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    Accompanying the European football event from Friday, the 10th of June, 0:00h LST, to Sunday, the 10th of July, 23:59h LST, we’re running the “Space Cup ‘16”.

    The Event features

    · 12 New Missions
    · Sale of the Champion Goliath and the country designs for the 24 participating countries:
    Albania, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Northern Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Wales​
    · Soccer Bonus – buy Uridium when your country’s team plays and get up to 5x the Uridium if they score well.
    · Special UBA season with special rewards and new titles.
    · Spaceball Events
    · Return of the Football Lordakia and the Referee Bots​
    The Ship Designs
    space cup ships.png

    The Drone Designs

    The new cosmetic “Champion” Drone Design will be available as rewards for the UBA seasons or for 280,000 Uridium in the in-game shop for the duration of the event.

    Soccer Bonus

    Twelve hours before a match starts, players from the corresponding countries can make a bet on their team’s performance. If you purchase Uridium while the Soccer Bonus is active for your team, and your team scores well that day, you can get up to 5x the amount of Uridium.
    For exact Details, please refer to the Soccer Bonus FAQ.

    Space Cup Season

    The whole of June is reserved for the “UBA Space Cup Seasons”.
    On top of the regular rewards, this month the top players will receive:
    · 1st place: CBO-100 x10,000, CBR x1000, 10x Champion Drone Designs / Title: Space Cup 2016 Champion
    · 2nd place: CBO-100 x10,000, CBR x1000, 8x Champion Drone Designs
    · 3rd place: CBO-100 x10,000, CBR x1000, 6x Champion Drone Designs
    · 4th - 10th place: CBO-100 x10,000, CBR x1000, 3x Champion Drone Designs
    · 11th - 30th place: CBO-100 x5000, CBR x500, 2x Champion Drone Designs
    · 31st - 50th place: CBO-100 x5000, 1x Champion Drone Design
    Spaceball Event Title

    All players who, during the event duration, manage to score for their company at least 20 times, will receive the title “Space Cup 2016 MVP”. “Scoring” means that they have the last shot at the Spaceball before it enters the goal.

    Note: You will need to own the G-Champion ship to be able to utilize the flag ships.
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