Tartarus Ship testing Feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Jul 27, 2016.

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  1. I assume you will be not a fan of Mimesis (more damage and maybe more speed).
  2. steviray

    steviray User

    I havent seen much on the Mimesis. Its suppose to be a recon ship so it should not be all that powerful.

    i was right, a little more powerful than a vengi and a little slower.

    Tech Specs
    - Special Skills: Hologram, Scramble, Phase Out
    - Laser Slots: 12
    - Generator Slots: 12
    - HP: 225,000
    - Rocket Launcher: 1
    - Default speed: 360
    - Cargo Space: 1,200
    - Full Set effect: Pilots owning a full set of Enigma drone designs and a Mirage P.E.T. designs will enjoy a special animation in the game’s 3D version.

    watched a vid showing the hologram ability, just say selectable wiz rocket for sitting around a map looking like a NPC. havent seen scramble, assume it to be something like JAMx or the streuner ability, probably the streuner ability. The phase out is probably just what it implies, a defensive measure to smurf incoming damage but shouldnt be able to cause damage because the ship is out of phase and the weapons fired would have no substance. just theorizing is all. well see!! stats similar to this maybe should have been applied to pusat + a slot or two
  3. Yeah they told us the Mimesis was ready for launch back in MAY but nothing has been seen of it since the Hangar fiasco that happened when they were supposed to have it ready to launch, of course Tartarus was just a little behind it for launch (they were hoping to have both out before the ship Expo ended). So instead, they give us another Goliath to wear Nations Flags on which is glitched as the Independence design does not get the base boosts of the G-Champion and should have been left with the Basic Goliath designs as that is all it was to begin with.

    Oh well a few Wallet Warriors might try these ships out but I don't see too many people rushing out to collect enough Uridium from the game to own them. Too many players walking away from the game because nothing is being done to correct the issues in the game but constantly adding more crud to the game that does not work properly.

    So tell me how do you get a good test on something when you don't have anything to actually compare it to? I have said this before and saying it again, the TEST Server needs to be open more often and needs to have the FULL Game running for a true TEST of anything NEW being added to the game, without the entire program we get things like we got with A.S. and the Hangar Updates. Would not surprise me to see these New Ships be bugged so bad no one uses them for 6 months while the bugs are worked on.
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  4. But the test servers are not really effective...there are many laggs and too many players...

    Unofficial revealed:
    25% speed and damage are overpowered.
  5. Are you serious? It goes 621 with its speed boost
  6. steviray

    steviray User

    i agree on the surface it looks like a good ship design, scramble is a broken skill. 25% damage would boost the laser damage to goliath levels and with the damage to missile and HST breaks that aspect of the ship, the ship is already as fast as a vengi topping out at 480 before boosts 605 with boosts (promi/whl) + 25% ability giving mimesis a top speed of 756. HAS DO COMPLETELY LOST IT. Even if the shields deplete think of all the smurfs that jump on board your ship trying to replicate just one aspect of the ship with drone formations. People invite giant smurfs to get close to those bonuses, i.e. drill = +20% dmg - 25% shld, -5% spread, and -5% speed. star = +25% rocket dmg +33% reload time. And mimesis gets all of it with only a lonely shield smurf. Their should be a smurf party smurfin it up in the cockpit of this ship. Im wonder if darkorbit is using any sort of logic and reason in these ship designs, they sound like a noob posting in "updates and Ideas" wanting uber power.
  7. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    In the first test period I could not get any were near that speed with speed boost on full speed gens fully promed. On the second test period how ever the speed was working and i got full speed also when I changed ships to to see if there were any bugs speed was also affected all the ships had much higher speeds as they should have, my surgeon with 9 fully promed speed gens with drill formation was doing 615 speed and to test if it was not just a visual bug I done an Alpha gate and out run the prots when they tried to run.
  8. Question is which way does the speed skill work? Is it 260 speed then 300 with skill on= same speed as goli with promi 540. Or is it 220 speed 370 with 15 gens 444 with promi and then 510 with the 15% that was shown on test server this last time? But speed was bugged and was giving most tartarus a 621 speed and some golis had 800 speed.

