Suggestion to help those struggling financially?

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by Heaven, Jul 23, 2020.

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  1. Heaven

    Heaven User

    During this time in the American servers. Many of us have been laid off, or furloughed. We love this game, we continue to come back, but the price for premium, and rebate for a month is over $10. It may not seem like a lot if you are financially stable, but not everyone is. Many are struggling just to put food on the table now and provide for their families, even with the support of Gov programs, and unemployment paycheck, Stimulus funds, grants, etc.

    I think it has always been questionable to a lot of people who have played this game for so long, why Turkey, and Venezuela among other countries get everything for 400% cheaper than us. If you have ever been to Turkey for example, the prices there are about half as much as in America, so why are we paying 4 x as much on here?

    A lot of us wanna keep playing this game but can't afford it due to being laid off. Could you offer us some sort of relief during this time?

    Anyways.. if you support this - which I don't see why you wouldn't unless you have the financial status of Bigpoint and their debts, I see no reason why they shouldn't temporarily offer us some relief, until the world gets back to normal. Please bump this topic and show support. It would really benefit a lot of us, and keep the game active.

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  2. Two things:

    1) Countries like Turkey have economies that are far worse off than countries such as the US or UK. Prices has been set for those currencies based on their value. 1 TL is worth 15 cents. Trust me, the Turkish server prices are fairly set for the Turkish economy. It's only a problem when people try to abuse the exchange rates.

    2) If you cannot afford this game then I recommend that you don't spend any money here. At the end of the day, this game is a luxury in life and your real life finances should take precedence.

    I understand where you're coming from but I just don't see it happening.
  3. evve1

    evve1 User

    A bit like saying then that this game is not for everyone.
    "can you not afford to do not play ...."
    No sure ok.
  4. Heaven

    Heaven User

    I think you're missing the point. It isn't a gripe about Turkish prices it's an example, of them clearly being able to charge lower amounts for certain countries and still run a business.

    There's always gonna be people who say the obvious, if you can't afford it, don't play. It's not that I can't afford it, it's that money is much tighter now than ever.

    Ofc, I realize gaming is a luxury, but a lot of us who have been playing this game for the better part of 10 or 15 years, who have had Premium pretty much the entire time, who have supported the game. Just asking to cut us a little slack. For those of us who are laid off and at home all the time now with nothing to do. Personally, I can't play many other games due to bppv, that's why I stick to this game, because the graphics don't trigger it as bad as intense high graphic games do. There are others on here, many older, retired, who are also caught in this financial crisis. Not to mention the state of mental health people are in now, and imagine not being able to play the one game you have been playing for a lot of your life, because you can't afford it. So here you are.. jobless, mental health declining, can't go anywhere, can't do anything, no entertainment venues opened, restricted to what you can do because of certain diseases. Hell I know people who were in the military who can't play games because it triggers their PTSD. I'm saying, cut people some slack, and put yourself in their position. Nobody is asking for lifetime Turkish prices on Uri and everything, just the base essentials that most of us have been buying for the time we've been playing this game, Prem, rebate, and maybe doubler for some.

    Another thing is this game is dying anyways, maybe a cut in prices would increase the amount of new people who join.
  5. You can always opt to play for free. Experience the joy that I feel most players have with no currency involved.... ;)
  6. Again this is less about countries and more about economies. The average household income per capita for Turkey is a TENTH of that of the US. If they charged the USD equivalent in TL for the Turkish region then nobody would be able to afford anything. It is a choice between little income and no income and Bigpoint are simply doing what they can - not because they want to but because they have to.
  7. .ΛĊΞ.

    .ΛĊΞ. User

    It's not because they have to. Obviously you haven't played other BP games on US servers and seen the price for premium features there.. much much lower.
  8. Why would other US games have anything to do with the Turkish economy?
  9. You could always do without the rebate and pay $1.99/month for premium. Most of the people I talk to that were laid off are getting more from unemployment than they were making before being laid off.
  10. Railgunner

    Railgunner User

    There is the play for free option. Yes, you won't progress as fast but it is the best option if you still want to play. Real life and family comes first.

    I think DO would actually make more money if prices were cheaper because those prices would be attract more people.
  11. I'm laughing reading the comments on this thread. First of all new players don't stand a chance against a ship that is fully loaded with lvl16 magna and Promi lasers they might last one combo shot if that. Number two the reason the game has been dying is because all the servers are completly over run by NPC ships. Then you have those who lack the basic ability to fight without the use of external programs. That is what has kept the big spenders of the servers period. As per the haves and the have nots that is called life which has always existed it's your choice to spend or not to spend. I have been playing quitely a couple of hours a night and mainly during special events just to collect ABR no time for clan drama or any of the other nonsense going on these days on these servers. My account is now fully UFE so now I'm just collecting HD videos of some of the remarkable things some of these players are able to do most of course don't affect my ship but it's funny to see how mad they get when they fail. You want to get stronger without spending a fortune it's simple stay out of chat and focus on one thing at a time. Don't get distracted with nonsense that is not going to make your account stronger. Also if want to cancel the external programs get yourself a good firewall and the most powerful Gaming rig you can build it negates their special abilities. Also running 1GB or faster internet connection is a must. I learned a lot from Grumpy who used to play on US1 everything he taught was spot on. Good luck with building your accounts after all that is what the game is truly about.
  12. Agreed Sith agreed. Most of the players today have no idea what hard really is. The days before upgrades, before galaxy gates and hell even before x4. Heading to uber maps in a vengi shooting x3 and surviving was true skill along with nervousness and excitement. The first winning bid on West for the ten slot was over 1 billion and it was nearly a month before i received mine. Building ships is still a skill that many dont see the pay off from, they need to remember today its cake compared to the past. Grumpy was always one to help and advice. Good luck to you and congrats on doing what us old school players know what need be done.
  13. Heaven

    Heaven User

    I'd love to have premium for 1.99 a month, could you show me where I could get that deal?
  14. When my premium expires it gives me the deal to get premium for $1.99/month. It doesnt do that for everyone?
  15. evve1

    evve1 User

    My premium cost 5.99 Euro / month. Have never get any deal when expired
  16. grumpy was a good friend
  17. dark8blue

    dark8blue User

    Heh I wish..

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