so how many spins you received if u already had a hades gate opened?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by nasser_ghulam, Dec 12, 2013.

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  1. my question is simple
    i have a hades gate opened
    what if i do not want to do the hades gate and want spins
    so how many spins u receive for sacrificing the hades gate i hope it at least 15K uri otherwise it will be bad
    thank you
    Plz answer accurately so that i know how many spins i will receive becz if it is not good then i might give the code to a close friend of mine
    i hope that is allowed?
    thank you

    another thing is unban my account :)
    Server: Global america 5
    Username: Peo0pl3
    User ID: 94352570
  2. -HarleyD-

    -HarleyD- User


    You will get a Hades gate. If you have one open on the map then you will have a completed Hades placed into the Galaxy gate section. Only if you have one on the maps AND one completed and ready to launch will you get 500 spins (50k uri worth).

    There is NOT an option to sacrifice a gate and get spins.

    Hope this answers.
  3. u got ur account ban how
  4. some dum guy was asking for an advise and i said something stupid to di so he complaind and i got banned for 7 days
    i just said kill the guy and cut his head
    i thought they took it seriously and the stupid guy complained about me and then i get message i was threatning him so yea thats the whole story
    i hope to be back on 14Th thats when i released from bann
    talk to u later hell in the game :)
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  5. thank you harley i am looking forward to the 500 spins :)
  6. I haven't got the Hades gate yet for free because i haven't got the email but i already have the gate open and i want the free spins because i have one open :(
  7. It's just one Hades.. B-Day gate is special, Hades is not
  8. humbug is all i have to say, they av had us off now it is all over. We will see what the new auction does, and if it hits hard then maybe xmas wasnt so bad in the end. Who knows?

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