    My clan ran a raid on test server but most of the people we ran into were golis which we seemed evenly matched with but not many of these players had a bugged speed so those that did pulled away from us ( remember our tarts were bugged in speed) and the citadels we ran into were UFE so again not a good test.

    But if its only gonna have 510 speed it needs more hp or just more speed.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2016
  9. ~Monster~

    ~Monster~ User

    Speed was only bugged for golis, the tarturus ability was actually normal.

    So the speed of 621 is actually the normal speed of the ship.
  10. The specs of the ship on test server would only boost to 510 speed. Tartarus without the speed skill was 444 now the skill on the icon was showing a 15% speed boost 444+ 15% = 510.6 yet the ship for some players was going 621 not all players were getting 621 speed on tartarus. One of my members was up to 518 and the other at 510 all of us using full speed configs yet different numbers in speed. Obviously the speed was bugged.
  11. Muther

    Muther User

    When will the test, to test memesis ship?
  12. OrbitGuru

    OrbitGuru User

    this is half of what people leave this game for. bad programmers that dont understand that they need to balance they uri economy before they add new toys. only the ones already invested care about new toys, you need something that'll make new players want to invest
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  13. Odin®

    Odin® User

    I agree on that point Orbit . The problem reaches even deeper when DO programming exhausts Flash Player data limitations ie Chromebook with the built in flash in the Chrome OS browser . In the 7 years and almost 6,000 hrs here this is the worst installation I've ever experienced. Darkorbit is spamming my email with constant surveys yet wont respond to my Support inquires [2 weeks waiting] now. Heck , I've never been a premium member yet on my front page It skips the ads . I loose a 100 uri there per day as well on a profile page , image of ship cannot be loaded .... Darkorbit use to have a Chat client [ 2 1/2 months now ] no chat . I get better results from the game Eve .... Be safe and have fun folks
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  14. Term2050

    Term2050 User

    Nice new ship but same old laggy glitch filled game. the new ship dose nothing to address the same old issues. wanna make a good new ship make one that cant be auto locked or dectected when anti cloak program is used that would be a good ship not this garbage


    wow thats the best idea ive ever com across A SHIP THAT CARNT BE AUTO nice man/lady then this game would survive for sure make it 500k uri trust me everyone would by it so awesome like like loving it :):):):):):):):):):):)
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  16. wow!! congrats on fixing all the other issues we have ingame before releasing yet another ship, gee whizz wheres my wallet o_Oo_O
  17. Hopefully in your back pocket and staying there LOL
  18. -ALITIZZZ-

    -ALITIZZZ- User

    First its uggly its the worst ship ever saw in this game and im playing from 2010, stop wasting your time on this things and start actually care about the game close some servers and compine them in 1,,,, some servers are dead only the old players play make all players start there rank from 0 all the high rank players used bugs bots and glitches to be high on ranking and you do nothing about it ...and still the top players are using bugs like in gb4 all the mad clan member are using the citadel bug thats makes your speed 540 all of them are the hightest ranks.. you do nothing to make the game better you just put new things to make people pay more worst developers ever seen in a game this game was so nice some years back
  19. It's not an eye catcher, it is rather an eye cancer...dat colors..they should continue with the matt, darker, SOFT colored designs of the old days. (NOSTALGIA)

    They have time to create a definitely new ship, but they can't delete the bugs? Are these problems so time-eating? Or are they low prioritized?
  20. The old goli/vengeance colors - Oh :rolleyes: yeah...camouflage in space. The TarTar should be in Co. colors period. None of this sandstorm, poison, lava and etc. colors.

    How much does 'bug free/glich/lag free' cost in uri or in shop - hehe? :p
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