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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Jun 15, 2018.

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  1. if dev would test things on servers with other players you would need about 5 minutes to come to the conclusion that this is - wrong - (to put it in trump words). #pleasefix
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  2. Lol, maybe they should space the cargo out throughout the map and players need fly around a wide area in order to find them?

    Definitely wont be happening soon....

    And yes, it is difficult to pick them up!
  3. ÇîŁMŴ

    ÇîŁMŴ User

    i activated the mission "collect 5 event box" (is the first one).
    after 7 hours spent on the event i have collect only one box!!!
    IT'S REALLY FRUSTRATING and defenetly a waste of time.
    the worst thing is when spaceball is coming close to the gate and i can't even click on a spot on the maps because it's full of cloaked leech.

    @Deter you said devs team want everyone to participate but by allowing cloak ship near ball and gates you are ruining the event to all the players (even the newbe that you want to partecipate).
    more than that, those cloaked palyer are not partecipating at the event because they only steal and run. they don't shoot at the ball, they don't help their company to make score!
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  4. Kante.

    Kante. User

    Lol you really want it easy. Without the cloak players the strongest clan will have the Space Cup for themselves. Most clan members just sit there and wait for the noobs who shoot the ball to get it to them. There is no fight over the ball. The fights are over the cargo boxes.
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  5. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    The server i play on, there are no fights over the ball. The 2 or 3 cross company clans that are dominating spaceball have it worked out between them. Cloakies aren't much of a problem, 4 or 5 bring the ball while the rest sit at portal and shoot anything not in their group/s.

    I was told by a member of one such group, on my 4th attempt to participate, "I shot you because you were cloaked". My response -I cloaked because the first 3 times I was shot on the portal as I jumped into 4-4. His Response - Yeah, you're not in one of the right clans, you will die as soon as we see you.
    Another told me, if I wanted to switch companies he had a clan on another account for newer players and they would not be killed in 4-4.

    Basically it boils down to - If you're not in the right clan you don't do the event in 4-4 - If you're not UFE or willing to switch companies, you don't get into one of the right clans, so don't do the event in 4-4.

    I would say, DO dropped the ball on the spaceball part of the event but sadly (according to the post from Deter above) they knew EXACTLY what they were doing.
    Honestly this is just such a balanced, well planned event, why would anyone not be happy with it. (full sarcasm in case you missed it)
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  6. Portals need to reveal cloakers. problem solved. before the event ends. it's the same 10 people in spearheads getting the rewards over and over. There's also a lot of people using box vacuums to suck up all the cargo at once. I hope you guys are running a script to catch them.
  7. I am an UFE (nearly) player....I intially thought this event would be good. Unfotunately, the event is probably the worst in DO history of the game.
    I have completed most of the space cup event for 2000 points but I am giving up on the event and seriously considering abandoning it...
    Therefore I believe I have wasted my time...

    I collected 23 mayhem boxes and got all poor rewards from every single box. To add, for the past couple of days I have not been able to pick up a mayhem box, let alone see them...

    The amount of players participating in the event has created an enormous lag and has left a considerable amount of players disappointed..

    I know players (including myself) moan from time to time but this time around the gamplay is out of balance. The odds are stacked so much against even ufe players that it isn't worth participating. I put on prem and will just let it run it's course...

    I think if this event is ever run again some serious thinking need to be put into the gameplay- beforehand...

    As I mentioned in an earlier post on this thread and I would like to repeat again.... Can you expect a themed event that is run alongside a World Cup whilst Selling ships that represent different countries, yet still this game is nothing like the World Cup... For instance; MCC'S ...Let's not go off topic though....

    My very last point, I maybe wrong but I am almost certain there are no boxes dropiing on some of the company goals...If there is, why are they not showing up? Maybe they shoud spawn then have a 10 second window where they cannot be picked up so that everyone who participates in the event at least sees the boxes!!

    Thank you.
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  8. ÇîŁMŴ

    ÇîŁMŴ User

    You are right, there is no fight for the ball.
    But there is no fight for the box too, in ge1 they disappear so quickly that sometime you don't even see them. It seems to be only a matter of luck to get one.
    Instead putting an anti-cloak area would make people fighting for the boxes
  9. phft event is pathetic, and as usaul the botters and cheats get all the rewards, when id DO going to open there eyes and get rid of them, there is more cheats on the game now than ever, and , run scripts to catch them, thats a joke.
    sack the dev team and employ somebopdy that can actually produce a decent event.
    all they produce is more and more garbage.
  10. Kante.

