
    Either way the opposing council is failing to make it's case.

    If it does make it in game I certainly hope DO takes the continuation of noob pilots in mind concerning price.
  11. Oh man -.-'

    Just give up, and learn to accept other's opinions.
    Whining about people disagreeing with you doesn't make your idea happen.
    It just makes you "wespid the second"
    In other word's you are making yourself a fool.
  12. It is going to be both. Especially NOOB massacre.

    And can you all please stop writing that NOOB word? There are 2 type of players here: PAY 2 WIN and PLAY FOR FUN.

    Thank you
  13. Dude, think carefully about this.
    There are players that are much weaker than UFEs, but they have the skills needed to be able to escape them, like me.
    Add the slow ammo, and EVERYONE will die; no chance for escape. This will 100% ruin the game for EVERYONE, even UFEs, since they won't get anyone to shoot at.
  14. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    Ok I'll stop. Close it down mod.
  15. Shifterai

    Shifterai User

    Closing as requested.
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