Tartarus Ship testing Feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Jul 27, 2016.

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  1. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hello Everyone,

    Here is a feedback thread where we ask you to post your feedback on the Tartarus ship testing.

    Thank you for all the constructive and useful feedback.
  2. Back page access to test server to view the ship seemed fine. Unable to alter configuration even though client was not loaded.

    Further feedback concerning this new ship is pending.
    Pending condition is brought about by the client screen unable to connect (third consecutive test server access problem/error/condition).
    Will be unable to comment on any aspect until after the ship is introduced on main servers and that will be conditional at that point depending upon purchase price(s).
  3. ramnik

    ramnik User

    gotta say, ship is massive isnt it lol. plus surely speed shouldnt be over 600?
  4. Please correct the information posted is Base speed 220 or 260 both are stated in the stat post by Nightmare;

    Default speed: 220

    Tartarus’ base speed changes to 300 (instead of default 260)

    I know one is a typo but would prefer to see the correct information posted. Since the last time I tried to access the TEST2 Server I was locked out of my account (just for trying to enter not exit) I will not be flying the TEST for further comments on this long awaited ship, along with the fact that it is currently one hour past the time it was scheduled to be closed here on the USA West Server. Too bad we could not have been given a days notice (or more than a 4 hour window) of the proposed opening so more players might have had a chance to view this new ship, but then unless you have been on the TEST Server for years you don't have the equipment to really test the capabilities of this ship anyway.
  5. Hmm, guessing they tried locking out too much stuff for this test server. I got the ship and all the needed gadgets to go forth and do great things but when I figured out that could not access space, I remembered I am a full fledged credit ship player and went back to West and my BigBoy. :p Add the test2 server to the list of things needing attention.o_O
  6. Black_wolf

    Black_wolf User

    the ship is so amazing.. i like it cuz of speed boost ability. but to be fair damage must be reduce d by 20% or 30% to prevent some UFE noob hunters to destroy low players fast with this speed so they get more time to run or get help .. if it would be just 3% . this ship will be UFE noob hunter best partner.. its speed config runs with wheel 644 and with ring or drill 600.. at last RIP LIGHTNING and Spearhead .. btw spear is dead since pusat came out .
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  7. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    Considering the ship specs compared to the Goliath and Aegis the Tartarus is in need of more speed. Had the HP been higher then the slow speed would have been in balance but with only HP: 260,000 the Tartarus will be easy meat for both the Goliath and Aegis.

    This ship does not fill any gaps and if you already own The Aegis and any of the Skill Goliath's then spending 200k uri is a total waste of money.

    I would also suggest that the cargo be increased from 1500 to 2000.

    About the firepower?
    Tartarus has 14 laser slots, it exceeds the firepower of a normal vengeance ship, but overpowered by the goliath and pusat ships.
    The RAPID FIRE ability makes it unique in terms of PVP and PVE encounters.

    About the speed?
    In terms of base speed, its the slowest ship on the game, slower than a bigboy, in terms of putting up rocks on the speed generator, its fair enough, in terms of using its ability its the fastest ship you could ever ride on, with 600 speed using its ability makes it overrun a pusat, using wheel would literally make you reach on this port to the other side of the map in just a few seconds.

    About the abilities?
    As i said, abilities are top notch, its toggle base ability on the speed boost makes it literally the best ship around, activating and deactivating it for reasons makes it a much better choice on tactical PVP fights, although the 3% less laser damage dealt to enemies are a bit of a disadvantage, but it wont make such a big difference.
    the RAPID FIRE ability makes it a far better choice than the citadel's 2 rocket launcher slots, a 3 second duration of the ability makes the rocket launcher bombard your enemies in just within the ability's duration, if you have a level 16 rocket launcher and using UBR-100, it would probably make your enemy run like chickens over to the portal and still pop them when you time in your rapid fire ability.

    General comment over the ship.

    The ship in general has its similarities in the goliath ship, without the bonuses given to other goliath ships, and they have designs (soon enough demand for designs over the tartarus ship would be released)

    its toughness arent different to a goliath, its versatile even for a heavy battlecruiser but the big disadvantage is the ship is designed as a big object on the game, its easily clicked and when cloaked, it gets easily tracked.

    if i will score this ship from 1~10 i would put it up as 7/10 as for me it lacks a little bit of a slick design to it, the animation when it has the phantom drone designs should be put up on the test server so we could see how it goes.
    it also lacks on balance over the speed boost ability because it still overpowers and overruns a vengeance ship with only a 3% laser damage reduction on its speed boost ability

    he is right, the cargo needs to have a bit more of an expansion, maybe not only 2000, but put it up as 2500, much better.
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  9. steviray

    steviray User

    I was not able to get out and actually fly the ship and see what its capabilities were. Did however get in the hanger for a few.

    Looking at a stat side by side comparison, essentially the tarturus ship is a goli that sacrifices a laser turret and speed/damage for rapid fire. Rapid fire with a cooldown period of 40 secs pretty much makes the rapid fire a one off weapon in a 1v1. I see very deadly potential in this ship running a dome formation with cooldown boosters. I dont view speed boost as an ability in this case, but view it as giving the goli back his speed. The additional armor applied providing 4k HP once boosted out and luck may provide an extra second in a pinch.

    As for the tarturus appearance, well shes a big behemoth of a ship and shes fire engine red almost. Larger than the citadel possibly based on the first impression given in hanger. (i did not get on a map). UH well thats it in a nutshell, maybe the other paint themes?

