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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by -baghira2-, Nov 21, 2021.

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    I know this community has some influence on this, but still:

    1.) How about adding modules called "GOLD MODULE" to the game for expansion for players up to 15-16lvl ...

    Modules would have 2x higher statistics than classic modules- calm dmg 50% HP -50% ...
    It is almost impossible for new players to get unstable modules (from the Eternal gate).
    The so-called golden module could only be put into a ship with golden modules -
    nothing but a mutual combination of the GOLDEN modul.

    They would be won by players from 2lvl - to 15-16lvl. either from missions or from the number of specific gates. as a reward. Or feel free to shop for credit or uridium - such as SPC-XP01 to LVL16 ... After exceeding that level. the modules would automatically change to about 100k. / per piece - or when it it seems too much - they would be non-functional, as is the case with those SPC modules ...

    It would definitely motivate new players to play for the title - after reaching a certain level, they should head the hill to obtain "normal - unstable modules". To start :)

    And bonus golden modules would give them a much better ability to cope with players with higher Lvl. It would give them higher NPC profits, fast points, uridium and a much better BALANCE compared to "top" players.

    2.) Alternatively, give the game the opportunity to share the module in the case of a group of 10% on the players. Something like a booster to honor / xp. It would only apply to a module that can only be shared with players up to level 15-16.

    Behemond - strong NPCs - could have done that - but they would have to have a group. Even if it gave them 100% damage. Surely they will have no more than have a "top" prometeus at 16lvl or new rocket launchers. At 16lvl. Surely no player has a laser at 20lvl.

    It strikes me as sacramental help for novices. It will definitely bring them more interest in the game and gained experience - as with the idea that they will reach the TOP level in a year / two - when this game may end.

    It would certainly not harm players with a higher level, and on the contrary, it would attract new "small" players to play the game actively. As a topco, I would definitely not mind - new blood is needed in the form of new players in the game.

    Even if these modules were very powerful - it would counterbalance those tops on the server - and so or so, after reaching 17lvl - the players would be left with a uridium - and experience with a strong ship and with the game.

    Such an adjustment is not an absolute problem, it just needs to be done. If that's too much - they can easily change it at any time
    - as they do with every ship, which is good - but over time it is adjusted.

    it was written by a player xmens.
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