    Kante. User

    I don't see the mayhem boxes too, the lag is so bad my ship move in jerking motion. But lag is traditionally part of DO events. The fight I mentioned was over regular cargo boxes. Anti-cloak on portal mean the fight DO style 5 Cyborgs against 1 spearhead.
  11. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    It has taken me 12 days - but I finally got my first Mayhem Box
    You received 2,000 UCB-100 laser ammo.
    You received 400 Space Cup Points.

    I'm not attempting either of the Mayhem quests, they just aren't worth it unless you're in one of the few dominating (MCC) clans and at this rate the event would have to run for another 2 or 3 months for me to collect just the 5 boxes required for the 500 points. Then there is the added problem of having to survive for 20 minutes without getting chased down and killed by 10 Cyborgs at a time to complete the mission.

    So far, to get 2,000 X4 and 400 event points I have used nearly 25k X4 and died more times than I care to count.

    DO - You really should look at disallowing the use of mines and smartbombs on the gate.
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  12. Odin®

    Odin® User

    I simply won't play. The Events I do enjoy are Domination , Battle for Influence , July 4th [Small , Medium and Hard] , Pirate Hunt [Clan] ,
    VoT and ToT and the Battle Arena when it was open ...
  13. HiImJmSs

    HiImJmSs User

    Dear forum readers,

    I am going to discuss the main problem about the Space Cup event in this thread.

    You all know that the mayhem boxes that the space ball drops after score behaves like a bonus box. Some players click on them so fast that there is no point in playing the event.

    But the most absurd thing about this event is that there is a "tool" out there that helps you click on mayhem boxes. Currently on my server (us1) there is a bunch of players abusing those tools during the event.

    This thread is written to inform the Dark Orbit coders and NOT to encourage the use of these illegal tools.

    And hopefully, these players will someday get caught and perma banned from this game.
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  14. spy-girl

    spy-girl User

    For me it is not intressant to expensive and 2 much time and you must be bigger then i am today . Sorry to say the lag is bad
    hope is it better when then cup is over :cool:
  15. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    Events like SpaceCup only truly work on smaller servers where there aren't 30-40 players trying to collect. Maybe DO can invest their time in finding a new way to play soccer in space.

    I, personally, am enjoying the event because I happen to be in one of the small servers of DO and get a box every now and then. Still difficult when everyone is using lightning venges and most likely the "tool".

    Revealing cloakers would kill the event even further.
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  16. GreatA

    GreatA User

    The boxes are easy to get ^^ some people who use the magical tool have so many x6 and EE :D:D:D

    "Some players click on them so fast" yes yes you are right :rolleyes: anyway DO won't do anything since developers are focusing on servers merges/dowloaded client and the chat system so it is fine hahaha :) Banning bot won't provide more money to DO so they are fine ;)
  17. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    Real bad event , boring missions, those of us who can't play at the times spaceball is played " always in the 4 pm to 10 pm time slots" because we work for a living, can not complete missions. I would have to say the last real good event that has been added to the game was the “Attack of the Killer P.E.T.s” Event.
    only a one time the event never showed up again. Maybe one day they will run it again but they need more events like Killer Pets and less of the type that has everyone follows one ship across a few maps blasting away or a event that has missions in only very short time span of the 24 hours the game is played, leaving players who play at other times out of the events.
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  18. I so miss pets event. This one is a drag. You can get the space points without bothering with the 4-4 activities, which I have no time for with my work schedule. If I spent more time on GB1, I could do it there but I rather spend my time in West. Most players only have so much time to play so the majority of these events are a bust before they get started. I won't play spaceball even if I do get a night off. 2 more days and I will have 50k points. I will be working on my gates, its more fun.
  19. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    Good to see your still flying the maps PSK. I'm pretty close to my 50k points also. It does look like no time or any imagination goes into any of the events any more. just push out the old standards, make nothing new and nothing fun just the same old stuff hoping it'll keep the players here. By the look of the players in game lately, I'm thinking this plan isn't working and it's time to start a new one. By the time they start putting servers together they may not need to.
  20. Its hard to stay motivated to play. I do have some things I want to finish up though so there is that. I try to stay out of chat as it just invites problems and brings you down more. I think you are right about a game plan. This one is pretty much a bust. Its hard to know what is workable until after deployment. So many players have grown up mentally and moved on in life. Something to attract, and keep new players around is badly needed.
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