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  1. Well like the title says I have noticed many posts about issues on Sunday now is my day to play the game and I can only change drone formation 1 time then it freezes 1 shot of rsb then it freezes and I have to change maps to be able to change formation 1 time and shoot 1 round of rsb.
    How is this game play worth any money?
    Premium and rebate is useless if you can't play the game right but I notice all your beloved robots are all having no issues what gives?
    Also my contact window is blank my assembly window is blank I had to refresh chat to get that to work and already cleared cache.
    6:55 servertime was hoping to do some gates got to wave 5 in kappa whole game froze now can't login.
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  2. Excessive

    Excessive User

    This for me seems to be more of an issue when in X-1 map on weekends but does happen on other maps when trains are about, so quite often.
    BL maps and EBG are especially bad for it..

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