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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello spacepilots,

    Here are the sync notes for today:
    • Permanent Quarantine Zone added [FAQ]
    • Fixed an issue with the Skylab where it would not load, and players would receive a 504 gateway timeout error
    • Fixed an issue with Tartarus PET Lava design
    • Fixed an issue where users who had obtained the Cyborg from an exploit were unable to craft it again after the illegally obtained ship was removed.
    • Login Issues for Swedish & German players for all BP games
      • Some players could not reach our servers (mostly Swedish & German players using certain ISPs). Ths issue should now be resolved
    • Server clocks
      • The clocks for the American clustered servers have been updated. For example, East Coast timed servers should now see US Eastern time.
      • Some other servers clocks have been updated to reflect their local times as well, such as Great Britian servers.
    Your DarkOrbit Team
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