    I have to disagree Aries, If built/flown properly (and my theory is right) this ship could be a very formidable opponent maybe a champ. i think she could have used a little bit more of an HP increase, and a redesign, her size implies HP which Tart doesnt have. Its just an aesthetics mismatch is all.
  10. Less damage and no designs for extra damage. Basically a goliath with 5k more hp, less damage, and a bunch more speed. If using as a hit and run, it is ok, but pusat is better. If using as a tank, it is ok, but citadel is better. Seems to be a ship that can't hold it's own unless in a 2v1/against an inexperienced pilot.

    Rapidfire is bad. No real point in pvp, as 10k more dmg every 40 seconds dosen't really make much of a difference.
  11. steviray

    steviray User

    I have to disagree with peoples conclusions on the speed of Tart. If DO is applying the speed as indicated there is no way this ship should ever catch avengi, pusat or spear. The base speed for the spear and pusat is 370 + 12 gens topping out at 490 before boosts, the vengi tops out at 480, 380 base + 10 gens. The tarts boosted speed is suppose to be set to 300 the same as a Goli, NOT a percentage increase. Adding 15 gens tops the Tart out at 450. This ship is no faster than a goli and can not and should not be outrunning the speedsters.
  12. *MOONGLOW*

    *MOONGLOW* User

    i do hope all bugs are sorted in hanger before final release as currently i have no equipment or pusat etc on test server after the addition of new ship
  13. Đesαnn

    Đesαnn User

    Amazin ship for UFE players, I mean that If you have a good equipment, you can "exploit" this ship by far at PVP. It has an good number of lasers and its best feature is the speed.

    621 Speed with all speed generators, promerium and the speed booster ability.
    If you use the wheel formation it increases to 644.

    Is a little tank that you can use for PVE (any NPC) and also for PVP, specially for its speed and damage.

    This ship its overshadowing by far the pusat.......

    I like it and I really enjoyed the experience at the test server. Greetings. :cool:
  14. IMO this ship isn't very good for the balance :X

    PvE (compared to Goliath):
    Goliath is more suitable. If you take Tartarus, you will waive 1 laser slot AND the 5% damage (Enforcer...)/6% (Surgeon) for the HST ability. The ability gives you only around 650 more DPS, which is worse than 1 LF4 and 5% more damage....

    It's a cruel noob killer. Load the 6K damage rockets and kill the small newbies with 90K damage over 3 sec? Plus UCB-RSB combo it's like an instant pop.
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  15. steviray

    steviray User

    Must be a bug in the system, unless your calculator is broke.

    spear/pusat * speed = 370 + gens 12 (120) = 490 + 30% promi (147) = 637 + wheel ? 5% added at promi (662) or 5% of 637(668)

    vengi 380 + gens 10 (100) = 480 + 30% promi (144) = 624 + wheel 5% 648 or 655

    goliath/tarturus 300 + gens 15 (150) = 450 + 30% promi (135) = 585 + wheel 5% 607 or 614

    How is that even coming close to catching a vengi or a spear. This leaves three possibilities -

    1) there a bug in the tarturus giving it the speeds people are reporting.
    2) DO is not calculating speeds the way it claims.
    3) your calculator is broke


    speed calculations are [REMOVED] if this doesnt prove to be true and DO needs to explain how these numbers are reached. with all the boosts a pusat/spear should barely get above 600 (617 applying the 5% wheel bonus after the promi bonus). The Tart/Goli should be 300base + 150gens = 450 + 20% = 540 + 5% = 567. There is a big difference between 644 and 567
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  16. ~Monster~

    ~Monster~ User

    Yea, there was a misprint in the "300 base speed" thing.

    With wheel I got my speed up to 644, the answer number 2 is thte correct one.
  17. chixonator

    chixonator User

    dont know about anyone else, but when i use rapid fire my hst is only firing once in the 3 seconds (rarely twice) and it is really quite useless
  18. There was a time when sep was used on engines. This, however was stopped for whatever reason by the DEV team and now they want to bring out a ship that can do well over 600 speed. There will be a real noticeable imbalance to the game if this is the case. The advantage of the OP speed boost should have an equal disadvantage. A 5% loss in damage from each lazer on drones is, in my opinion no way good enough. Any UFE or close to UFE could set the ship up to have two speed configs with full lazers on ship and drones and enough engines on ship to out pace anything and still have enough room for shields.

    Either give it a more normal speed and give it a different ability or make the disadvantage a higher %. Or more disadvantages as well as less lazer damage.

    Even with the 5% less damage the rapid fire rocket launcher makes up for that. Timed right there would seem to be no disadvantage at all with having the fastest ship and still being able to hit hard. Do we really want to completely stop F2P players from logging in. I believe this would be the case if they brought this ship out as it is.
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  19. And Tartarus costs only 200 K Uri...Pusat is more balanced and costs 250 K...
  20. steviray

    steviray User

    thanks monster for letting me know about the misprint, knowing that, The Tarturus ship is officially broke. Nothing should be able to reach the speeds of the vengis and spears. Its this key aspect of their designs that makes these ships playable. Personnally I believe that NO ship should be able to surpass the spear for that reason. Im not really too keen on the pusat. maybe a few hairline fractures in that design as well. I havent really taken a good look at it. I noticed Hit-point smurf was on-board giving the ship only 125k HP. Everyone mentions the wheel formation really putting the speed into outrageous levels. For that 5% speed boost the formation comes with a few smurfs on-board. Ya enjoy the company of Damage smurf and -20% along with Shield smurf, smurfin your shields at 5% per second. Now ya tell me that the speed ability gives such a MASSIVE boost with only a 5% reduction in damage. BBRROOKKEE The HST Rapid fire makes the ship more powerful than a goli in a 1v1. You sacrifice a portion of your long term damage for a solid punch early and noone will be able to catch it because of its ridiculous on-demand speed boost. The few ships that even have a chance are too under-powered and/or squishy to take it out. If you add/use the dome formation properly in conjunction with cool-down boosters and this ship is unbeatable.
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